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Chapter: 189

Kay: Sorry for the lateness.

_ _ _ _ ___

A few hours passed since I’d taken the appearance of Jonah and proceeded through the Devil’s Mountain. The sun had already set and the surroundings went completely dark, however, my eyesight was secured by the slight starlight and night vision. 

The world was dyed in a light green light, and I walked through the coniferous forest at midnight. Only the sound of a few nocturnal insects echoed as I searched the whereabouts of the four Sasanqua members, Ophelia, and her escort knight. 

It seemed like was not the area either… 

I was checking the approximate locations of the labyrinth in the Devil’s Mountains one by one, starting from the one nearest Dragange. But if I still couldn’t find it… It would be necessary to expand the search to the side closer to the Kingdom of Drak. 

After that, I spent another day looking for the spots near Dragrange. I couldn’t find a gathering of light spots that looked like an adventurer party or something that looked like the entrance to the labyrinth. On the contrary, when I observed the moment of the monsters I encountered, I got the impression that they moved slowly toward a certain direction. South, which was the same direction as Dragrange. 

And that direction coincided with the approximated location that was closest to the Kingdom Of Drak. 

Naturally, I confirmed that direction was the last spot on my list so it may be the correct answer. 

On the map in my HUD, I saw six light spots lumped up. They were further away, around the coniferous forest. For these two days, except for getting sleep, I made the best use of my resilient body and stayed on the move. 

The preceding girls were different. In the letter, All four of the Sasanqua were listed as A-rank. When I’ve previously met them, Miche and Frau were still B-ranks. They may have been promoted after the conquering of the Emerald Demon Labyrinth. But no matter how high their ranks went, they couldn’t continue after the sun went down. There was a limit to the time when they could act naturally, making the distance between them and me, who was not impeded by that same limitation, was shrinking.

According to the terrain reflected on the map, after passing through the coniferous trees, I should see a mountain lake. The six light dots stay on the banks of the lake. Maybe it was a campsite. The height and thickness of coniferous trees were much larger than in the previous world. I leaned back and looked into the mountain lake in a leaning position —

People… Not. 

Humanoid body covered in hair. Large with a long tail that swayed side to side, and its head was that of a dog’s head. Kobolds… A child-like physique similar to a goblin, smaller than a werewolf, but with a wide sword-like weapon stuck on their hands. Six Kobolds faced each other in a circle, bent over and eating something—?

Activating TSS, I opened the monster files from the screenshot collection, and checked the kobold section—

It is a monster with fast-breeding species almost on par with goblins, and a very aggressive personality. Each individual was born with a sword growing in their hand, kind of like a biological armor, and if it was damaged, the vitality of the monster would weaken and eventually die. 

As a species, it was a male-only race, and it preyed on animals in the wild to give birth to their offspring. Also, it had a very strong appetite and its favorite foods were human and beastmen… Therefore, when I looked at the center of the group where a lump of meat… Reddish black that pooled beneath it…

Looking closely, I realized they were chewing on… was that a man’s arm?

It was enough at this point, I turned the M24A4 on them and aimed in a firing position. I aimed for one of their heads, the one that gnawed on the man’s arm. I aligned the reticle with its red eye and pulled the trigger. It was equipped with a silencer. As soon as I pulled the trigger and I heard a faint sound of air erupted from the muzzle. The next moment, his head popped off. 

One by one, their heads exploded and only the last one had noticed something was happening. It dropped the thing ht had been slurping up. Its expression showed confusion. As it tried to figure out what was happening, its head exploded too. 

I exchanged the magazine while I focused on the map and sound sensor to see if more were nearby… None.. Alright. 

I put the rifle back and moved from my location towards the Kobolds to check out the situation. I don’t think it was one of the Sasanqua members or Ophelia’s party, but there weren’t any villages around here either. S, who was these poor guys? 

The place was dyed dark red and it reeked. When I stepped over the pond of blood and confirmed the carnage. There were pieces of clothing that did not belong to an adventurer. They came in a variety of sizes, but there were also small clothes that looked like children’s clothes… How many people was this? It was not just one or two people, but not enough for double digits.. Either way, quite a lot of people were attacked. 

Thankfully it was midnight. NV Mode made the murky and tinted in a green light, so I was able to observe the entire thing calmly. 

If this was broad daylight, I might have spit out without being able to see directly. But.. What should I do? Should I at least cremate them? No, if you burn them at this time, the brightness would be noticed… But it would take too long to bury them all… I felt guilty about leaving a dead person, but I could only ask for their forgiveness. I decided to leave the place and prepared to return to the Royal Capital for Daikokuya’s business day. 

I could return to the Royal Capital using the transfer circle that I personally owned. Therefore, I headed to the area I was checking out and summoned an LVTP-5 (Landing Vehicle Tracked, Personnel Model 5) from the garage. 

The LVTP-5 was an amphibious armored personnel carrier that I also used during the Wolf Fang Labyrinth subjugation. In preparation for jumping to and from the Margrave of Dragrange, the transfer circle, as well as its copy, was installed on the vehicle. Furthermore, using the function of the garage, the camouflage pattern was applied to the vehicle. 

I moved it to the cliff where the stratum was exposed. I then covered it in branches and leaves cut from the surrounding foliage to complete the camouflage. Someone could discover the vehicle, the Sasanqua, or someone else, so I had installed the circle in the tank rather than on the Type-74 as a countermeasure. 

Even if someone discovered the LVTP-45, unlike the truck, they could not get into the steel-armored LVTP. I also installed a T-UGS underneath so I could know when someone approached it. By installing this third one, the one that monitored the inside of Daikokuya disappeared. This also changed the configuration of the minimap display. 

Now, I was ready to move… 

I looked to the mountain lake once more before I teleported back to the capital. 

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