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Chapter: 121

In an instant, the living room was empty.

Qu Lianxin brought Gu Nanqian to the previous room, and inexplicably found that there was nothing left in that room.

Because Qu Qingyu had a separate cloakroom, therefore inside the room only had a bed and a dressing table, other than that there was nothing else.

When they came to this room again, inside the room was vacant, even a painting on the wall was gone.

Gu Nanqian bit her lower lip and looked aggrieved.

Qu Lianxin’s face flushed with anger.

Seeing their expression, Fu Mingmei has a satisfied expression. Yuyu doing this was a good way to vent out. Didn’t you want the room?

Then you can have the room.

"Qu Qingyu…"

Qu Lianxin stood in front of the door and shouted loudly.


Qu Qingyu stuck her head out from the other side of the room. Although she knew what he was calling her for, she still pretended to be ignorant.

"What do you mean by this?"

Qu Lianxin pointed to the empty room.

"What’s wrong with me, you asked me to give her the room, and I gave it… It’s just the bed and dresser was made by my grandfather for me, it’s my tenth birthday present… If this is given to her, grandfather will not be happy!?"

Qu Qingyu glanced at him lightly, and suddenly felt a little sad in her heart.

Although Gu Nanqian was his daughter, but she wasn’t by his side for 20 years, did he have no feelings for the one raised by his side?

If he want to make up for Gu Nanqian, there were many ways for him to make up for her, but was it really good to build this happiness on the pain of others?

Inexplicably, there was an illegitimate daughter in the family. Because it was before marriage, and he didn’t know about it, so Qu Qingyu mother didn’t care.

She suffers a bit of grievance. It was fine for her to suffer a little loss, but if he didn’t make her mother happy, and make her mother do something.

Then don’t blame her for being cruel to him.

"Qu Qingyu, you are really good."

Qu Lianxin pointed at her, his chest heaving with anger.

Qu Qingyu was noncommittal, she was not a clay figurine that can be kneaded by anyone.

"Qu Lianxin, don’t go too far. You said you have brought back an illegitimate daughter, I am letting you bring her back, you still want to do this? You make Yuyu give up her room and she has given up, you better don’t go too far!"

Fu Mingmei was unhappy. Although she was a young lady from a respectable family, she has been taught since childhood to be knowledgeable and reasonable.

Usually she and Qu Lianxin were respectful to each other, and the two of them rarely had a conflict.

This time, she really couldn’t bear it anymore. She was already very unhappy as he had brought back an illegitimate daughter. And now he was still constantly accusing her daughter.

The Qu family’s company can be this good, wasn’t it with the help of her maiden’s family.

"If you keep going like this, we will divorce."

Fu Mingmei gave him a cold look, and dragged Qu Qingyu into her room.


Qu Lianxin felt guilty after he said that.

He knew that his daughter was obedient, his wife was gentle, and was from a respectable family, but she didn’t put on airs, so this…

Seems to be really too much.

 "Dad… I’m sorry, it’s all my fault."

Just as Qu Lianxin wanted to chase after her with guilt, the corner of his clothes was tugged by Gu Nanqian.

His footsteps also stopped, and he looked back at Gu Nanqian.

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