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Chapter: 2769

The flood washed the Dragon King Temple and the family did not know each other

   Chapter 2769 The flood washed the Dragon King Temple, the family did not know the family

   "I stopped Yiyi, but I didn't. She didn't listen to my advice." The female assistant defended in a low voice again.

  Su Qing thought of Jiang Li's background, pressed her temples, and turned her head to see the staff who walked past peeking at her.

   She suppressed her anger, lowered her decibel and said, "Wait a minute, I'll ask someone to ask."

  The female assistant hurriedly thanked her: "Thank you, Sister Qing."

  Su Qing was so annoyed by Mu Yiyi that she lowered her voice and warned: "Keep an eye on her, don't cause me any more trouble!"

   "Ok okay."

  Su Qing hung up the phone and hurriedly called the big boss behind the company.

   Their company is not large in the entertainment industry, and there are not many artists who have signed contracts. It seems that they are not as formal as some big entertainment companies, but their comprehensive strength is extremely strong!

   All of this depends on the big boss behind the company. Like Jiang Li, their big boss is not from this circle.

  He opened an entertainment company in the nature of playing tickets.

   But his identity is there. Su Qing and others rely on his relationship to negotiate cooperation with major platforms. Nine times out of ten, they can succeed.

   So whether it is Mu Yiyi or other artists in the company, these people follow to eat dividends a lot. No matter how you act as a monster, there is a platform to help you.

"Hello." As soon as Su Qing got on the phone, he quickly reported the matter to the other party, and then asked cautiously, "Young Master Wei, do you know the background of the Jiang family in Beijing? Can you come forward and talk to the Jiang family? Let’s negotiate, or talk to Jiang Li, and say that the flood rushed to the Dragon King Temple, and the family collided with the family, so let’s just forget about it? I’ll ask the artist to delete Weibo."

   She knew the identity of this Young Master Wei, and naturally knew that if the other party was willing to speak, Jiang Li's family would have to look at this person's face even if he had some background.

   That's why she wanted the big boss to come forward and communicate with each other.

  Su Qing said that it was communication, but it was actually a form of bullying.

   The public relations tricks in the circle are all that is blunt, and the most useful thing is this kind of use of power to stop other people's mouths!

   This method is crude, but very useful.

   "Who are you talking about?" The other end took a long time to get back to her.

  Su Qing couldn't understand the other party's mind, so he quickly said: "Jiang Li, our artist offended his sister, and she is also a musician in the entertainment industry."

   Weilou really didn't expect to encounter such a thing, sneered, and said extremely indifferently: "Since you offend others, then block it."


Su Qing was stunned for a while, and some reacted, thinking that she didn't make it clear, and then she wanted to make it clearer: "Master Wei, Mu Yiyi is an artist in our company, and it is still on the rise, and he has a lot of endorsements on his back. And the film and television drama to be broadcast, she overturned at this time, we will face a large number of claims from the brand side and the film and television side, and it will also bring trouble to the company and you..."

   "I said block, don't you understand?" Wei Lou was not so patient.

  Su Qing has reacted this time, and he has become uncertain in his heart, and he is careful: "Master Wei, is there something special about Jiang Li's sister?"

  There was a noisy conversation over there in the guard building, it sounded like he was abroad, and someone even called him by his name, he looked very busy.

   "She's not someone you can offend."

   "Young Master Wei..." Su Qing wanted to ask him about the situation of chasing the light. After a few words with someone at Weilou, he told her that he was busy and hung up the phone.

   Su Qing was a little dumbfounded.

   (end of this chapter)

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