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Chapter: 1593


"No, not yet, don't try it unless it's necessary."

Banner looked at Leo's somewhat playful eyes, and said helplessly, even now, Banner doesn't want Hulk to have any accident.

Anyway, when the Hulk state exists, what Banner can do is very few. Wanting to affect the Hulk's consciousness in the Hulk state is a big deal for Banner. harm.

"Finally, the relationship with Hulk has eased a little, and the fight may return to its original appearance."

By now, Banner has admitted the existence of another consciousness in the body.

Although Banner really hated Hulk at first, whether it was hurting so many people or destroying his original beautiful life.

But now, with the alien invasion, Banner also realized that human beings need the power of Hulk, and the existence of Hulk can avoid greater losses.

Banner, who has a sense of responsibility, puts the needs of all mankind above his own life.

So he chose to accept another power in his body instead of thinking about **** the Hulk. Everyone understands this psychology, so he also admires Dr. Banner.

You know, Banner has chosen to communicate with Hulk now, which is equivalent to sharing his body. He is not even sure where he will be when he wakes up tomorrow morning, nor what Hulk will do at night.

In this way, Banner has an additional Hulk constraint. He must always be vigilant about the education of Hulk, but Banner has a bit of confidence in this regard.

From the first time Leo saw him, Leo had talked to him about this issue, and from that time on, Banner planted a seed to communicate with the Hulk.

And it was almost from that time that Banner began to try to do such a thing, and it has been several years since then.

Recently, the bond between the two sides has also begun to make great progress. Otherwise, the Hulk a few days ago would not have just smashed something and stopped.

"Well, I'm just joking, haha, it's not a bad thing to have Hulk, Hulk's self-recovery ability is top-notch, and the same is true for you, as long as you transform, your injuries will be healed."

Leo looked at Banner and said with a smile.

Dr. Banner smiled helplessly and said nothing more.

"Have you read the evaluation of you on the Internet? Those people are going crazy now, and tens of millions of people have become your die-hard fans!"

"The movement you made is too awesome, Leo, the golden giant you turned into, we were all scared, it was really too strong."

Natasha came over and patted Leo on the shoulder and said exaggeratedly, looking at Leo with a playful look.

"This is a good topic. You can change countless young people with one sentence now. Well, it's no problem for them to attack Congress."

Natasha continued.

Rogers also nodded, "You should go and see how much you are making trouble online, those comments are like crazy."

"Then you should also know that it's just a comment. It's just a comment on the Internet. In reality, everyone will be more rational."

Leo said indifferently, "I didn't think too much about it at the time, just because I happened to encounter that giant storm and solve this problem by the way."

"But what you have shown is really amazing! The Internet is still frying."

Wanda also looked at Leo in surprise and said.

During the two days of rest, Wanda and Pietro were following the popularity of this matter on the Internet. Even if there was a mysterious force behind it, the crazy enthusiasm was difficult to suppress.

And on the webpage specially opened for Golden Legend, there are people commenting crazily all the time.

The golden giant that destroyed the entire huge storm has become the belief of many people. Even in this free country, there are really several sects about the golden giant.

"Just let Hill worry about it, isn't that what she wants anyway."

"Actually, it would be better if you had a word with me before the event."

At this time, Hill also came in on the phone, looked at Leo and said.

"But at least everything is developing in a good direction, isn't it!"

"That's true. S.H.I.E.L.D. may have to change its previous strategy. We are just hiding, but we are ignoring our existence in the eyes of ordinary people."

"And the current golden legend's webpage is able to achieve this balance skillfully, and we can control more. This is a very powerful killer."

Hill also said with admiration.

"The premise is that you can't post anything strange. You must know that this webpage was born for world peace and stability, not to control anything."

After hearing Hill's words, Leo's face still had a slight smile, but his words became slightly serious.

"Sure, I understand."

Hill also looked at Leo seriously and nodded.

Hill understands Leo's true identity and ties to China, but this has little impact on Hill's plan, because S.H.I.E.L.D. was born for world peace. com naturally won't do anything.

This time, SHIELD went through a major cleanup. After recovering, not only did it not expand rapidly again, but it shuffled the cards again and refined the team again.

Compared with the original S.H.I.E.L.D., the current number and scope may be less than one-third of the original, but the mobility is not much weaker, the team is more cohesive, and the efficiency will only be higher in the future.

"By the way, Director Furui's phone number."

Saying that, Hill handed over the phone.

"Don't have time to chat?"

Leo looked at the phone in Hill's hand and muttered, then he picked it up, took a few steps out and said.

On Hill's side, everyone's eyes were drawn, and he first glanced at Leo who was on the phone seven or eight meters away.

But he said loudly, "We should have a clearer understanding of the results and evaluation of Wanda and Pietro's actual combat training. Everyone thinks how to arrange the next training."

"Also, Natasha, Rogers, next, we must add a lot of practical training and emergency training. A mistake in our external mission may bring the probability of overturning the Avengers."

"Recently, there are many countries in the United Nations who have a lot of opinions about us, but they have not been caught for a reason. This is very important."

Hill looked at everyone and said seriously, "So, you must train properly."

Natasha and Rogers also nodded, with serious eyes.

The current Avengers look powerful, but Stark hardly participates in ordinary tasks, Thor is not on Earth, Hulk does not move unless necessary, and Barton has retired.

Next time, the twins may be on their way.

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