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Chapter: 740

Deceive Myself

Chapter 740 Deceive Myself  "You think I'm the one who reaped all the benefits?" asked Shui Koshing and shook his head. "It wasn't like that so. When Tang and the Qian family were fighting, the Shui family indeed managed to get more advantage but it was when I hadn't even joined the family business." 

"I heard Shing Ge didn't even want to join the family business," mentioned Mu Chenyan.

Shui Koshing rubbed his nose awkwardly but still told the truth, "Of course, I didn't want to join the family business. My father had way too many expectations from me since I was his only son. He wanted to train me to be the perfect heir. Do you even realize what he put me through just to turn me into a perfect heir? The reason why I never got the chance to pursue Qian Yin back in high school was that I had to go home and look through a pile of documents my father brought for me to test my learning abilities."

Just thinking about his youth, Shui Koshing felt like his blood was boiling. He also wanted to enjoy his youth but he wasn't allowed to. Because his parents constantly reminded him that he had responsibilities greater than his peers. 

"But in college, Qian Yin came to me and proposed to cooperate with the Shui family," Shui Koshing suddenly had a sweet smile on his lips when he recalled that time. "She was so serious, wanting to regain her family's glory. She wanted everyone to remember the Qian family. If I'm being honest, I don't even know what she talked about during that meeting. Because from the time I found her waiting outside the door of my classroom, I was lost. And then she asked in her sweet voice if I had time to have a cup of coffee with her."

"And a lovesick fool like you was already on cloud nine?" 

Shui Koshing gave Mu Chenyan a look of dissatisfaction. Did she have to expose him like that? It's not like she was there. How did she know what he was feeling at that time? But he didn't realize that he was being very obvious with his feelings right now.

"Chenyan, have you ever had a crush on anyone?" asked Shui Koshing.

"Nope," answered Mu Chenyan. "Waste of time. Waste of feelings as well."

Shui Koshing shook his head at her, "And that's why you don't know how it feels when the person you have had a crush on for years comes to you and asks you out for a coffee. Even if it was just to talk about business, I was more than happy to deceive myself." He took a deep breath and added, "From the moment I agreed to her proposal, I loved going to the company to work. It couldn't be helped. If I could do anything for her, I was more than willing to do so."

"Ah! No wonder people said Qian Yin took advantage of your feelings for her," commented Mu Chenyan. That remark earned her a hostile look from Shui Koshing and she innocently defended herself, "What? It's not like I was the one spreading those rumors."

Although Shui Koshing didn't like it, he still had to agree that there were such rumors around them back then. Shui Koshing looked at his son and said, "You have to keep in mind, Xian, that your mom never took advantage of my feelings for her. We really started as just friends who turned into business partners and eventually into life partners. The road wasn't easy. I pursued her for years. Whatever happened back then had chilled her heart. She wasn't willing to open her heart but I was a persistent person and a patient one as well. I succeeded after a long struggle. And when we married, we were in love with each other."

He was keeping an eye on Shui Xian's expressions as he continued, "Yes, I'll honestly tell you that your mother's love for me was different. Her first love was unrestrained, wild, passionate, and fiery. It was the kind of love that was ready to fight against the world. But her love for me started from her admiration for my work. She had respect for me, she trusted me with all her heart and soul. This love was a lot calmer than the impatience of her first love."

Although he knew that Qian Yin didn't want their children to learn about the nature of their relationship, Shui Koshing knew it was no point hiding now. It had been a long time and they had to speak the truth.

"Oh, there was definitely love," stated Mu Chenyan. "If it wasn't love, your father wouldn't have stood in front of her to take the brunt of everything. People had a lot to say about Qian Yin's affair with Tang Mu. It was an open secret. And people in every era love to gossip. How could they not gossip about Qian Yin? But have you ever heard anything about your mother from people, son-in-law?"

Shui Xian shook his head, "I have never heard people mention anything bad about my mother."

Mu Chenyan smirked, "The credit for that definitely belongs to your father. Shing Ge only looks mellow now. He seems to have lost his edges. But in his youth, he was also very temperamental. He was someone who loved to even argue with his own father just because his father was too strict about creating a perfect heir. How could he not stand up for the woman he loved? He used his ruthless means to make sure no one ever dared to speak a word of what happened between the Tang family and Qian Yin. Even the Tang family won't speak this truth anymore."

Shui Xian looked at his father with a complicated look in his eyes. He knew he didn't have the best of relationship with his father in his youth. And maybe that's why he never figured out what kind of a person his father was. But now they were very close. However, after his mother's death, even Shui Xian has to agree that Shui Koshing lost all his edges. he had even lost his will to fight. Wasn't that why he was willing to separate from the Shui family?

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