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Chapter: 198

"So? Did you kiss?"

"K-k-k-kiss? What are you talking about?! Are you sure you heard me correctly?"

Leeha stepped back and shouted. Kijeong smiled mischievously and approached Leeha.

"Ha,haha! Of course! That’s why I asked you, did you kiss Shin Nara?"

"D-Don’t say something that’s not even funny! We talked seriously for a while, so why would we kiss?"

"A woman who grieves and a man who comforts her! It’s a heaven-sent opportunity! Of course, you have to think about what is going on! Isn’t Tale-hyungnim curious too?"

"It is natural to worry about Fibiel’s future, but……. cough, it is said that matters of man and woman are more important than the future of the country……"

"T-Tale-nim, you’re like that too?"

Even the martial artist he trusted was saying something like that. Leeha wondered "Did I tell them what happened to Shin Nara for no reason?".

"Kuhahah! Phew, anyway, alright, hyung. I understood everything you said. But you really didn’t just miss the chance, did you?"

Kijeong gasped and laughed until he was out of breath before finally speaking. Leeha shook his head with a gloomy expression and brought up the situation again.

What kind of strange thing were they saying while talking about something so important?

"I didn’t pass on it. I accepted the quest and received a promise from Shin Nara. Regardless of the result, she said that she will help me enter the Royal Archives. I couldn’t do the quest because things got tangled up-"

"No, not that you fool! Did you pass the situation of hugging Shin Nara! You should have asked her number-"

"Hmm? What are you talking about again! Of course I passed on it! What should I have done?"

Kijeong and Tale’s expressions hardened as Leeha shouted.

"Oh……. Even pumpkins come in vines."

"Hmm. Even the marksman who shot the ruler of the Sentinel Mountains could not shoot a woman’s heart."

"Tale-hyung is right. What should have been done in such a situation? Did you say something about the Royal Archives? Hyung really is……"

Seeing the two people’s interaction, Leeha was filled with restlessness.

Where did their minds go while talking about the future of Fibiel’s royal family and the possibility of a continental war.

"Tale-nim, don’t be too enthusiastic. So Kijeong, think about it carefully. It is safe to say that the quest has virtually no reward, and the penalty for failure would be too large."

Leeha deliberately emphasized the downside of Shin Nara’s quest. Of course, Leeha had a reason for saying this, because those who want to take part in the quest hoping for a reward would have a hard time accepting the quest.

"What are you talking about, eong-ah. There’s something more important than that, right, Tale-hyungnim?"

Kijeong knew that he was not the type to pursue small profits.

"Yes. Most importantly, it’s in the royal palace, and it’s a quest related to the king. If the word spreads, the reputation and recognition of our guild will sharply rise."

"And if the recognition of the guild increases, loyalty will also increase, and perhaps guild master-……. we might be able to become as famous and strong as when Hyein-hyung led us."

Kijeong was already a full-fledged guild master. Leeha saw a different side of his cousin.

"Well, and we can’t miss the opportunity to get to know Shin Nara-nim. Haha, Master Kay and Tale of Byeolcho will participate!"


[Uninvited guests] Number of participants(5/10)

"Are you going to gather the rest?"

"Yes. That’s right. Nara-ssi said that all the people she knew already rejected it."

"Oh, is that so?……. But can you gather them all? It is said that she asked for a level 200 or higher or outsider-level experts."

Kijeong looked at Leeha with worried eyes, but Leeha smiled brightly.

"Who do you think I am? Please come to the main gate of the palace at 6am tomorrow. I’m going." Leeha used teleport after saying goodbye to Tale and Kijeong. His next destination was obvious.

"Jacheong-nim! Jacheong-nim!"

Leeha went to Dale Castle. After passing through the inner gate, Leeha found Jacheong walking through the training ground and waved his hand warmly. Of course, the face of the person who received his greeting was distorted for a moment.

"H-Ha Leeha-nim?! What are you here for?"

"I just came back, what kind of greeting is that?. Like someone who met a gangster, who came to steal from you……"

It was the same! Jacheong couldn’t say it loudly, Leeha quickly approached.

"Are the sisters in the office?"

"Guild master-nim is here, but she is busy-"

"You absolutely won’t take a loss, so you should tell her quickly. It’s related to the Royal Palace, so you might roughly know it."

"Hmm? "

Jacheong’s expression quickly became serious. Among the rumors circulating recently, there was only one thing related to the Royal Palace.

"Okay. Follow me."

There was nothing to report on this matter. Jacheong took the lead to the office.

The office without any decorations was filled with different piles of papers.

"Jacheong! Where have you been? All of the payment requests in the morning have been completed-"

"Guild master-nim, Ha Leeha-nim is here."

"-quick- huh? Who?"

Red hair stuck out on top of the paperwork. Ram Hwayeon found Leeha standing at the front door.

Her bangs were pulled through with a pin.

Contrary to her usual flirty appearance, she was dressed in a ‘work-only’ outfit.

"Ha-Ha Leeha! W-Why are you here all of a sudden- no, Jacheong! How can you do this?!"

Her head disappeared behind the tower of papers again.

After all, she looked like that! It was a look that she didn’t show to her other guild members!

