Man in Marvel, infinite devil fruit

Author(s): Good Luck 1


Qin Xiao passed through and obtained a system that could exchange devil fruits.Let others eat the devil fruit, and he can gain the fruit ability and the strength of the other party.Thor: "Father Odin, I have mastered the power of Thunder!"Odin: "Nizi! How dare you eat that fruit of thunder!"Thor: "Yes, you see, now I can release the power of thunder without Miaoer*er!"Odin: "Are you Thor or Hammer, or Fruit God?"Qin Xiao: "It’s cool! The power of Thunder God + the power of Thunder Fruit, it’s twice as cool!""An ancient great mage, Casillas is disobedient, so let’s take a look at the fruit?""Hulk, what about Zhen Zhen Guo?""Eagle Eye, what about the target fruit?"

Chapter : 435


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