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Chapter: 8

Volume 6, Afterword

This chapter is updated by

The reason I am able to present you the 6th volume of "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei" so quickly is all because of your support, the readers.

Therefore I would like to thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

With the point of view that it is not necessarily good to finish the story in a single volume, this time's "Yokohama Disturbance Chapter" is therefore split into 2 volumes.

Of course, I will not be splitting it into 3 volumes, so you guys can take that load off your minds and just relax. ——Although it shouldn't be something that is worthy of being satisfied about.

I'm sure that everyone knows already, but this light novel originally started off as a web novel, and therefore it is no surprise that most of the content is similar, though some parts have been improved, making it into the "full version" that I am presenting to you right now.

After this "full version" is released, there shouldn't be anymore "New* full version", "Real* full version", "Final* full version" or even "Ultimate* full version" appearing.

——Jokes aside, due to the time constraints faced when publishing the web version, quite a bit of content was left out. However, that has been solved with the release of the light novels, and is the main priority of the publishers.

This time, volume 6 and the soon to be published volume 7 are mostly about filling up all the content that I have left out.

For example, revealing the yet to be seen true characteristics of a certain character, or the up to date being mentioned only in name person's current activities, and also about how a certain someone in the next volume is in a certain kind of relationship with another person due to certain reasons, all these will be in the light novel.

As to what the people involved in the Thesis Competition will soon face during their unlucky and calamity filled presentation, although I have yet to solidify the scenes that will occur in my head, soon I will be able to present them to you, so please wait patiently for them.

Volume 7 will either be published next month or the month after. At the same time, when volume 7 will be out on the latest by September, the media team will also disclose data estimates to everyone.

Next, let us meet in the gloriously and magnificently battle filled "Yokohama Disturbance Chapter (II)".

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