However, Leeha did not have time to admire(?) Ram Hwayeon.

"Waa……. What is this? What ……. Doesn’t our government work like this as well? You’re amazing, Ram Hwayeon-ssi."

There was no time to admire the murderous workload she was handling.

-Don’t look at it carelessly! Those are not only Dale Castle’s, but also Ramlong group’s documents!

"Aigoo, I saw you writing something…… don’t worry about it. What was it? Let’s talk face to face."

-Not yet! Do not come! Wait!

Shortly after hearing a commotion behind the documents, Ram Hwayeon took a deep breath and appeared in her usual outfit.

It was a little frizzy and her red hair was still dripping, but her face seemed to be a little whiter than what Leeha just saw before.

"Huuu, huuu What? So suddenly- ah! Did you come to collect the settlement money?"


"As of yesterday, the first settlement was over. I haven’t had the time to deposit the money yet, did you come to remind me on day 1?"

Ram Hwayeon quickly spewed out words. It was as if she was trying to erase what happened earlier from Leeha’s memory and not give him time to think.

"Ah…… no, it isn’t about that……. It would be better to give it now."

However, he hadn’t even thought of that.

He didn’t even know that Dale Castle’s settlement day was yesterday, so he was grateful for Ram Hwayeon’s words.

‘Right. It’s been a month already.’

Leeha barely remembered his stake in Dale Castle. The value of this stake was not simply free admission to the dungeons. He received a portion of the income of Dale Castle.

"I will pay you a check. If you go to Dale Castle Bank, you can turn it into gold right away."

Ram Hwayeon skillfully wrote down the amount, signed it, and handed the check to Leeha.

"Now! This is yours. 10% of this month’s net income."

"This feels like receiving an unexpected birthday present. Thank you very much."

He didn’t come to talk about it. Leeha smiled and took the check. And he tried to bring out Shin Nara’s task.

If only he didn’t see the amount written on the check.

"What is this?"

"Why? Is it strange? I have no reason to deceive you, but if you have doubts, I can show you the income statement."

"N-no, this is 10%?" Looking at Leeha’s expression, Ram Hwayeon could understand why he was surprised.

"Yes. That is 10% of the net income in the first month. The war with the Byeolcho Alliance became an advertisement, so there were more visitors than expected. Well, I wasted some time finding the right tax rate and price, so we might have gotten a bit more……. Anyway, it should considerably decrease from next month onwards, so don’t expect too much."

Leeha looked at Ram Hwayeon’s face as if to say ‘What’s wrong with this?’.

[581 gold has been acquired.]

"No matter how much I try……. If 581gold is only 10%……"

581 gold or about 70 million won was given as 10% of the monthly income.

‘This is crazy, then does that mean that her monthly income is about 700 million won? And that is the net profit after all the expenses!’

In addition, one had to think about it. That is a month in Middle Earth’s time. That means it is 6 days in the real world’s time! She said that it would decrease next month, but it was still shocking.

That’s the reason they fought with the Byeolcho Alliance…. Leeha looked at Ram Hwayeon and Jacheong alternately without even closing his mouth.

"Is this real? Won’t you say that you wrote the wrong amount, or forgot to put a decimal point later?"

"Hmp, don’t be surprised by that. If we are lucky enough, we can get paid more."

Ram Hwayeon looked at Leeha with a sad expression. With eyes that wanted Leeha, more than just a simple check.

"Heuheu. With just that much? If you become a vice-guild master and become a member of Ramlong, it wouldn’t be that much-"

"S-shut up, Jacheong! If you say something weird again, I will kill you!"

"Yes, yes, I understand, guild master-nim." Jacheong bowed and groaned. Leeha also came to his senses.

"Where is Ram Hwajeong? Call Ram Hwajeong-ssi too."

"What’s going on? Why does Ram Hwajeong have a ‘ssi’ when you’re talking to me?"

"T-That, anyway- call her. It has something to do with the Royal Palace."

Ram Hwayeon frowned for a moment but soon became serious at the words Royal Palace.

She clearly saw Jacheong standing behind Leeha, nodding his head with a nuance saying, "Guild master-nim’s idea was right".

"Okay. I will call her."

And after a while, Ram Hwajeong arrived at the office.

Ram Hwayeon and Jacheong tilted their heads as they saw Leeha and Ram Hwajeong’s red-hot faces. Still thinking about the ‘crystal ball’, Leeha and Ram Hwajeong were embarrassed to see each other’s faces. It was quite embarrassing.

"Tell me."

"C-cough. Please lend me your strenth." And Leeha brought up the story.

"……You want us to join such a dangerous thing?"

"It won’t harm Dale Castle, no, Hwahong. You can also get acquainted with the Royal Family. You can negotiate the tax rate of a province or city if you have a certain degree of intimacy, right? Most documents here are related to other cities, not Dale Castle……. Hwahong wouldn’t be satisfied with just Dale Castle, right?"

Leeha said as he glanced at a document. Ram Hwayeon quickly grabbed the document.

Does that mean he quickly scanned through the documents and found their weakness?

"Kek. As expected……. I like you."


(To be continued…)

TL’s Corner:

The team is getting assembled.

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