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Chapter: 13

Volume 2, Afterword

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The fact that you are reading this afterword would mean that this book has already been successfully published. To actually be able to see my own work finally turning into a physical book, I am still in a daze as to whether this is reality or not.

As for the reason that I am saying this, it is because this novel is my debut work, and I actually used such a bold method to begin it with by splitting the first arc being split into 2 volumes right from the get go, and what's more those 2 volumes were to be published in two consecutive months, as I am writing this afterword, I am still unable to see the end of this light novel.

The moment I proposed to "release the 2 volumes one after the other", I knew it was an exceedingly difficult request, therefore when the scheduling was so tight that I had screamed out in complaint to the heavens, I could only say that it was well deserved.

However to Stone-sama as well as the rest who were helping out, to get involved(?) in my selfish request, I can only apologise profusely for making such an unreasonable request.

Honestly speaking, as someone who is a complete newbie in this industry, to suddenly want to do something like "to be continued in the next volume", is this kind of outrageous move really okay? I am actually feeling a lot of fear towards this.

This novel was originally published on the internet and therefore the number of pages then did not matter, I know that when adapting it into a physical light novel I had to either fasciculate it or prune out some of the content, and I am extremely thankful that I was able to get the permission to "not prune" from Editor-sama, however I still had plenty of concerns.

Since this was an irregular product, there will be many uneasy elements that may arise, and I have to recognise that is the case. However it is precisely because there exists such elements, when Editor-sama gave the goal of releasing 2 volumes in consecutive months, I did not say much and just agreed to it...

Speaking of irregular things, about the main characters in the story of "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei", although they do have a certain degree of difference from others, however they are also an irregular bunch of teenagers.

Speaking of which, the concept of the main protagonist, Tatsuya, is "due to being unable to establish a frame work for evaluation, therefore has been branded with the label of being a poor performing student", the group of people around him also have their irregularities.

The other protagonist, the younger sister Miyuki, who is being rated differently, is also the same, although she's an honors student but she is definitely not ordinary. ...However if you, the readers have already read through the book, then in actual fact I didn't really need to emphasise on this point again.

However, for both the male and female protagonist's groups, with regards to the matter of them belonging in the irregular group, they do not feel uneasy or upset about it. For the protagonists as well as the other major characters, they are already enlightened by the mindset of "so what?". No, perhaps I should say that they even lack the idea of being enlightened.

The rebels will use tough and extreme measures, in order to let themselves be able to advance bravely.....and this probably has implications that I look forward to seeing.

There is a certain charm in rebels refusing to bow down to the traditional system and fighting desperately to the last drop of blood before finally withering away in defeat. On the other hand, I also find it very difficult to part with the topic of rebels who shout "So what?" and pierce through the high walls of orthodoxy to advance forward.

Tatsuya and Miyuki, Leo and Erika, Mayumi and Mari, as well as the many other honor students and poor performing students, using such irregular characters to create a truly exciting and wonderful story...

I thought it would be nice if I can write such a story.

I guess I will stop talking about my dreams here.

To the Ishida-sama who drew such wonderful and beautiful illustrations, and also Stone-sama who patiently handled all my requests, as well as all the others who were involved in the creation of this light novel, really thank you so much, all of you.

Especially M-sama, since I had made many unsatisfactory portions here and there, please allow me to sincerely apologise here.

And most importantly, I want to sincerely thank all the readers that picked up this book.

I hope that I will have the honor of seeing all of you again in the next volume "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 3 - Nine Schools Competition (I)".

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