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Chapter: 84

Chapter 84 The Female Match in The Cultivation Immortal

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

Those earth stones had just surrounded him.

Tianyang ancestor stretched out his hand and turned all the earth stones into dust with one palm, and when the wind blew, they all dissipated.

Song Qingyu tapped her finger lightly, and there were several wind balls in an instant. These wind balls swept everything and the turf on the ground was rolled towards Tianyang ancestor.

Tianyang ancestor stretched out his hand making a claw gesture, the looming golden dragon floated in his palms.

Song Qingyu squinted at the sight. At present, it seems that the golden dragon sword spirit had already been swallowed by him.

"Come out!"

Tianyang ancestor shouted loudly, the golden dragon in his hand was shrouded with a layer of black energy, and it roared towards Song Qingyu.

Song Qingyu was not afraid, both hands were on her chest with a stroke, two golden lights flew out immediately.

Her body also moved a few steps back.

The two golden lights hit the golden dragon’s body.


The golden dragon originally had a violent aura, but when the two golden lights hit his body, he instantly dissipated.

Song Qingyu was not the kind of person who just waits for others to fight her. At the moment, different kinds of attacks were all smashed toward Tianyang ancestor.

He wasn’t Long Aotian, will he have a golden finger. Will he be mindlessly be beaten to death.

Sure enough, Tianyang ancestor was completely unable to resist her hurricane-like attack.

In the end, several ice holes appeared in his body caused by the ice blade. The water condensation technique poured all over his body, lastly, a lightning ball hit his body.


In the midst of Tianyang ancestor’s howls.

"You old ghost, snatch my body!"

Long Aotian’s angry voice sounded.

Song Qingyu listened expressionlessly, with a sarcastic smile on the corner of her mouth.

She keep pouring water, and saw two souls competing for that body when it was fragile.

Seeing his body in the midst of lightning flashed, Long Aotian’s entire expression also changed repeatedly, with a trace of fear.

What was goldfinger! ?

In this world, you can’t get things for free! ?

Although it was said that because Long Aotian was the male protagonist, he will have some qualities that make people look up to him.

Relatively, his luck was often better than others.

The first, when she wanted to kill him at the princess mansion, he was saved by his master.

Probably his master was about to die, but he met a talent like Long Aotian and finally handed over his daughter to him.

But that little junior sister, she died for him.

As for the later Tianyang ancestor, what he has always appreciated was Long Aotian’s body, he could take over the body.

He first passed the cultivation base to Long Aotian, and later took away his body when Long Aotian was weak.

However, Long Aotian’s soul was particularly powerful. It has never been driven out.

Therefore, the two suppressed each other like this. In the end, it was Tianyang ancestor who got the substantial victory.

In fact, these can also be blamed on Long Aotian. He was a person who has always taken everything for granted.

When others gave something to him, he will be very grateful and accept it.

In addition to being grateful, he won’t say anything or do anything.

Gradually, he feels he deserves the kindness of others, so there was no defense against others. But you do bad things under the guise of being good.

Under Song Qingyu’s continuous watering and the release of lightning balls, Long Aotian’s body was gradually burned into a piece of black charcoal.

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