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Chapter: 1235

Unification of the Continent

When the fearsome voice sounded, it set off waves in the river of time.

In the river of time, countless lights shone, runes appeared, and a terrifying body formed. The body emanated immortal Empyrean might.

The body carefully extended a finger towards the outside of the river of time.

As soon as the finger, which seems to contain endless mysteries and laws, left the protection of the river of time, it became shriveled, as if tens of thousands of years elapsed.

"Damn it, the time has not come yet. However, this soul fluctuation! I shall remember you!"

In the river of time, a murderous voice sounded and the mysterious eyes closed reluctantly.

Thorny Growth Federation, at the Altar of Heaven.

Ripples rose in the void, and Yang Feng walked out. There are no injuries on his body.

"That’s Firmament Holy Yang Feng!"

"He survived the ancestor."

"Firmament Holy Yang Feng, he’s still alive! That is to say, the ancestor has been defeated!"

"How is that possible? How could the ancestor be defeated?"


The senior officials of Thorny Growth Federation looked at Yang Feng in the void with a flash of fear and despair in their eyes.

Yang Feng’s presence here shows that the ancestor the three empires summoned has either died or lost. Either way, for the three empires, it is equivalent to doom.

"This is a summon altar! It can connect to a mysterious space. According to the data, the ancestors of the three empires have disappeared ever since they defeated the three strong races on the continent. It seems that they fell into a slumber, waiting for the arrival of this era."

"Du ling shen race, I have never heard of this race in the world of Warlocks. I have never heard of it in Gumana Universe either. If there’s an opportunity, I would really like to fight it."

Yang Feng extended his hand and beckoned, and the three sacred objects on the altar flew into his hand.

The Altar of Heaven became dim and lost all its extraordinary power.

Devour Rulers suddenly flew out and pounced on the Altar of Heaven.

Under the desperate gazes of the people from Thorny Growth Federation, the Altar of Heaven, which connects to their ancestors, was devoured by the Devour Rulers.

The senior officials of Thorny Growth Federation watched helplessly as the altar was devoured, not daring to oppose Yang Feng. They are aware how strong their ancestors are. For them, Yang Feng, who defeated an ancestor of theirs, is a despairing being. If they oppose him, they’ll just be throwing their lives away.

"I killed the ancestor you summoned! From today on, I am the master of Jing Yuan Continent. Surrender! Those who don’t surrender will die!"

Standing in the void, Yang Feng gazed at the senior officials and spoke indifferently.

Most of the senior officials only have Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base. And there are even a lot of Great Warlock rank powerhouses among them. Even if they join forces and the soldiers outside are added, they are no match for Yang Feng.

"Elon, former minister of defense of Thorny Growth Federation, is willing to submit to sir Firmament Holy and serve sir!"

The minister of defense sighed, knelt on one knee, and declared respectfully.

"Locke, former minister of finance of Thorny Growth Federation, is willing to submit to sir Firmament Holy and serve sir!"


With Thorny Growth Federation’s president dead and the three sacred objects no longer in their possession, the remaining senior officials are well aware that the three empires no longer have the power to resist the man standing in the air.

Yang Feng extended his hand and spread the fingers of his hand. Ripples rose in the void, and Manirt and his White Night Corps appeared in the void.

After White Night Corps was defeated and disbanded, Manirt rebuilt it.

"Where is this?"

"Why am I here?"


When the soldiers of White Night Corps appeared here, they fell into chaos.

As expected of one of the four Heavenly Monarchs, Manirt reacted immediately and saluted to Yang Feng, saying, "Greetings, lord. What are your orders?"

Yang Feng uttered, "This is the capital of Thorny Growth Federation. The people here have announced their surrender. Can you take control of the situation here?"

"The minister of defense, the minister of finance… the minister of agriculture, they all surrendered?"

Manirt looked at the bigwigs of Thorny Growth Federation in shock, and then the corners of his mouth rose into a carefree smile.

Although Manirt is one of the four Heavenly Monarchs and the commander of White Night Corps, but his status is much lower than that of the ministers in Thorny Growth Federation.

