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Chapter: 83

Chapter 83 The Female Match in The Cultivation Immortal Script

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

Hearing the Black Dragon words.

Song Qingyu was shocked, "Tianyang ancestor, he is already dead!!"

One person and one dragon were probing when Song Qingyu heard a rustling sound from outside the forest.

"Go faster!"

It was Long Aotian’s voice.

Song Qingyu couldn’t help but raised her eyebrows, recalling the words of the black dragon just now.

A bold idea suddenly formed in her mind.

Could it be that the current Long Aotian was no longer Long Aotian, but…

It shouldn’t be, right!

Wasn’t Long Aotian the male protagonist? Didn’t he have a lot of golden fingers?

It shouldn’t be!

Just as Song Qingyu was lost in her imagination, she heard a cry from outside.

Song Qingyu looked outside through the gap.

She saw Nishang had been kicked to the ground by Long Aotian.

The other two women covered their mouths and dared not speak.

"You are not brother Aotian, you devil!"

Nishang looked at Long Aotian angrily.

"I’m not? Why am I not!?"

Long Aotian smiled devilishly, like a ghostly shadow. He walked toward Nishang in an instant, and with a palm, Nishang was already dead.

Yue’er and Xibi were ready to flee.

Long Aotian laughed, "Do you want to escape?"

In an instant, a layer of black energy lingered in his hands, covering Yue’er and Xi Bi, and the two of them suddenly turned into white bones at once.

Song Qingyu watched from the bushes and can’t help but felt stunned.

In a flash, before she could sense it, the three women were already dead?

Everything came so suddenly.

"Song Qingyu, do you still want to hide?"

Long Aotian crushed those bones with one foot, and looked coldly at the woods where Song Qingyu was hiding.

Song Qingyu couldn’t help but have an awe-inspiring expression. She can’t believe he found out.

She immediately lifted the branch and jumped out of it.

"Tianyang ancestor, hope that you are well!"

Song Qingyu said lightly.

Long Aotian laughed out loud, and then looked at her venomously.

"So you can recognize me."

Tianyang ancestor no longer pretend. Anyway, people who recognize him have to die.

Song Qingyu did not speak.

‘Is Long Aotian dead?’ She was wondering.

So the one in front of her now is Tianyang ancestor or Long Aotian! ?

Song Qingyu threw an ice blade straight away at once.

With a faint cold ice mist, the ice blade rushed towards Tianyang ancestor’s face.

Tianyang ancestor gave a cold smile.

In an instant, he turned into a black mist and disappeared.

Song Qingyu frowned, ‘what kind of magic trick is this.’

She turned around and looked behind her.

Nothing can be seen.

She looked around and saw that there was no trace of Tianyang ancestor.

Song Qingyu closed her eyes and used her divine sense to investigate.

Finally, she felt some fluctuations behind her, and a lightning ball began to condense in her hand.

Threw it toward the back.

The figure of Tianyang ancestor was hit by the lightning ball, and then he appeared.

"Damn it!"

Tianyang ancestor was shocked by the lightning ball, and the expression on his face was a little scary.

The jet-black hair has been completely electrified, and the whole person was very fierce.

It was clearly Long Aotian face, but at this moment it was so sinister and cold.

Without further ado, Song Qingyu surrounded him by throwing earth stones.

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