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Chapter: 1586

mission failed final breakout

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"What's wrong? It's really dangerous if you don't leave!"

Pietro's face was a little impatient, although it was not difficult for him to leave because of his super speed, and it was even because of Pietro that they would choose this tactic.

But no matter what, the three people present are all mortals, and being hit by bullets may also cause fatal injuries. Even if Pietro is fast, but on the battlefield, under the intensive saturated attack, even he is Cannot dodge all attacks completely.

"There's something wrong with this fragment!"

Rogers said with serious eyes.

"Wanda, block the gate! Pietro, we're not done yet!"

Pietro also immediately turned over the three fragments he had just found. The three small fragments were only the size of a palm, but they had a silver-white technology coating, and there were clear cutting and connecting gaps.

It looks like a technological item that can be pieced together. According to the exercise plan, this is an important file disk that can only be used when three pieces are put together.

And Rogers quickly put it together in his hands. Although it seems that these three pieces can be completely matched, but after getting started, it is discovered that one of them cannot be completely connected with the other two, and there is an obvious difference in the middle. gap.

"There's something wrong with this piece! There's another piece we haven't found!"

Rogers looked at Pietro and said so. Remember the URL m.xbeqge. com

Wanda, on the other hand, had already taken a few steps forward, raised his hands high, and directly moved the slightly larger heavyweight bunkers in the center of the entire training ground to the door to block them.

"Captain, it's just that the gate is useless, there are at least five entrances here!"

After Wanda completed this action, he looked back at Rogers and said.

Pietro was also a little irritable and threw the fake shard in his hand, "Impossible, everyone present has already found it, isn't it in it, or is it hidden?!"

Rogers was also silent for a while, his eyes circled around.

"It's not right. It seems that the above is making it more difficult this time. If it is not in the hands of this batch of personnel, it may be in the second batch of personnel, or... we have exposed something!"

Rogers was also slightly nervous, because soon, the second group of people would break through.

"Pietro, look carefully in some hidden corners and corners, and I'll intercept the people who come in!"

The captain arranged it again, and at the same time, the figure also ran forward quickly.


Rogers shouted, Wanda just pushed back, and a burst of crimson energy pushed Rogers up again and flew directly to the second floor.

It flew to an exit very quickly, and when it landed, it just hit the first warrior who rushed in.

At the same time, a rollover reduces the impact, and it is easy to pick up a gun and jam it into the bayonet of the door, which can block the door.

On the first floor, Pietro turned into a silver light that quickly circulated in every corner of the entire first floor, looking like a line.

Wanda continued to pile up the obstacles at the gate on the first floor, blocking the biggest gap.

Rogers continued to block the enemy's attack at several other entrances on the second floor.

This continued for nearly thirty seconds, and Pietro stopped panting, holding two other fragments in his hand.

"Captain, I found two more, but they can't match, they're all fake!"

At this time, Wanda has already come to the third floor. Facing the enemy's sudden advance, Wanda's solution efficiency at this moment is even more than Rogers.

In the face of those enemies who attacked from the entrance one by one, with a push of both hands, the powerful force prevented them from entering, and even pushed everyone to go out. Its power was so great that it was terrifying.

But even so, above the fourth floor, this enemy broke through and started to attack the three people below.

In this case, Wanda must also spare a hand, that is, almost ordinary attention, to block the offensive launched against him.

Rodgers is also limited, so things will only get worse.

"Assemble on the second floor, ready to break out! Wanda, come down!"

The captain said something on the channel, Pietro took a few breaths again, and jumped up, stepping on some obstacles on the first floor to fly above the second floor and came to Rogers.

However, he looked up again, turned around, and continued to run upwards at a high speed to cover Wanda's movements.

Facing the fast-moving Pietro, the seven or eight people who just broke through mainly focused on Pietro.

But they were all knocked down and flew away quickly. In front of Pietro, the average person was powerless to fight back.

Wanda also jumped down from the upstairs and flew to the second floor lightly. There was some anxiety in his eyes. After all, this task has not been completed, which means that the exercise has failed.

Leo, who was watching the whole practice from a distance, asked curiously, "Didn't you say the third piece is on Natasha? Where is she?"

"In that small mobile fortress, except for the other three that were all two people, there were three people in the fourth one, and the other two were dragged out, but Natasha was still hiding inside."

Knowing the layout Banner also said it directly.

"If Rogers went to search, he would definitely be able to find it, but Pietro went to check. According to the habits of the first three, it is obvious that the third person inside was ignored."

Agent Hill did not know when he appeared behind the two and said, while still recording something on the tablet in his hand.

"You played big enough this time. It will cost a lot of money to renovate here."

Leo said with a chuckle, not making any judgment on the current situation.

"If you can use this money to exchange for two qualified new Avengers, it's worth it!"

Hiltego looked up at the training venue again, and continued to lower his head to record.

After making a few strokes, he looked up at Leo again and smiled.

"Of course, there is another reason that this training ground needs to be demolished and rebuilt. After all, this is the original old factory building, and some of them still need a lot of expansion and rectification. It is better to have a real battle before it is demolished. drill."

"Do you think they will succeed?"

Banner looked at Agent Hill curiously and asked. UU reading

"Yes, Rogers should realize this soon, but it depends on what Wanda and Pietro will do. If they hesitate and don't solve Natasha in time, when everyone is surrounded, then it's okay. Judge them a failure."

Hill looked at the field in the distance and said.

Here, it can also be seen that if the team surrounded by the training ground really ignores others and attacks in a large area, the three trapped in it are really difficult to escape.

At this time, Rogers and Wanda had gathered on the second floor, and Wanda could open a gap at any time to break out.

Rogers also focused his attention on the four small fortresses that he had not personally inspected.

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