Seeing the aloof bigwigs kneel in front of him filled Manirt with a cozy feeling.

Manirt answered decisively, "Lord, they are the pillars of Thorny Growth Federation. As long as they surrender, coupled with my White Night Corps, I have the confidence to take control of the situation here."

"Then I’ll leave it to you!"

Yang Feng took a step forward, blurred, and disappeared in an instant.

Anman Federation, at the Altar of Heaven, the void rippled, and Yang Feng stepped out.

"Who are you?"

"Enemy attack!"


The soldiers stationed at the altar were startled and attacked Yang Feng.

A rain of light barreled towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng extended his hand. A black hole appeared, and a terrifying devour force swept towards the soldiers.

The tens of thousand of elites garrisoned at the Alter of Heaven were sucked into the black hole like ants and turned into dust that scattered on the earth.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a swarm of Devour Rulers pounced on the Altar of Heaven and began devouring it.

"How is that possible? How can there be someone so powerful!"

"He’s destroying the Altar of Heaven! Damn it, he’s destroying the Altar of Heaven! Our connection with the ancestors will be cut off!"

"How could this be?!"


When the senior officials of Anman Federation saw the scenes of tens of thousands of elites being annihilated and the Altar Heaven collapsing via a secret treasures, their eyes flickered with despair.

"I killed the ancestor you summoned. And destroyed your Altar of Heaven. Surrender, or die! Take your time to think it over!"

Yang Feng left a sentence, and then disappeared.

In a conference room, there are senior officials of Anman Federation sitting. Those senior officials have all unsightly looks on their faces.

The three empires are overlords of Jing Yuan Continent, and these senior officials of Anman Federation are aloof bigwigs. Even powerhouses on the level of the four Heavenly Monarchs can hardly threaten their lives. But now an invincible being that can arbitrarily deprive them of their lives appeared, shocking them to the core.

"He’s lying! The ancestors are invincible. How could he kill one of them?"

"Yes, we should hide and try to contact the ancestors. Once the ancestors descend, they will surely lead us to victory!"

"That’s right!"


The senior officials of Anman Federation discussed in the conference hall.

However, the president’s expression didn’t get any better.

Suddenly, a blue communication gem lit up beside the president. He pressed the blue communication gem, and his countenance changed dramatically, He looks like he aged by hundreds of years.

The eyes of the minister of defense of Anman Federation flashed with a dignified shade, and he asked, "Mr. president, what happened?"

The conference hall fell silent at once, and everyone focused on the president.

The president said with difficulty, "Thorn Growth Federation successfully summoned an ancestor. The ancestor fought Firmament Holy in the void. In the end, only Firmament Holy came back and destroyed their Altar of Heaven."

Silence filled the conference hall and despair flashed in the eyes of the senior officials of Anman Federation.

The ancestors are the final trump card of the three empires as well as their pillars. Now that an invincible ancestor of legend was defeated, the three empires no longer have the power to resist Yang Feng.

Before long, the blue communication gem lit up again, and the president pressed it.

The president said slowly: "Firmament Holy destroyed the Altar of Heaven of Light Empire. The channel of communication between us and the ancestors has been cut off completely. Light Empire is going to surrender."

A senior official hesitated for a moment and said, "Let’s surrender! Anyway, Firmament Holy is from the human race, not the three enemy races."

Another senior official agreed: "Yes, let’s surrender! Firmament is too powerful. He’s not someone we can contend with!"

Comments advocating surrender echoed in the conference hall.

Seeing this, the president sighed slightly and, as if all his strength has been extracted, collapsed in his seat.

A day later, Thorny Growth Federation announced its surrender to Firmament Holy. Almost at the same time, Light Empire announced its surrender to Yang Feng, as well.

Three days later, the president of Anman Federation declared the surrender to Firmament Holy.

Jing Yuan Continent was nominally unified by Yang Feng.

After the three empires announced their surrender, many rebellions broke out all over the three empires. Many hot-blooded youths of the three empires joined the rebel armies and formed large rebellions.

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