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Chapter: 119

Chapter 119 Horsing Around His Childhood Sweetheart

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

"Help me move my room."

Qu Qingyu shrugged helplessly.


Zhao Xubai asked her a little puzzled.

"I’ll tell you later."

Qu Qingyu whispered to him again.

Then dragged Zhao Xubai in.

"Uncle, Auntie!"

Zhao Xubai politely greeted Fu Mingmei and Qu Lianxin, the two of them also nodded politely.

But Zhao Xubai still sensed that something was wrong, and his eyes caught Gu Nanqian sitting on the side.

He was a little surprised, but still didn’t ask anything.

‘When we go upstairs, I can ask Yuyu again.’

"Brother Xubai…"

As soon as Gu Nanqian saw Zhao Xubai come in, her eyes were glued to him, and can’t move anymore.

This man, she loved him. It has penetrated into the bone marrow, and it can’t be pulled out anymore.


Zhao Xubai nodded slightly, his politeness was close to alienation.

But Gu Nanqian looked like she can’t see it. Instead, she walked up to him.

She brushed her short hair, and there was a bright smile on the corner of her mouth.

"Gu Nanqian, Didn’t your mother just pass away? You seem to be quite happy."

Qu Qingyu looked at Qu Nanqian big eyes, full of tenderness and sweetness, even a smile was evoked in her mouth.

Qu Qingyu just finished saying these words, and everyone can’t help but look at Gu Nanqian.

Gu Nanqian’s bright smile really froze on her face.

Fu Mingmei sneered, this kind of daughter was really ruthless.

Fortunately, her daughter was not like this.

Qu Lianxin also frowned slightly.

"You… Qu Qingyu, can you stop talking nonsense, how can I not feel sad when my mother passed away. But mother passed away, it’s also a good thing for her. Her illness has deeply tormented her for a decade. She is clearly in her forties, but she was being tormented until she looks like an old woman in her sixties. Every day, she can not dress up like your mother. She is tortured by illness and suffering every day. Now that she can die, it’s a kind o relief, so I’m happy for her too!"

Gu Nanqian said with accusation in her tone.

When Fu Mingmei heard her accusation, her lips moved, but she didn’t say anything.

Qu Lianxin was very moved.

He saw Gu Nanqian mother’s look after her death, and there was no trace of the past in that look.

Qu Lianxin also closed his eyes slightly, blaming himself!

‘My own daughter, I didn’t take any responsibility, she was left alone to take it all on.’

He were the bad guy, the sinner.

"But what does this have to do with the bright smile on your face now, and what does it have to do with your eyes light up when seeing my boyfriend?"

Qu Qingyu also admires Gu Nanqian very much. She can turn aside from the problem and change the subject, also it can make other feel touched.

The most powerful person really can only be her.

"What’s wrong with me liking Brother Xubai, and both of you are not married. Why can’t I pursue my own happiness?"

Gu Nanqian asked in confusion as she looked at Qu Qingyu with red eyes.


‘What kinf of logic is this? without marriage, without legal protection, you can do whatever you want, isn’t that a mistress?’

"Miss Gu… I don’t care what you think in your heart, I don’t like you, and I’m not used to being chased by a strange woman! I love Yuyu, I’ve loved her since I was a child, and my future wife is only her. ."

Zhao Xubai looked firm, and after he finished saying this, he didn’t look at Gu Nanqian again, reached out to hold Qu Qingyu’s hand tightly.

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