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Chapter: 1590

Pietro s Mutation

"What's going on inside?"

Natasha asked curiously. Although the two were still hundreds of meters away from the training ground, she knew that Leo had seen it.

"It's kind of interesting to play catching bullets with bare hands."

Leo smiled and said, "It doesn't stop for a moment. He started training just after the actual combat."

"As for this idea, Pietro has long wanted to try it, but he has never trained on it, because in our opinion, it is of no use."

"But it seems that after this training, everyone is in a good mood. With Pietro's speed, it's not a problem."

Natasha has long been familiar with the data of Wanda and Pietro, and as one of their coaches, she is naturally very familiar with them.

"It can only be said that it is good, but it can't be called excellent. Wanda and Pietro are still too young, and they don't have enough fighting awareness."

Leo also said with a smile.

"This is just the beginning. The training has such an effect in such a short period of time. It is already great. Both Wanda and Pietro have the potential to become strong."

Natasha looked at Leo and said.

Of course, she also complained silently in her heart, 'Leo, you are a little younger than the two of them, how can you fight so maturely. ’

But I don't know, Leo plus the consciousness of the previous life is much bigger than Wanda and the others.

Besides, Leo's fighting consciousness is not very strong, but Leo's ability is too powerful, and Leo can almost fight in a crushing manner.

You don't need any fighting consciousness, you can just crush it directly.

When the two of them walked into the training ground, they saw a silver band of light rapidly circulating in the training ground, which was a little bigger than before.

The next moment, he appeared beside Leo and Natasha.

Pietro stood beside Leo and opened his palm excitedly. There were exactly six bullets in his palm, but there was also a trace of burning and redness in Pietro's palm.

"I almost didn't catch it all. The speed of the bullet is still very fast, but it's just a pistol bullet!"

Pietro's excitement gradually subsided. After all, in front of Leo, he had nothing to be proud of, but he understood how powerful Leo was.

"So that's why you don't train this project. What you need to do is to deal with the shooting enemy before this bullet is fired."

Leo looked at Pietro and said this.

Saying that, with a light grab in his hand, the six warheads in Pietro's palm flew out of thin air and flew towards Leo's hand.

But Pietro stood next to Wanda in an instant, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared 100 meters away.

Leo raised his right hand to face Pietro in the distance, and the six small bullets fused together on Leo's right fist out of thin air.

It directly turned into a huge warhead, even more exaggerated, making people feel a little trembling when they looked at it.

Leo, on the other hand, was on top of his raised right fist, his index finger slowly raised, as if he was pulling an invisible trigger.

But before Leo's index finger was closed, Pietro, who was not far away, appeared in front of Leo again in an instant, and his right hand tightly grasped the huge bullet floating on Leo's right fist. .

If it was a gun, it might have been broken into pieces by Pietro.

"Your speed is still increasing, do you feel any difference?"

At this moment, Leo looked at Pietro with a smile and asked.


Pietro's face was slightly surprised, and he said in a loud voice, "My speed seemed to have reached a limit before, but yesterday, I found that I broke through that limit, and at that time, I felt that everything was different. "

"That feeling is hard to describe. My spirit has not improved too much, but everything around me seems to have slowed down a lot. It feels strange, even a little scary."

"But this feeling has only appeared once, and I only lasted for less than five seconds, but at that time, I felt like... different, time, yes, time seems to have slowed down!"

Pietro said excitedly.

This feeling was suddenly broken by Pietro when he challenged his limit, but even the instructors didn't tell him, not even Wanda, he was the first to tell Leo.

"Very well, next, you just need to train in that state. When you can enter that state anytime and anywhere, you will be successful! At that time, actions like catching bullets can be easily done without training. , that is your true strength."

Leo also had a few smiles on his face.

When he saw Pietro just now, he felt that Pietro's body was a little different.

In Pietro's body, there is a more powerful energy flowing in it, even if there is only a trace, but it is a kind of sublimation in quality.

And this energy Leo is not unfamiliar, because he has also experienced it, and even the magnitude of the contact is far more than this energy.

That is the Eye of Agamotto obtained in Kama Taj, the original stone of time.

That's right, in Pietro's body, there is actually a trace of energy flowing in the law of time, even if this trace of energy is still looming, it is difficult to feel it.

But he still exists. Pietro's talent is powerful, which is also recognized by Leo.

And then, Leo turned his gaze to Wanda opposite, UU reading www.uukanshu. At the same time, com also shouted softly, "Wanda, prepare to take a defensive look."

The voice was not loud, but everyone could hear it clearly.

Wanda didn't hesitate, he moved his hands forward, and the crimson energy instantly condensed in front of Wanda out of thin air, even more intense.

The area covered is not large, but it is Wanda's upper body, but from a distance, it looks like a crimson shield appears in front of Wanda.

Leo, on the other hand, just flicked his finger slightly, and the huge warhead that was still suspended in front of Leo instantly brought a huge wave of air.

'Bang! ! ’

The sound of a huge air explosion made the entire training ground tremble! Everyone is in a flash!

In front of Wanda, the same is true. I saw a deep scar instantly appeared on the straight path between Leo and Wanda, and the white ballistic that was like a solid body slowly dissipated in the air.

But Wanda didn't even shake his body, only his eyes narrowed slightly.

When the smoke in front of you dissipated, everyone could see clearly that the huge warhead just now had been wrapped in it out of thin air by Wanda's crimson energy, and it no longer had the slightest power.

Even that warhead, under the envelope of energy, began to be slowly twisted, like a piece of plasticine, squeezed into a strange shape.

Only then did everyone realize how strong Wanda's crimson energy was!

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