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Chapter: 1587

deal with natasha

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"Pietro, go check those four little fortresses again!"

Rogers' arm made a big turn, and after the round shield flew out and knocked the two away, it returned to Rogers' hands silky again.

Pietro was a little impatient at this time, but after listening to Rogers' order, he jumped down and moved quickly towards the small steel fortresses again.

Wanda yanked down with both hands, and forcibly pulled the two to the first floor down, losing their combat power in an instant.

"Captain, there are more and more people!"

In the face of Wanda's growing offensive, one hand blocked most of the attacks, all the bullets were frozen in front of Wanda, and the other hand kept attacking.

Rogers didn't say much, but focused his eyes on Pietro on the first floor.

The silver light quickly swept past the four small fortresses, but stopped at the last fortress gap.

But before he could say anything from Pietro, in that gap, a bolt of electric light shot out and hit Pietro.

And Pietro also fell down with a small twitch, his whole body straightened slightly.

Natasha, who had been preparing for a long time, waited until Pietro's arrival, and when it appeared in front of her eyes, she launched an attack directly.

At the same time, Rogers on the second floor also noticed something was wrong. He jumped up, jumped to the first floor, and ran quickly to Pietro's position.

"Wanda, cover me!"

Wanda also saw Pietro's body stiff, and his eyes were a little excited. He raised his hands and twisted, which was to pull up several enemies that surged out from the second floor and the third floor. Hit the wall and lose all combat power in an instant.

That is, because Wanda is not allowed to cause real casualties, otherwise, Wanda's actions can be faster.

The reaction speed of the three people is extremely fast. After all, in terms of physical fitness, the three people present are far more than ordinary agents.

Rogers' speed is of course faster, even if there is a distance of seven or eight meters in the middle, and a height of nearly four meters, Rogers jumped down, almost directly to Pietro's side.

At the same time, in that small fortress, a figure jumped out lightly, standing lightly on the steel fortress.

And the shield in Rogers' hand also flew out at the same time that the slender figure appeared.

But even in front of such a galloping flying round shield, that figure was a backflip, perfectly dodging, and at the same time hiding his figure.

Rogers didn't pay attention to it, but pulled Pietro up and quickly observed it.

At the same time, the right hand clenched a fist slightly, and the shield that bounced back on the wall was immediately reattached to the arm.

"Pietro?! Are you okay?"

Rogers was taking Pietro back, and he was talking one after another, but his eyes were fixed on the figure that disappeared behind the small mobile fortress.

And the movement on his right hand didn't stop either. He reached out and grabbed it, brushing off the electric shocker that Pietro was holding tightly to his body.

"Uh, I'm a little dizzy! My body is a little numb!"

Pietro, who was shaken a few times, also gradually woke up from the coma. Even if it was an attack that could knock ordinary people unconscious at will, it was not a big deal for Pietro, whose physical fitness was far superior to ordinary people.

"Recover as soon as possible, we are running out of time!"

Rogers said slightly nervously, after all, Pietro is the best way for them to escape from here. If something goes wrong with him, the trouble will be a little bigger.

"Natasha, I didn't expect the last piece to be on you."

While Rogers stepped back, he said so loudly.

But obviously, behind the fort, there was no sound, and above, Wanda couldn't stop all the attacks, and more and more enemies began to break through.

Although Rogers only saw the masked figure for a second, he still saw who that person was. After all, there were not many female agents with such good skills in S.H.I.E.L.D.

But Rogers did not get any response.

"Wanda, come here! I'm going to the third floor!"

Rogers shouted loudly, took a few steps back, put Pietro aside and sat down, but the whole person rushed forward again.

Wanda also understood what Rogers meant, and the whole person jumped down from the second floor, and at the same time, he also applied force to Rogers to successfully jump to the third floor platform.

Rogers, who has a shield, is already well-versed in fighting firepower. Even if he is surrounded, his fast moving and rolling body movements still make it difficult for those agents to hit.

However, Wanda successfully descended to the first floor, stretched out his hand and waved, but a flat plate appeared behind him, and it quickly unfolded, finally forming a metal plate nearly three square meters in size, which was set off above Wanda.

At this time, the metal plate completely covered Wanda and Pietro, blocking the attack from above, and on the first floor at this time, there was only the enemy hiding behind the fortress.

On the third floor, Rogers said loudly, "Wanda, get the third shard, we must leave within half a minute!"

Rogers has realized the serious situation now, surrounded by many enemies, the enemy will only increase.

Even if Rogers is not afraid and even has the confidence to leave from the outside, Wanda and Pitno, who are newcomers, may not be able to come out.

Even if the abilities of the two are stronger than him, before the absolute crushing advantage is formed, a strong combat awareness experience is equally important.

But if Rogers is asked to fight Natasha, Rogers is sure to defeat Natasha, but it is absolutely impossible to get the third shard from Natasha within three minutes.

But now, let alone three minutes, not even thirty seconds.

Therefore, this task can only be handed over to the brothers and sisters Wanda and Pietro. Within 30 seconds, they must leave. As for the task, the priority is given later.

Wanda dragged the metal plate with one hand to block it. Although the metal plate was still slowly twisting irregularly under the background of the crimson energy, there was no major change, and it was still able to block the attack.

At the same time, the other hand has already reached out to the mobile fortress just now. A huge force acts on the small two-square-meter fortress. Under the shroud of crimson energy, the entire steel is quickly twisted and gathered with a loud noise. . UU reading

'Card! collapse! Kaka! ’

Such a huge change made everyone who saw this scene tremble with fear. With such a terrifying power, let alone a living person, even the Iron Man was torn apart.

And Natasha, who had been hiding behind the fortress, was also forced to stand up, feeling a trace of fear at the twisted little fortress in front of her.

Such a terrifying power, I am afraid that only Hulk and Leo can do it.

Similarly, Wanda and Pietro also saw Natasha appearing in front of them, but the movements in their hands hesitated slightly.

After all, in the past few days, Natasha was their teacher and coach, and the person who communicated with them was the kindest person.

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