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Chapter: 126

Chapter 126 Horsing Around His Childhood Sweetheart

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

"Dad…so you lied to me!"

Gu Nanqian also looked at him sadly.

Qu Lianxin looked at his wife with a vicious look, and his daughter with a pitiful look.

At first, he wanted to make a false promise, but looking at Gu Nanqian’s face, he really couldn’t bear it.

"Of course it’s true, this villa is mine, I said I will give it, then I will really give it to you."

Qu Lianxin couldn’t bear to make Gu Nanqian uncomfortable, so he reached out and stroked her head.

"Dad, you are really good!"

Gu Nanqian felt touched by his words, her father was really the best father in the world.

"Qu Lianxin…let’s get a divorce!"

Fu Mingmei really couldn’t bear it anymore.

She has repeatedly tried to tolerate it. The decades-long relationship between husband and wife, and Yuyu under their knees, was not comparable with an illegitimate daughter he just found.

No compromise can be made, then let’s just walk our way!

When Qu Lianxin heard what she said, he was a little flustered, but when he met Gu Nanqian’s eyes, he slammed his neck.


After speaking, he turned his face away coldly.

"Yuyu, let’s go!"

Fu Mingmei took Qu Qingyu’s hand, then the two of them left the Qu family.

Fu Mingmei directly drove to her parents’ house.

When the family saw the mother and daughter coming back, the grandparents, Auntie Fu, and Uncle Fu were very happy.

When they heard about those filthy matters, they were all very angry.

"This Qu Lianxin, I didn’t expect he was this kind of man."

Uncle Fu stretch out his hand and slapped the table.

"Mingmei, you want a divorce, have you made up your mind??"

Grandma Fu looked at Fu Mingmei worriedly. She still remembered that time, when Mingmei desperately wanted to marry Qu Lianxin.

"He treated Yuyu like that, and now I’m full of anger whenever I see him."

Fu Mingmei gritted her teeth, her eyes full of anger.

"Since you’ve decided, we all support you, it’s just Yuyu…"

Grandma Fu glanced at Qu Qingyu again, Yuyu has a reserved temperament and never likes to say the things in her mind.

Therefore, she didn’t know how many thoughts were cast in her heart.

Also, she didn’t know what kind of thoughts Qu Qingyu have about this matter.

"Grandma, I support my mother! My mother can’t stand me being wronged, and I can’t stand my mother being wronged."

Qu Qingyu quickly expressed her thoughts.

"Good, you all said that, everything is easy to handle."

Grandfather Fu made a final decision, and the family settled the matter.

Although some of the Qu family’s villas and houses were all under Qu Lianxin’s name, but under the marriage law, the property after the marriage was divided equally.

The company shares were better calculated. At first, the Fu family invested 25% of the shares, and Fu Mingmei account for another 15%. After Qu Qingyu became an adult, she also had 10% of the shares.

Although Qu Lianxin owns 45% of the share, but Fu Mingmei and their combined share exceed him.

In addition to the ten percent in the hands of some minority shareholders. Under this situation, the Fu family still has the right to speak.

Fu Mingmei and Qu Lianxin were divorced. Naturally she didn’t want that villa.

Because she wanted to be close to Zhao Xubai’s house, found another house.

Fortunately, a villa near Zhao Xubai’s house was being sold, so she bought it.

Uncle Fu took a breath and transferred 20% of his shares to Qu Qingyu, and Fu Mingmei also transferred 10% of her share to Qu Qingyu.

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