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Chapter: 1591

underrated talent

Extending from Leo's feet, the pen reaches 100 meters in front of Wanda.

On this brand-new and sturdy floor, there was a trace of a blasting path more than ten centimeters wide and nearly two centimeters deep.

In the scene just now, in the eyes of everyone, a huge vacuum tunnel instantly appeared between the two, and the huge air-breaking sound barrier caused a circle of physical vacuum tunnels in the center.

The huge blasting sound made the entire training ground tremble, and even the bulletproof glass that was close to it was covered with cracks.

It was just the power shot by this bullet that made the surrounding people dazed for a while, revealing a flaw.

And the explosive power of this warhead is naturally self-evident, and it has long exceeded everyone's imagination.

But even so, the huge warhead that was enough to penetrate several meters of steel plate did not hit Wanda's energy shield with any splash.

From this, we can see how strong Wanda's energy defense is, and how powerful the energy level of this energy is.

In these days of training, everyone has also carried out this attack training for Wanda, but the most trained are only ordinary rifle bullets, and even large-caliber sniper bullets, only a few have tried.

But now, there is such a huge warhead that is not known how many times more powerful than a sniper bullet, but it was blocked by Wanda so easily.

It seems that even if they have high expectations and expectations for Wanda's ability in their hearts, but now, they still underestimate Wanda's ability.

So looking at it this way, perhaps, more ability usage and tactical methods can be developed.

"You guys have underestimated the abilities of Wanda and Pietro. Feel free to let them go. They can become the main combat power. Their talents are considered top-level existences even among countless civilizations in the entire universe."

Leo looked at the other people and said, although his voice was not loud, but it made the hearts of the people around him shake violently.

And Leo also moved his footsteps and instantly appeared beside Wanda, and patted Wanda, who was a little stunned, on the shoulder.

"Wanda, are you okay?"

"Ah! No... it's okay."

Wanda seemed to be taken aback, with a flush of excitement on her face. She dared not look directly at Leo, and said slightly sideways.

"I was a little scared, but I found out later that as long as I don't remove the defensive shield, there is no problem at all. I was still a little nervous just now."

Wanda deliberately shifted his gaze to the huge warhead in front of him and whispered.

"You have to have full confidence in your own abilities. You are not like the attitude you used to deal with me back then."

Leo looked at Wanda and said with a smile.

And with Leo's words, the warhead that Wanda controlled in his hand instantly became more distorted and shattered, and the fluctuation of the crimson energy became a little bigger.

Until now, Leo can't forget that Wanda was in front of him, the little girl who had not been trained and strengthened, but directly used his ability to change the probability rules born by Ultron.

That huge form of ability, even if Leo sees it, it is extremely shocking.

Namo, the crimson red that even Leo couldn't understand, that enormous power that was no less than that of the Infinity Stone.

Leo was standing beside Wanda, and Pietro also ran over instantly, not realizing anything else, but looked at Leo excitedly and said.

"Leo, what do I need to do now? Do you know what my state is like? I feel that it is very difficult for me to enter that state again. I have tried many times in the past few days and have not been able to do it."

Pietro looked at Leo expectantly and said so, you know, although he only entered that super speed state for a few seconds, the feeling was something he couldn't forget at all.

"It's right to run. Try to be in that state for a longer time next time. When you trigger that state for the second time, you will understand."

Leo glanced at Pietro and said so.

The rules of time in Pietro's body are looming, as if it will disappear at any time, it is too weak.

But the most surprising thing is that this energy is generated by Pietro himself. He has such a talent. All he needs to do is to keep running.

The talents of this pair of brothers and sisters once again shocked everyone, making Hill, Natasha and other training instructors who were still scruples realize how powerful they are, and how ignorant they are. .

To be so praised by Leo, to be called a top talent in the entire universe, is a concept that is difficult for them to imagine.

However, everyone understands that starting today, Wanda and Pietro's training level and magnitude will be greatly improved, and there will be no more scruples.

And these so-called mentors finally began to truly face the two children in front of them.

'Perhaps, they can be treated as a guy like Leo! ’

Next, the relevant staff immediately began to clean up the damage just caused.

Hill still has some urgent matters to deal with.

Natasha and Rogers began to plan new training for Wanda and Pietro, as well as new ability plans, some tactical plans that they had never dared to imagine.

Only Banner followed Leo with great interest, and went to the rest area with Wanda and Pietro, waiting for the others to arrive.

"Leo, you made a lot of noise in San Francisco this time. What are you doing over there?"

Dr. Banner looked at Leo and asked with a smile.

Wanda and Pietro also looked over curiously.

"Look for someone. Although most of the time, he is a little unreliable, but at critical moments, he can still hold up his appearance."

"Of course, it's mainly for another skill. He has this opportunity, a very important thing."

Leo said with a smile.

"By the way, maybe he will take the initiative to come over in a few days, and then you will know him. Maybe then it will be fine if you let him go."

Leo also thought that in a few days, Dr. Pym would give Scott practical training and let him come here to steal a prototype, so he explained it.

Perhaps according to the original, Scott could escape the Falcon by surprise.

But now, with Pietro's support at any time, Scott's actual combat training will not be so smooth.

But Wanda sensed something was wrong.

"Leo, aren't you going to code here?"

"I still have something to deal with. Asgard, Norway, or, in the universe, won't be here for long."

Leo nodded and stretched his body a little, "After a few days of rest, it's time to start working."


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