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Chapter: 1589

therapy new venue new training

"Come on, let's have a look together."

Leo also said with a very interested smile.

But then Leo looked at the agents who were treating the injuries in the field in front of him. Even if Roger Swanda and the others didn't kill him before, the damage was not small.

If they weren't fully armed and specially trained, many of them would have been injured for a lifetime.

But even so, they are still a little mourning now, mainly because Wanda's ability is somewhat insignificant, even if it is just dragging them and throwing them off the second floor, it also exerts more force.

There are also many fractures. On the contrary, those who were knocked down by Rogers' punches can slowly get up after a while, and there is no serious problem.

In the same way, it can be seen that the two have control over their own power. Rogers' close combat is unquestionable, his fighting consciousness is even stronger, and he can use everything that can be used in battle.

Wanda still needs a lot of practice, which is what Wanda has been doing all this time.

The same is true of Pietro. The collision formed also caused many agents to suffer serious internal injuries, and I am afraid it will take a long time to cultivate.

"You guys go first. I'll help them treat them. This is actual combat training, but don't cause any internal gaps due to injuries."

Leo looked at Hill and Dr. Banner and said something, and the whole person disappeared into the observation room.

Agent Hill took a few steps forward again, stood in the observation room and looked at Leo, who had already appeared in the crowd in the distance, with a strange emotion in his eyes.

Banner also followed, "Leo is a good boy, always has been."

"I know, and to be honest, we don't have much choice."

Hill smiled and shrugged, "Let's go, go see Wanda and the others, this time they finally have the appearance of an avenger."

Dr. Banner followed Agent Hill down to another training ground that had been prepared for a long time and was more complete than the current one.

At this time, Leo, of course, began to treat the injured agents one by one.

Of course, the speed is also extremely fast. In the face of the people who even need to be carried out on a stretcher, Leo just stretched out his hand and flicked it. A golden light flickered, and he could hear the comfortable moan of the injured person, and then he could see He began to move slowly.

After all, facing this kind of injury that is not a serious injury, within the healing range of Leo's golden ring, it is still very easy.

And those who were more serious, even those with broken bones, were also in Leo's hands. They recovered lightly, their bones automatically reset, and the cracks recovered quickly.

In just a few minutes, the nearly 100 people have all received Leo's treatment, and all of them can move on their own, and even return to their full state.

And the two medical teams who were still busy before, stood aside in embarrassment, as if they had nothing to do with them.

"A few of you have injured your bones. Recently, you still need to recuperate. You cannot exercise vigorously for a month. As for you, you have also taken a good rest in the past few days to avoid sequelae."

Leo looked at the members of the SHIELD agents who had re-lined up in front of him, and emphasized to some of the more seriously injured people that after all, some internal injuries to the bones cannot be recovered immediately, even if Leo can do it.

And Natasha, who had been following Leo the whole time, stood up at this time.

"Don't worry, those who participated in the actual combat this time will have three days off. As for those seriously injured, there will be arrangements."

Natasha stood beside Leo and whispered.

The other two captain-like characters led the team away after receiving Natasha's signal.

Immediately after that, the entire training ground was cleared, and even the blasting team had come in to prepare to mark the blasting position. The efficiency was so fast that it had been prepared for a long time.

Natasha said with a smile, "According to the plan, this place was to be demolished three days ago, but for this actual battle, Chief Hill dragged it out for a few more days, and it became the actual battlefield this time."

"It can be considered that everything is used to the best of its ability, and there is no need to go outside to find a place, and there is no need to worry about anything. It will be demolished anyway."

"How about you, how do you feel?"

Leo nodded, walked out, looked at Natasha and said.

"Feeling? Do you mean Wanda? It's too immature. The threat now is Pietro."

Natasha said calmly, "But both of them still need a lot of training and fighting. Otherwise, even if they have such a powerful ability, they still have great shortcomings. Once they are mastered, they will inevitably lose."

Natasha understood what Leo meant and spoke her judgment directly.

Both of them understood that in fact, in this actual combat exercise, both sides have restrained, but in fact, the encircling side on the agent's side has to restrain to a greater degree.

Otherwise, the damage and damage that can be caused will far exceed what has been seen before.

Of course, there may be more sacrifices, but these 100 people can be used to kill Wanda and Pietro, and even as long as the plan is good, the cost can be less.

Although it seems so, it is already a very powerful record that Wanda and Pietro can defeat a hundred elite soldiers.

But for the Avengers, this is also an extremely wasteful sacrifice.

"That's why they need to be trained. When they have half of your fighting consciousness, the combat power they can exert is unimaginable."

Leo said with a smile,

He also understands this point. Both of them have serious flaws. Pietro's stamina is a disadvantage, as is his reflexes. Otherwise, Natasha would not be so easy to get rid of. Hit pass out.

And just such a hit, in a real battle, can almost declare his death.

As for Wanda, although she really has this incomparably powerful combat power on a one-on-one basis, with her current means, she still has no way to protect herself comprehensively. To put it bluntly, one bullet can carry Walk.

This will hardly appear in Natasha or Rogers. The judgment of the environment, the occurrence of danger, the enemy's attack intention, etc., everything seems to be engraved in the bones.

"But the progress is huge, and they are fully capable of becoming the main force of the battle."

Even so, Natasha couldn't help but shook her head in admiration. There is no doubt about the talents of the twins. If they had existed on the battlefield in New York, I am afraid that more casualties could be reduced.

"It's up to you, haha."

Leo smiled and said so.

The two kept chatting like this, and soon, they came to another large training ground three kilometers away.

And before the two of them went in, they heard a few crisp gunshots coming from inside.

Natasha's face changed slightly, but looking at Leo beside her, she instantly relaxed again.

Leo's eyes lit up slightly, "This training is quite interesting."

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