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Chapter: 192

In the office reception space, Chancellor Bergman, Advisor of Knights Arley Crude, and Guild Master Marlen Verdaline sat side by side on the couch. I sat across from them while I explained how the shampoo, hair tonic, and conditioner was used correctly. 

"Hmm, I understand how to use them now. But I still have one question."

"Pray tell, Sir Veil."

"Sir Bird used it for only three days, and I’ve never heard or seen of an alchemical drug that had such surprisingly short and visible effects. Could it be that you concocted it yourself?"

Err — an alchemical drug? It was a little unfamiliar, but was it a common phrase used in the Alchemy guild, which was not very relevant? No, it’s more than that. How should I answer this question… The producer was definitely me. No one else could make one with the same performance. Should I say it was purchased elsewhere, or made by me? 

Initially, the plan was to say that everything sold in Daikokuya was purchased through a channel I only knew of. But now that it became known about how it’s too effective, even with the shampoo and conditioners, it wouldn’t be easy to go through with that plan. 

"I can’t speak in detail about the materials or manufacturing methods. But I made them myself." 

"My… Not even first or special grade alchemists could formulate something like this… And you’re telling me that you can?" 

"Sir Veil, this Schwartz is just that talented. Otherwise, it would be impossible for a previously unknown merchant to open a store in the Royal Capital." 

"… Even so, lord Bird. It’s impossible to treat something normal like deterioration due to aging, even with recovery magic. And neither is it possible with alchemy. The common agreement is that it’s impossible, right?" 

Something that was normal for aging…? I see, it’s something that people commonly accept as ‘normal’ in this world. For example, the aging phenomena, such as losing hair with age, spots and freckles, was seen as normal. Therefore, recovery magic would not be effective against it. 

Also, that first and special grade… Certainly, unlike adventurers, production-type guilds must’ve grades rather than rank. I had asked Malta-san a little before. I didn’t know the detailed breakdown, but I could tell that first and special had to be the highest grades. 

While I listened to Bergman and the Guild Master discuss the basics of alchemy and theorem on the human body, I resumed answering questions from Teisen and Crude. It seemed that it was more important for them to confirm the usage and effects rather than the formula. Their hoods were already removed, as if they were itching to use it. 

Secretary Teisen seemed to still be young – by my own standard, in the late thirties to early forties. But despite that, he’s already losing a sizable amount of hair. He seemed to be an ordinary noble, not a magic noble. He was a talented man who reached the top with his fiance skills at a young age, but he was still single. It was hard to tell why he remained single. 

Was it because he was balding, or because he didn’t have the confidence to talk to a woman, or both. I mean, that sounded like a topic he shouldn’t talk about so frankly…

Meanwhile, Advisor Crude suffered from a high M-shaped hairline. He was an old warrior in his fifties, but apparently, he’s been in a sense of crisis since it receded yearly. ‘I don’t want to be like them’  – he said while glancing at Bergman and Guild Master Veil… You know, you don’t have to let your thoughts out loud like that. 

At this rate, I was likely to be asked about various topics and worries. But I heard the attendant whisper ‘if we don’t leave soon, it will affect work.’ to Bergman. He replied with a nod, then promptly finished the payment and left. 

Of course, all of them said random partings such as ‘I’ll be visiting again’, or ‘I’ll make you tell me how to concoct it, so that I won’t run out’, or ‘Many knights are worried since the helmet gets stuffy…’, or ‘At least you can hand out some sort of "gift" next time.’ before leaving.  

"Manager, those people are…." 

"Amy, Presera, and both of you listen to me. Next time a hooded person – or someone that looks like they’d work as a servant for a noble is visiting the shop, I will personally be in charge of them." 

"Yes, understood –" (All) 

"Well, as long as they don’t act suspicious, we won’t do anything." 

Amy and Presera were relieved that they didn’t have to deal with customers who were obviously high-ranking nobles, while Alm and Silvara replied with a bitter smile. But if it was me tending to them personally, it would be less suspicious. And it wouldn’t be strange if I invited them upstairs for a secret talk. 

Today we welcomed customers before business hours, but the official opening was just around the corner. I had to hurry to resupply the hair tonics and bathroom supplies that the group had bought. Then, the opening hour came… 

Today’s business was also full of window shoppers and no purchases. However, there was a different flow compared to the first day, which was the line of sight of the customers who came to the store. 

Silver-haired Silvara stood at the entrance, with her shiny and smooth hair which was thanks to the shampoo and conditioner. On top of that, she had a good sense of fashion and it showed how she dressed. Silvara was eye-catching even when she worked as an escort member of the Marida Trading Company. She was more eye-catching now. 

And it’s the same with Alm, who patrolled around the inside of the store. After customers were drawn by her and entered the store. The next person they say was Alm and her beauty. At first, it was only male adventurers, but these girls were not easy to talk to. Attracted by the many adventurers, more curious shoppers also stopped in. These people quickly surrounded Amy and Presera as the two were similarly sporting beautiful hair as the other two were far less sociable. 

"Will this really make my hair look just like you girls?" 

"Ah, yes! The effect comes out immediately after using it once. The scent is also good!" 

"So expensive! A gold for this bottle…" 

"Oh, the store manager says that the listed price is only the current market price? It seems that the price may change on the next business day."

"What does that mean?"

"The listed price is only valid for today. The price may change during our next business hour, or something like that?"

"What in the… It’s not like it’s armor forged by a first class blacksmith." 

Amy and Presera answered questions while being surrounded by female adventurers and middle-aged aunts. 

While I watched this, I waited at the checkout. Of course, ordinary customers would not buy today. The main reason was that the price was too high. Since there was a limit to the amount that could be taken from the Continental at one time. I’d be in trouble if too much was sold. 

To Amy and the others who were disappointed nothing was sold despite a large number of customers, I said ‘it will sell soon.’ and soon on. But my thoughts were different, as not selling anything was my real aim in the first place. 

The next business day would be in three days. By then, I would like to locate the labyrinth that was thought to be situated in the Devil’s Mountains. After seeing off the girls, I returned to the Devil’s Mountains via the transfer circle. 

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