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Chapter: 747


Chapter 747 Retribution  "I don't know about the rest but I'm really happy," said Shui Xian.

"To see your ex-wife?"

Shui Xian shook his hands, "No way. I am happy to see how my dear wife is so jealous and not even hiding her jealousy."

Raelle didn't deny his words at all. "So, that's what jealously feels like."

"What does it feel like?" asked Shui Xian curiously.

"Wanting to tear her apart?" answered Raelle.

Shui Xian chuckled, "Oh, that's brutal."

"Who said I was a nice person," she said. "The closest person to a wife is her husband. I'm definitely not okay with anyone coveting what's mine. Especially, my husband is off-limits. I don't mind even poking her eyes out if she dared to look at my husband twice."

Shui Xian smiled gently at her, "As if you have to worry about any of that. I am definitely yours."

"And it should be like that since I don't like sharing my things," reminded Raelle. "When she first called you Ah-Xian, all I thought about was I should have listened to your mother."

"What did you just say? Listen to my mother?" asked Shui Xian. "Now, how about you tell me, what my mother was actually up to?"

Raelle took a pause before telling him...


Back then, Raelle was just thirteen. Qian Yin had been staying at their manor for days but Raelle had no interaction with her at all. After all, even back then Raelle was a very busy person. On one weekend, she ran into Qian Yin in the garden.

"Raelle!" Qian Yin called out to her to get her attention.

Raelle stopped in her track and looked toward that woman who was smiling at her gently. Now, if Raelle was being honest, the only reason Raelle walked over to her was that she never disrespected elders. Also, considering the fact that Qian Yin was a guest at their home, Raelle couldn't ignore her even if she wanted to. The good thing was that Qian Yin was a beautiful woman and Raelle always liked beautiful things.


"Why don't you sit with auntie for a while?" suggested Qian Yin.

Raelle looked at the table that was littered with jewelry designs. She took a seat and closed the book in her hand to place it on her lap. She glanced at Qian Yin carefully and asked, "I have a question."

"Go ahead, sweetie!" said Qian Yin in a sweet voice.

"You're Opa's guest or Yanyan's?" she asked bluntly.

Qian Yin's smile didn't falter as she replied, "I think I'm Elder Xiang's guest. Chenyan and I aren't that close." Raelle nodded while Qian Yin asked, "Why? Does it matter?"

Raelle shook her head, "Not really. At the end of the day, you're our Xiang family's guest."

Qian Yin's smile deepened when she heard that.

"You look lost," Raelle pointed out even though Qian Yin's smile hadn't disappeared even for a second.

Qian Yin was surprised to see how she picked that up so easily. But thinking about what she already knew about Raelle, she wasn't all that surprised either.

"Yanyan said, you're the guest who is hiding at home. As for what you're hiding from, only you can answer," said Raelle. "You definitely don't look like a refugee. So, I'm gonna make a bold guess. You're running from yourself."

Qian Yin took a deep breath and stared into Raelle's eyes, trying to figure out the girl before her. But as she had noticed in the past few weeks of her stay at the Xian Mansion. Raelle still had no expression on her face. There was only blankness in her eyes. A complete blankess that might even scare people off. After all, Raelle was too young to have such an expression on her face.

Qian Yin still continued to look into Raelle's eyes to see what was behind that blankness. Sadly, she couldn't see anything. Sighing to herself she told Raelle, "I am having a fight with my son. So, that's why I'm taking a break here. Want to hide and think about everything clearly."

She didn't mind talking about this with a girl who was even younger than her own son. How could she mind it? She felt like she could talk to Raelle about this and she also felt like Raelle would understand her well as well. It couldn't be helped. Raelle just gave off a very reassuring feeling to her and she looked too mature for her age. At least, her mental age was not as small as her physical age.

"So, did you thought everything through?" asked Raelle. 

"No," replied Qian Yin. "I still think I'm right and he is just being stubborn because of his age. He can't seem to see the big picture."

"Maybe that's what he is thinking as well," was Raelle's response. "You should know kids also think their parents are old fashioned and fastidious. They can't understand their thinking. You think he is being stubborn and he thinks you're being stubborn. I don't know anything but I still would say, you are both being stubborn! But that's not the real question right now. The question is which one of you is gonna take a step back first?"

"Who is gonna take the first step back?" Repeated Qian Yin to herself thoughtfully.

"Unless you're willing to give up on your son, you'll have to take a step back," said Raelle. "No, I should say you both should take a step back for the family. At the end of the day, family is what matters the most."

Qian Yin continued to stare at her with interest. She wanted to ask her why she was talking like an old mother? Family matters the most. Did youngsters even think about family these days? Even she didn't think about family back then. All she thought about was her own happiness. And now, all her son was thinking about was also his own happiness. Maybe this was her retribution for what she did to her family back then.

*To be continued*

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