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Chapter: 82

Chapter 82 The Female Match in The Cultivation Immortal Script

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

Everyone was shocked.

In three months, she changed from Golden Core into Nascent Soul. It was so outrageous.

Some people, when they reach the bottleneck period, will stay in the Golden Core stage all their lives.

However, for Song Qingyu, it seems that there was no bottleneck period at all, and perhaps in Song Qingyu’s dictionary, there was no bottleneck.

However, because they had seen Song Qingyu’s wonderful spiritual roots before, not many people questioned her.

Her spiritual roots were against the sky. It was a sure thing for her cultivation speed to be fast.

Even if some people deliberately create public opinion. It will not submerge in ocean at this time.

Because…at the present, in the entire True Spirit World, something bigger was happening.

Of course, it was not the opening of the secret realm, but the fall of the Tianyang ancestor of the Luo family.

When Song Qingyu heard the news, she was very surprised.

At that time, she heard that Tianyang ancestor had only one year’s lifespan.

But now, only three months have passed, he was already dead.

After Tianyang ancestor pass away, he gave Long Aotian all the necessary cultivation.

Long Aotian also became the pillar of the Luo family, the head of the Luo family.

For the first time, someone with a different surname directly became the head of the family.

Although many people in the Luo family were unconvinced, this position was set by the ancestor, not to mention that the ancestor had already passed on his cultivation base to him.

If their Luo family wants to stand at the top of the True Spirit World all the time, they must recognize him.

Even if some people were not convinced. On the surface it was peaceful.

The opening of Lehe secret realm was a major event in the True Spirit World. Generally, only the large immortal cultivation family can let people in. Those who were loose cultivators or small families have no right to enter.

People without identity, except entering Tianyu Academy, and then becoming the first, then they can enter like Song Qingyu.

On this day, the Lehe Secret Realm opened, Song Qingyu stood with the Yuwen family’s team outside the Secret Realm.

The Yuwen family and the Luo family began to confront each other.

Whoever went first, whoever went last.

These had nothing to do with Song Qingyu. At a glance, she saw Long Aotian standing in front of the Luo family member.

Don’t know if it was because he had become the head of the Luo family, or because of the great growth in his cultivation, his dressing style had changed a bit.

He was wearing a black robe with a cloud pattern, the expression on his face was very grim.

Behind him stood Yue’er, Xibi and Nishang.

The three of them were wearing the same color skirts, and their faces were incomparably pale. The three of them lowered their heads, none of the three dared to raise their heads as if they were afraid of something.

Song Qingyu squinted her eyes. She felt that something strange was going around.

In the end, the Luo family won, and Long Aotian led the people from the Luo family to the secret realm.

Yuwen’s family followed.

As soon as she walked into the secret realm, Song Qingyu felt the sky and the earth were spinning.

When she felt the ground, it turned out to be a place where birds sing and flowers give forth their fragrance.

She has always heard that when entering the secret realm, everything was random. Maybe it will be in a safe place, maybe it will be standing on the body of the demon beast.

Song Qingyu felt that her luck was still very good.

She was just about to leave this quiet little forest and walked outside.

Regardless, she has to find Long Aotian first.


The black dragon on her wrist suddenly sent her a message.

"What’s wrong?"

Song Qingyu asked.

"I sensed that Luo Tianyang’s breath."

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