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Chapter: 85

Chapter 85 The Female Match in The Cultivation Immortal Script

Translated by littlecloudEdited by littlecloud

Long Aotian can be together with his junior sister.

Song Qingyu gave him a cold look, then went into the space and continued to practice.

There was nothing she really wanted in this secret realm.

Long Aotian was dead. When she left the secret realm, she will send the black dragon up.

She can go back to the Princess Mansion and continue her life.

Song Qingran should be fine! Thinking of that younger brother, Song Qingyu felt a warm feeling in her heart.

At the end of the secret realm, when the crowd was counting the people outside, the Luo family discovered in horror that the patriarch and his partners were missing.

The doors of the secret realm were closed, they can’t get in, and the people inside can’t get out.

The next time the secret realm will open was a hundred years later.

Everyone in the Luo family has mixed feelings.

On one hand, they were miserable, they have been standing at the top, and now it will be replaced by the Yuwen family.

On the other hand, they were very happy. No matter what happened in the Luo family, it could not be occupied by people with other surnames. What will happen in a hundred years were variables.

Compared with the loss of the Luo family, the Yuwen family was very happy.

In the cloud, Song Qingyu stood on the back of the black dragon and looked down.

"Let’s go, go to Primary Spirit World, and send you home!"

Song Qingyu said lightly. The black dragon wagged his tail and flew towards the portal of the Primary Spirit World.

"Huh… Where’s fellow Daoist Song!?"

At this time, Yuwen Wuji discovered that Song Qingyu was missing.

"It won’t be with Long Aotian inside…"

Someone guessed.

After all, everyone knew the grudge between Song Qingyu and Long Aotian.

At this time, neither of them came out, instantly everyone made up a guess in their hearts.


Everyone sighed.

The look on Yuwen Wuji’s face was very lonely.

Song Qingyu, who had already stood in the primary spirit world, naturally didn’t know their guess.

She brought the black dragon to the dragon clan… As soon as he felt the breath of home, the black dragon flew and wandered in the air.

When they reached the Dragon Clan, the contractual relationship between the two disappeared.

"Thank you."

Song Qingyu looked at black dragon and said thank you.

If it weren’t for that space, it would be impossible for her to have convenience in cultivating immortals.

Inside the space, the speed of cultivating immortals of one day mean one year, that make her able to win the game.

Although the black dragon was reluctant at first, even angrily refused.

Fortunately… she accomplished…

"It should be me thanking you!" 

Upon Dragon Clan, The black dragon got an extra seal on his body. In an instant, the whole dragon was a little different.

He suddenly transformed into an uncle wearing a black robe.

He cupped his hands and bowed to Song Qingyu.

Song Qingyu didn’t dodge and accepted his bow.

After living in the Dragon Clan for two days, Song Qingyu returned to the True Spirit World.

She saw the liveliness of Yuwen’s family when she just enter the True Spirit World..

She flew over the roof and saw Yuwen Wuji riding a white horse and wearing a wedding robe, kicking the sedan door.

Yuwen Wuji seemed to be able to sense it, and he looked towards the other high roof.

He caught sight of Song Qingyu clothes, and recognized her with just a glance.

He looked around, and he couldn’t leave at all.

He gave Song Qingyu a bow from afar.

When he got up, Song Qingyu’s figure had disappeared.

A trace of a smile appeared on the corner of Yuwen Wuji’s mouth. He opened the sedan door amid the crowd cheering.

Along with the bride he pulled a piece of red silk and walked towards the house.

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