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Chapter: 2843

   Chapter 2843 Ji Lingfeng's life and death are unknown

   This time, it was clearly Nie Qingru's hand.

  Nie Qingru never leaves room for things. In addition to the Trojan virus destroying the cruise ship's navigation signals and bombs, there must be a killer.

  If he doesn't go back to delay time for Jinan, then none of them want to leave!

   Ji Lingfeng's eyes sank, with a hint of blood, pursed his lips, took out a self-defense pistol from his body and walked out.

   "Where are you? I'll go look for you." He was talking to He Lin on the other end of the Bluetooth headset.

   "I'm near the electric box on the left side of the operating room." He Lin gave him a position.

  Ji Lingfeng hummed, avoiding people who might be in danger, and slowly touched the place where He Lin said there was a time bomb...

   Half an hour later, Ji Nan saw a huge explosion coming from a direction that was only a small spot of light away from him.

   A monstrous fire burst from the calm sea level before.

  The tongue of fire almost rolled up the white clouds in the sky, and it opened its mouth to swallow everything, and the overwhelming heat rushed towards him.

  Jinan's pupils seemed to be dyed red by the firelight, and shouted: "Dad!"

   But the sea level was nothing but the curling of flames and the subsequent explosion, and there was nothing left, and he didn't even know if there were any survivors...


  Beijing city is still calm, no one knows the unexpected situation in the deep sea.

Ye Wangchuan found out that there was a transfer of millions of dollars in Weiying's overseas account. This money was turned into cash and reached Weiying's hands through special domestic channels, and then handed it over to Tian Dali's family through Shen Jingyan to buy Tongtian Dali's family. Framing Jiang Zongjin.

  The police followed this clue to apply for a search warrant, and soon found the money from Tian Dali's rental house.

  Cash is difficult to source.

   Ke Tian Dali's family are all out-of-towners with very little monthly income, and such a large amount of money with consecutive numbers matches the amount of money Wei Ying realized.

   Basically the hammer Weiying bought the Tian Dali family to make a false accusation.

   Weiying was taken back to the police station for a 24-hour routine interrogation in the afternoon when the police found the money.

  After 24 hours, the police station will release the person.

   But Shen Jingyan and Wei Ling both knew that Wei Ying was afraid that this time it would be more fortunate than good fortune.

   They didn't even dare to close their eyes, they were looking for relationships almost everywhere, and they searched for all the relationships they could find.

   Weiling also went to Weilou, blocked the door and went to Weilou for help, but Weilou didn't take her cousin seriously at all, saying that if she didn't help, she wouldn't help.

   Wei Ling was desperate.

  Shen Jingyan knew that if Wei Ying went in this time, he was afraid that he would go in too, so even for himself, he dared not give up and could only do the most.


   Outside the police station, just as the black car stopped on the side of the road, I saw some media lingering nearby after hearing the wind.

   Ye Wangchuan stood in front of the girl before she got off the bus: "Can I accompany you there?"

  Qiao Nian raised his eyebrows. He wanted to say no, but after thinking about it again, he agreed: "Okay, let's go over and have a look together."

   The truth of the matter is already obvious.

  As the victim's family, they must come to the police station to go through the process.

  Qiao Nian didn't let Jiang Zongjin come, just guessed that there would be media reporters here to catch the news.

   She chose to come over by herself.

  Qiao Nian and Ye Wangchuan walked to the police station on their front and back feet. Before they entered, a figure rushed out to block them and threw a plop for Qiao Nian to kneel down.

   (end of this chapter)

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