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Chapter: 125

Chapter 125 Horsing Around His Childhood Sweetheart

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

"What the hell is wrong with you."

Gu Nanqian looked at Fu Mingmei who was throwing a bottle of wine. She despised Fu Mingmei in her heart.

If it weren’t for her father, would Fu Mingmei had everything?

After her father gave everything to her, the two of them have to get out of here.

"Get out of here."

The expression on Fu Mingmei’s face was ugly, and her eyes were as cold as ice.

Qu Lianxin actually dared to deceive her, hehe… He even handed over this house to this illegitimate daughter.

He lied to her by saying that Gu Nanqian was already an adult, he would give her a few million and find a good family for her to marry in the future.

He still likes Yuyu the most.

It turned out all was a lie to deceive her, not only will the villa be transferred to Gu Nanqian, but also to distribute the company’s shares to her.

"What qualifications do you have to drive me out?"

Gu Nanqian’s face was flushed with anger, and her hands were clenched into fists.

She was Qu Lianxin’s daughter, the daughter who has been abandoned for so many years, and she has suffered so much, what qualification does she have to drive her out!

Qu Qingyu also walked toward Fu Mingmei and reached out to hold her hand. Fu Mingmei hand was icy cold, she was obviously irritated.

Qu Qingyu sighed helplessly. In fact, sometimes, she didn’t know whether to be grateful or to be angry at Ye Tinting and others.

If it weren’t for Ye Tingting, these pig teammates, it would be impossible for her to know that her father had done these things.

Otherwise, her mother will still be blinded to these matters.

The door lock was turned, and Qu Lianxin opened the door and walked in. As soon as he saw the mess in the house, it was still bustling with many people.


As soon as Gu Nanqian saw Qu Lianxin, she seemed to have found her backbone and flew towards him like a little swallow.

"What’s wrong?"

Seeing Gu Nanqian’s aggrieved appearance, there were red wine stains on her face and clothes, she looked very embarrassed.

He knew that Gu Nanqian was a very strong person. She suffered a lot and would not cry. She had only lived at home for a few days, so why was she crying like this.

"Mingmei, what have you done? The company is already very busy, and you are still messing around like this."

Qu Lianxin frowned and looked at Fu Mingmei.

He used to think she was very sensible, how could she be so ignorant at this time!

Qu Qingyu was still a child, it was fine if she was fooling around. Fu Mingmei also started to cause disturbance without obvious reasons, both of them didn’t give him any peace of mind.

"I’m messing around! Qu Lianxin, I heard… You’ve already transferred this villa to Gu Nanqian, as well as the company’s shares?"

Fu Mingmei was a woman who after getting married will stay at home to care of her husband and children.

In addition to her soft personality, she always obeyed Qu Lianxin’s words.

However, Qu Qingyu was her lifeblood.

What was the situation of the Qu family in the past? For these years, if it wasn’t because of her maiden family, how can the company of the Qu family have been so good.

Her family paid for this villa. Although it was only tens of millions at that time, the market value at this time was more than 100 million.

At that time, in order not to make Qu Lianxin feel uncomfortable, she wrote his name.

They were all a family, and Fu Mingmei felt that these were nothing.

But… at this time, he actually told her that all of this would be given to an illegitimate daughter.

How could she tolerate it all?

"who said it?"

As soon as he heard his plan was revealed, Qu Lianxin’s expression was a little ugly.

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