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Chapter: 744


Chapter 744 Dominos  "Mu husband," called Raelle, and Shui Xian had an illusion that it sounded too sweet to his ears. He could bet on his life that there was no fluctuation in Raelle's voice or tone. It was as bland as ever and yet, he was having these weird illusions. 

But he was someone who was willing to delude himself when it came to his wife.

"Yes, my wife," he answered.

"I can give you hugs all you want," said Raelle making Shui Xian just stare at her once again. "Or else, if you want something else, you can tell me. As long as I'm capable, I'll give it to you. No, that's not even a question. There are hardly any things that I, Raelle Xiang am not capable of bringing to you."

The curvature of Shui Xian's lips couldn't help going up. His dear wife was really trying to coax him like a kid now. But why did he like this feeling so much? 

"What if all I want right now are you?" asked Shui Xian.

"I'm already yours," she replied. "Legally. Do you wanna see our marriage certificate?"

Shui Xian was still hugging her and buried his face on the side of her neck as he said, "It's because you're all mine that I am able to hold on." He rubbed the tip of his nose against her neck and went on, "Today, I again realized why you and I are a perfect match."

"Why?" asked Raelle.

"Because I'm too emotional and you're too rational," he answered the same way they had discussed once before. "I need your rationality in my emotional life. And you need some of my emotions to rub off on your rational self." He sighed, "But it seems I still have a long road ahead of me. I should work harder."

"What for?" she inquired as her fingers played with his hair nonchalantly as if having a mind of their own.

Shui Xian closed his eyes as he enjoyed the way her fingers ran through his hair. It felt so comfortable. Especially when his heart and mind were in a mess. He really craved the comfort her presence brought to him. He wasn't just that her presence was helping him hold on, he was being sincere. He really didn't know how was he able to cope with everything if she wasn't around.

Even if she said no words of comfort like most people, he still felt reassured and comfortable with her around. She was always so strong that anyone would want to lean on her. He was no different. As a man, he was supposed to be the pillar of the family but he didn't mind accepting the fact that at times like these, it was his wife who was the pillar supporting their family. 

"Didn't you say, I'm not Raelle Xiang. Even if I'm Raelle Xiang's husband, I still have a long way to reach her awesomeness. So, I need to work hard to get there." He smiled to himself as he asked, "You won't dislike your husband for lacking in awesomeness, right?"

"I'm not that superficial," she replied.

Shui Xian tsked, "If I remember correctly, you're the same person who decided to marry me just for my face."

"I love that face of yours," was her argument. "What's wrong with that? It just shows I'm sincere. If not your face, should I listen to your nonsense of discrediting yourself on our first meeting? If I had fallen for that, do you realize what'd be the result? There be no marriage between us. And you'd still be a single dog!"

Shui Xian gaped as he lifted his head and blinked at her in disbelief. Did she just actually say that? More than his surprise, he was amused and burst out laughing. It wasn't really funny. Not to the point that Shui Xian laughed himself to tears. 

Holding her face in his hands, he said, "How is that possible? Even after so many detours, didn't we still end up together? It means you were never supposed to fall for my stupid words."

Raelle wiped his tears and said, "If you want to cry, you just cry. Why find excuses to shed tears? I think you must be hurting very much right now." Shui Xian felt her soft fingers brushing against his face as she continued, "The past two days had been the worst for you. Starting from my miscarriage, everything is spiraling out of your control."

Shui Xian buried his face in her hand and kissed her palm as he said, "Everything is really spiraling out of my control. I almost lost you. Then Tang Hebe's memory loss. I even have to learn that whatever my sister suffered back then was just because of a woman's obsession with me. Why did my sister have to suffer because of me? And now, everything with the Tang family and the Qian family... Everything is falling down like dominos. I don't know what to do."

Raelle put her forehead against his and said, "Even if everything falls like dominos, I'll still stand tall. Even if the sky is falling down, trust me, I can hold up the sky for you. The past is not in my control and I never think about the future. But our present, I'll do everything to keep it safe." After all, Raelle still believed more in her abilities. She definitely won't let anyone hurt someone who mattered so much to her. Especially when that someone was Shui Xian.

Shui Xian smiled through his tears and said, "You like saying I'm the sweet-talker. I think you're the one who really knows how to talk." Because whatever she said was enough to warm his heart and made him believe that as long as she was around, everything will be fine. And perhaps, that was true as well.

"Oh, isn't it because I'm a good learner?" was her response. "I told you. I'm a fast learner and a very diligent one as well. It seems your sweet mouth is also rubbing off on me now."

Shui Xian chuckled at that and wiped his tears.

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