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Chapter: 124

Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Horsing Around His Childhood Sweetheart

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

After Gu Nanqian finished speaking, she picked up the red wine and took another sip.

Qu Qingyu frowned. Because her mother likes to cook very much, and there were not many people in the family, so she did not find a nanny to cook.

So at this time, could it be the one who was cooking in the kitchen was her mother?

Qu Qingyu was furious, she walked into the kitchen and saw her mother was cooking.

She frowned and stretched out and pulled Fu Mingmei’s hand.

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"Yuyu, the meal will be ready soon, you can eat."

Fu Mingmei looked at her with a smile.

"I’m not here to eat, why do you listen to Gu Nanqian?"

Qu Qingyu frowned.

If Gu Nanqian was a good person, having one more sister was nothing. A happy family was better than anything else.

But a person like Gu Nanqian, who was a self-important Virgin Marry, who felt the whole world owes her, and also had to pull her entire family to go with her to save the world.

What the hell is she.

"Your father begged me for a long time last night, and I felt bad watching him sandwiched in the middle. Forget it, family harmony is the basis for success in any undertaking."

Fu Mingmei reached out and patted Qu Qingyu’s shoulder. It was fine as long as her good daughter wasn’t involved in the trouble.


Qu Qingyu looked at the smiling face and she felt aggrieved for her.

There was really no other way, so she helped her prepare the meal, and the two of them brought the dishes to the dining room.

Qu Qingyu sat in her seat, glancing slightly at Gu Nanqian and the others, who were still sitting on the sofa while drinking red wine.

"Nanqian, come over for dinner!"

Fu Mingmei took off her apron and walked to the living room with a smile.

"No, auntie, Qu Qingyu’s expression is like she wants to eat us. We won’t eat, we will go out to eat."

Gu Nanqian glanced at Qu Qingyu, she didn’t have the courage to eat at home.

At that moment, she put down the red wine glass in her hand and was about to go out.

"Oh, okay!"

Fu Mingmei glanced at the dishes on the table and nodded helplessly. 

Ye Tingting and the others also glanced at Qu Qingyu arrogantly. A group of people was all dressed up and ready to go out.

Qu Qingyu felt that she had never been so furious, this Gu Nanqian was really disgusting.

"Gu Nanqian, what do you mean? After using my mother, just walk away like this?"

Qu Qingyu looked at her with condensed eyes.

"What expression do you have, how do we have the courage to eat at home when you look like this."

Gu Nanqian snorted coldly. She had this expression from the very beginning when she brought her classmates home.

Did she, Gu Nanqian owe her something?

No, she didn’t owe her anything

It was them who owe her. She, Gu Nanqian was supposed to have a good life, but it was because of them that she was so miserable.

Now she can finally have a good life, what qualification did Qu Qingyu have to say about her?

"Qu Qingyu, what are you proud of? 

Ye Tingting also stood up, completely shielding Gu Nanqian behind her.

She looked at Qu Qingyu with disdain, "You probably don’t know, Nanqian’s father wants to transfer this villa to Nanqian’s name. The company’s shares will also be given to Nanqian. You will have nothing in the future, what are you arrogant about now."


The red wine on the coffee table was thrown to the ground, and the red wine burst out along with the bottle fragments.

Gu Nanqian and the others hurriedly stretched out their hands to cover themselves, but the skirt on their body was still splashed by the red wine.

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