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Chapter: 118

Chapter 118 Horsing Around His Childhood Sweetheart

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

As an incompetent father, he wants to compensate her now.

"It was me who gave it to Nanqian."

Qu Lianxin said again in a cold voice.

"It’s just a room, why are you making a fuss? Nanqian has worked hard for so many years. Maybe the amount of Yuyu happiness was the same amount of Nanqian pain. You don’t think about these?"

"She lived in pain, What does it have to do with us? Me and my daughter, why do we have to pay for her!?"

Fu Mingmei frowned and quarreled with Qu Lianxin.

Qu Qingyu stretched out and pulled Fu Mingmei’s hand, her eyes turned to Gu Nanqian to see what she was doing on the side.

She just sat upright, with a light expression on her face, as if everything that happened here had nothing to do with her.

She was like a bystander. Qu Qingyu glanced at her lightly.

Maybe these were her thoughts, to make their home unsettle?

"I’ll just give it to her, but I’m going to move the stuff inside. After all, it’s the stuff I’ve used for a long time. Some were given by my grandfather and uncle. Dad should buy a new one for Gu Nanqian!"

Qu Qingyu also didn’t object.

Qu Lianxin originally wanted to talk with Fu Mingmei, but when he heard Qu Qingyu words, he nodded with a smile.

"Mingmei, the child is much more sensible than you."

Fu Mingmei sneered and ignored him.

More than that, she looked at him strangely. She really couldn’t understand how her husband, who had been sleeping in the same bed for so many years, became like this.

She knew that Gu Nanqian was his daughter, and he could compensate her and make up for her, but he couldn’t do this to Yuyu.

Besides, no matter how bad Gu Nanqian’s life was, it wasn’t caused by Yuyu!

Qu Qingyu called Zhao Xubai at that moment.

"Xubai, can you come over here?"


Zhao Xubai on the other side didn’t ask any more questions. Hearing that she had a problem, he answered quickly and hurried to come over.

"The family was like this, Why are you calling Xubai here for?"

Qu Lianxin looked unhappy.

"Dad, Xubai is one of our own. Besides, it’s not a bad thing for Dad to have a daughter."

After Qu Qingyu finished speaking, she walked to the door, opened the door and waited for Zhao Xubai.

As soon as Gu Nanqian heard that Zhao Xubai was coming, her originally indifferent expression loosened a little, and her eyes looked eagerly at the door.

She hadn’t seen brother Xubai for a day, and only after being separated did she understand the pain and meaning of not meeting for a day like three years apart.

At this time, it has been fully expressed.

It’s just that she hasn’t seen him for a day, and her heart was already very uncomfortable, her soul was screaming, she was thinking about him.

Even if he was Qu Qingyu’s boyfriend at this time, she will not give up.

Because Qu Qingyu absolutely didn’t love him as much as she did.

Qu Lianxin was shocked by what Qu Qingyu said.

Fu Mingmei didn’t bother to pay attention to him at this time, leaned on the sofa and stopped talking.

Her gaze swept over Gu Nanqian unhappily. It was all because of her, the family became so unsettled.

After a while, Zhao Xubai came over.

He dressed in very casual clothes at home after getting off work. He dressed in white trousers and a light blue shirt.

His smile was clean, like a spring breeze.

"Yuyu, did you call me for something?"

He walked to Qu Qingyu’s side and pinched Qu Qingyu’s cheek dotingly.

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