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Chapter: 741

Cursed Love

Chapter 741 Cursed Love  "Shui family wasn't satisfied with Qian Yin being their next mistress," told Mu Chenyan. "All because her reputation wasn't good after she ran away with Tang Mu. It was a big scandal and a family like Shui wouldn't want to have a mistress who had an 'unclean' past. But Shing Ge was very stubborn. He had worked day and night just to take over the complete control of the business and used his iron fist to keep everyone on track."

"Grandpa and Grandma didn't like mom?" asked Shui Xian with furrowed brows. 

"No, they always liked Qian Yin," said Shui Koshing. "It was the extended family who had too many problems. Although my father and mother did have opinions about Qian Yin's love for Tang Mu, it was only because they knew how much I love her. They didn't want to have a daughter-in-law who didn't love their son. But Qian Yin proved to them that their worries were unfounded. So, they didn't say anything."

He sighed to himself, "It was only during that time I realized why my father insisted on grooming me from a young age. He was familiar with his own family. So, he knew how much pressure I'd have to face once I took over the business. And I'm actually grateful he trained me so well that when the time came, I was able to protect the woman I loved from those relatives."

"Shing Ge, I heard your mother actually beat a friend of hers who said her daughter-in-law wasn't clean," said Mu Chenyan.

Shui Koshing gave Mu Chenyan a look, "Why do you even know so much?"

"How is it my fault that people love to gossip? I just heard a few unnecessary things," she explained.

Shui Koshing didn't know what to say. "Well, it's true. My mother even slapped that friend of hers for pointing a finger at Qian Yin. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised you heard this gossip, it was a big deal since that friend was the wife of an official. It's just that my mother was not a soft persimmon as well. So, it spiraled into a big scandal." He shook his head and went on, "Anyway, let's forget about these unnecessary details. The main point is that Qian Yin did have her reasons for not agreeing to your relationship with Tang Hebe."

Shui Xian felt his heart clench. Of course, he understood very well by now why his mother opposed that relationship so much. But she should have told him everything.

"I know you must be thinking that she should have told you everything," said Shui Koshing as if he read his son's mind. "But she had her own thoughts. Although she didn't want to forgive the Tang family and she never did, she didn't want to impart that hatred to you as well. She believed the hatred was between the Qian family and the Tang family. You being the son of the Shui family should stay away from that hatred. She thought by keeping you away from hatred, she'd be able to protect you. She wanted to end the vicious cycle of hatred but she didn't think destiny was still as cruel as ever."

"At this moment, I'd say what I heard once," started Mu Chenyan. "The Tang family and the Qian family were cursed. Every generation found a way to fall in love and in every generation, that love destroyed them. Isn't it funny though? If you think about it, whether it was Qian Ming and Tang Xia or Tang Mu and Qian Yin, the love was very real and deep. And if I take your example, son-in-law, it's not like you and Tang Hebe's love wasn't real at all. It's such a shame that these two families were just never meant to be."

"Yanyan, are you saying it's a shame that Xian is now my husband?" asked Raelle.

Mu Chenyan was startled and shook her head like a rattle, "I don't dare say that, sweetheart! How can I? I didn't mean that. Don't misunderstand my words here."

Shui Koshing suddenly chuckled when he saw Mu Chenyan's reaction. She was truly flustered now. Indeed, only Raelle could make her sweat like this. 

Mu Chenyan scratched her head and said, "What I meant was that the entanglement of Tang and Qian family always ended up in spilling blood. Even in Xian's case, the one whose blood was spilled was Qian Yin. So, isn't it like a curse where someone has to die as a sacrifice for the love?"

Shui Xian felt like something was stuck in his throat. He couldn't swallow it and neither could he spit it out. It was painful. Indeed, his love for Tang Hebe ended up sacrificing his own mother. 

Shui Koshing's expressions changed once he heard Mu Chenyan's sentence and secretly pinched her arm. He suddenly stood up and said, "Chenyan, we should leave now. I think the storytelling is done here."

As if realizing something, Mu Chenyan also followed, "That's right. We are done. Look at the time. We've been here for two hours. I should go back and make preparations for dinner."

While these two were subtly trying to escape, Raelle continued to observe them intently. Mu Chenyan already knew she couldn't escape from Raelle's eyes but she still pretended like she was being serious. Thankfully, Raelle didn't pursue the matter.



"Do you have a photo of Mr. Tang Mu?" asked Raelle for some reason.

Mu Chenyan frowned at her question and shook her head, "I don't have it right now. But it's in my investigation file. Do you want to see it?"

"Yes," answered Raelle.

"Why?" asked Mu Chenyan not understanding it.

"Because I want to see what he looked like," said Raelle. "Since my Yanyan has such a high opinion of him, I'd like to see what he looked like."

Mu Chenyan understood that reasoning and pulled out her phone and sent some instructions and patiently waited. It didn't even take five minutes before she received the photo.

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