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Chapter: 2842

   Chapter 2842 Ji Lingfeng sends Ji Nan away

   This is out of the category of accident, obviously it was carefully planned to let them all be buried in the deep sea!

   Ji Lingfeng made a judgment in just ten seconds.

   "Follow me!" He grabbed Jinan's hand and walked inside, picking up the emergency safety hammer hanging on the wall, and smashing the fire alarm with one hammer.

  The fire alarm immediately issued a sharp alarm sound, and then the cabin was full of smoke, and the fire fighting device at the top began to automatically spray water mist to extinguish the fire.

  The huge water mist blurred the vision, making it difficult to see the road in front of you.

   The already chaotic yacht is even more chaotic now!

  Jinan was dragged forward by him: "Dad, what happened?"

   "Dad, where are you taking me?"


   Ji Lingfeng just dragged him forward with a sullen head, until he came to a closed iron door, he turned the combination lock to open the door.

In front of   Jinan, there was a descending stairway that only one person could pass through.

   Ji Lingfeng ordered him without a word: "Go down first."

   Although Ji Nan didn't understand what was going on, he still obediently got into the emergency exit and went down.

   Ji Lingfeng immediately jumped down and followed him.

   It was dimly lit inside.

   He could barely see the road under his feet.

  Jinan finally reached the end when he heard the sound of snoring water, and then a speedboat was introduced into his eyes.

   Ji Lingfeng didn't know where to press the switch, the plywood they were standing on turned violently, and the speedboat began to be transported into the water.

   "Go up!" Ji Lingfeng instructed him with a serious expression.

  Jinan hasn't recovered yet, so he looked back at him: "I'm not going, you haven't told me what's going on? Aren't you going with me? Where's Uncle He?"

   Ji Lingfeng didn't have time to explain to him at all, pushed him up, and ordered him sharply: "I'll let you up! You don't even listen to me?!"

  Jinan's face turned pale when he was reprimanded by him, and he subconsciously listened to his words and went up: "Dad, what happened?"

Ji Lingfeng listened to He Lin's report in the earphones to him about the time of the bomb explosion, his face was as deep as water, his eyes were as deep as an inkstone, and he whispered to him: "Go southeast, 36° sea, you can do it yourself. It should be able to dock. After docking, you can contact your sister, as long as you contact her, she should find you to pick you up. "

   "Dad!" Ji Nan had never seen him like this, as if he was explaining his last words to himself.

   Ji Lingfeng looked at the speedboat about to enter the sea, relieved a little, and said softly, "I wasn't careful enough this time."

   "She hates the Ji family so much that she wishes we were dead. How could she have to negotiate with me? If I care about it, it will be messed up."

  Jinan couldn't understand a word: "Who? Who are you talking about hating the Ji family?"

   Ji Lingfeng didn't answer him, but let the rotating splint speed up to send the speedboat into the water, and said to him seriously: "Jinan, protect your sister, don't make my mistake!"

  Jinan fully realized that Ji Lingfeng sent him away, maybe he just wanted to let him live.

   He was about to jump out immediately.

How could Ji Lingfeng give him this opportunity, the speedboat entered the sea in an instant, he looked at the anxious young man on the speedboat who was about to jump off the boat, and whispered: "Do you care about your mother? I promised her to protect you, listen to me, live down."

  Jinan froze, suddenly looking at him.

  Ji Lingfeng gave him a quick walk gesture, left him a back, and walked back.

   (end of this chapter)

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