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Chapter: 8

This is a story that is purely fictional.

The stage that the story is set in is very similar to the real world.

Although real or historical figures, organizations, countries, districts as well as other names which have significance or names that make reference to something are used, even if the names are similar, there is still no relevance with the real world whatsoever.

Of course, although such a thing is obvious, unknowingly, I just wanted to put this out there, and this turned into the 4th volume.

Did you, the readers, enjoy it?

When I use names that exist as proper names in reality, a small part of my consciousness hesitates because I feel uneasy about killing off all the enemy characters.

...However, I totally understand that saying this feels like a complete lie, therefore I think I should just stop right here.

Speaking of proper nouns, I'm really inept at creating names for characters from foreign countries.

It is precisely because the story is set in a stage that is really similar to the real world that there are even more troublesome matters to consider.

Western European names still have plenty of reference materials so it's still fine, however what if it's names from Southeast Asia, India, Persia, Africa, or even South America.... What am I to do then?

Currently, it seems like it will not turn into a problem, however one day I will definitely hit a bottleneck.

I wonder if there are any good methods to solve this?

...Alright I will stop all my nonsensical complaints here, next I would like to give my thanks to all those who were involved in the making of this book.

To M-sama, thank you for always giving me excellent and appropriate suggestions. M-sama's suggestions have allowed me to make the siblings image that much more well developed.

Ishida-sama, Stone-sama, the extremely tight publishing schedules also gave you guys lots of trouble.

The pre-orders for this volume were quite substantial as well…… I cannot fully express my gratitude for that.

Suenaga-sama also worried endlessly about the scheduling aspects of this volume.

Once again, to all those who participated in the creation of this book, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.

Following up from last month, I would like to sincerely thank all those who are reading this afterword right now.

It is all thanks to the support of you readers that the 5th volume can also be successfully published. What is coming out in the upcoming volume 5 will be short stories.

There will be a total of 6 short stories. Amongst them, there are 2 "newly written works". As the other 4 have not been published in commercial magazines yet, it would be more appropriate for all of them to be dubbed as "new works" instead of "newly written works".

Both of the new works will be interludes of the daily episodes of their lives. It can be considered as the peaceful (?) times before the brutal battle that is to come. Please look forward to it!

Well, I sincerely look forward to seeing you all once again in the next volume.

Thank you so much.

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