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Chapter: 2841

   Chapter 2841 Unexpectedly, an accident happened

   He has always been cautious, and this time he took Ji Nan to M Continent with him even more cautiously than usual. He specially gave up the plane and chose to take the sailing route.

  The luxury ferry departing from Independence Island is equipped with the most advanced equipment, comparable to the ammunition depot of a cruise ship.

  The sun rises, sets, and rises again.

  He Lin walked to the deck, looked at the middle-aged man whose clothes were blown by the wind, and walked to the other side lightly: "Patriarch, didn't you rest last night?"

   Ji Lingfeng looks at the calm sailing line.

  The blue sky and the blue sea are connected in a line, the sea and the sky are the same color, and the scenery is extraordinarily magnificent.

   He didn't turn his head and said, "Is Jinan still up?"

   "Young Master Nan is still resting in the room." He Lin replied as if he didn't answer.

   Ji Lingfeng was used to his way of answering Tai Chi: "When he wakes up, ask him to come and find me."

  He Lin bowed his head slightly: "Yes."

   Ji Lingfeng stopped talking, and refocused on the sea level not far away. Seagulls flew over the glass-like sea level, leaving silhouettes.

   At this moment, the hull suddenly swayed violently, and a huge explosion sound came from the operating room.

  He Lin and Ji Lingfeng were both startled and calmed down.

   Ji Lingfeng immediately told him: "Go and see what's going on inside!"

  He Lin's face was serious, and he didn't dare to delay for a moment. As he ran into the cruise ship, he said to him, "Patriarch, you stay here and wait for me, I'll be right back!"

   Ji Lingfeng saw his back running away, pursed his lips, and his face became condensed.

   At this moment, the cruise ship shook violently again.

   He held the handrail beside him and stood firm, his eyes sank, instead of wasting time on the deck, he quickly walked to Jinan's room.


   "What's going on outside?"

"what happened!"

   "Don't panic everyone, don't run around, don't make trouble!" someone shouted.

   But all the people on the cruise ship were frightened by the two violent shaking, and people kept running out of their posts to find out what happened.

  Jinan also rushed out immediately.

   He is much calmer than the others, and is still helping to maintain order, trying to keep the people on the cruise ship from panicking.

   It wasn't until he saw Ji Lingfeng walking towards him that he showed a surprised expression and shouted, "Dad, why are you here?"

   Ji Lingfeng walked up to him and grabbed his arm: "Are you okay?"

   It was the first time that Ji Nan saw such a solemn expression on his face, he was stunned for a moment, then shook his head: "I'm fine."

   He looked at the messed up yacht again and asked Ji Lingfeng: "Dad, what's the situation, what happened?"

   Ji Lingfeng just wanted to talk to him when he heard He Lin's anxious voice from the Bluetooth headset: "Patriarch, someone has planted a bomb on the yacht."


   Ji Lingfeng was rarely surprised. He stretched out his hand to hold the Bluetooth headset and asked him anxiously, "We didn't check the yacht before we set off."

   "I've checked the yacht before and it's fine. I don't know where this bomb came from. I'm trying to figure out a solution."

He Lin's voice was dry and nervous: "It's just that I haven't seen this type of bomb, so it might be tricky. In addition, Patriarch, there is bad news. The operating system of our yacht was implanted with a Trojan horse, which is a hacker. Master, the yacht's signal is about to disappear..."

   Anyone who has gone to sea knows it.

  Once there is a signal on the yacht, they will "disappear" in the vast sea, and it is almost impossible to find them.

   (end of this chapter)

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