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Chapter: 1236

Suppression of Rebellions

Chapter 1236: Suppression of Rebellions

"The federation is rotten. The people at the top are a bunch of degenerate fools. They actually surrendered to our sworn enemies, the three strong races. They want to hand us over to those three lowly races. We cannot tolerate this."

"Our Thorny Growth Federation has rich tradition. The noble blood of our ancestors flows in our veins. Brothers, let’s hold the banner of war high, overthrow this rotten federation, and create a new federation! Long live the federation!"

In a military base, a colonel stood on a podium and shouted.

"Long live the federation!"

More than 2,000 soldiers standing in front of the podium shouted excitedly and uniformly.

"The three lowly races! Are you talking about our golden roc race?"

With a flash of light, a White Shark Battleship flew over from 100 kilometers away and reached the military base almost in an instant.

Equipped with the Golden Roc Armor and a golden halberd, looking like a golden god, Peng Lang flew out of the White Shark Armor and proudly overlooked the soldiers from Thorny Growth Federation on the ground.

Behind Peng Lang, there are 1,000 golden roc soldiers wearing the Golden Roc Armor, looking at the soldiers from Thorny Growth Federation with hatred.

"Let’s kill all these lowly bastards! Jing Yuan Continent is ours!"

The colonel from Thorny Growth Federation roared, equipped a white armor and a special crystal gun, and fired at the sky.

The soldiers of the former Thorns Growth Federation fired at the golden roc powerhouses in the sky from crystal guns, as well.

"Bunch of ants! Despair in front of the true power of the golden roc race!"

There was a cold flash in Peng Lang’s eyes. The Golden Roc Armor shone, and a giant golden roc radiating brilliant golden light suddenly appeared and fired golden feathers at the soldiers from Thorny Growth Federation.

The golden feathers easily pierced through the defenses of the soldiers from Thorny Growth Federation and burned them directly to ashes.

The Golden Roc Armor of the other golden roc powerhouses shone and formed a golden barrier in order to block the beams fired by the crystal guns.

Originally, the crystal guns could neutralize an ordinary golden roc powerhouse with one shot. But with the Golden Roc Armor’s formidable defense, the crystal guns need at least five or six shots to break through the Golden Roc Armor.

However, the soldiers from the former Thorny Growth Federation managed to fire a single shot, before the golden roc powerhouses reached and slayed them.

The colonel from Thorny Growth Federation shouted madly, a look of horror on his face "How is it possible? How can this be? How can these lowly savages have such a powerful secret treasure?"

The three ancient races are known for the formidable power of the bloodline, while the three empires are famous for incredible secret treasures. Under the guidance of their ancestors, the three empires developed all kinds of incredible secret treasures, each of which is freakishly powerful. Take the White Shark Battleship as example, it has the power to threaten Holies.

But the secret treasure the golden roc powerhouses have now is extraordinary. It has surpassed the secret treasures of the three empires by far, filling the colonel with horror.

"The greatness of lord Firmament Holy is beyond the comprehension of trash like you!"

Peng Lang’s eyes shimmered with the shade of worship. He smiled coldly, turned into a huge golden roc, and spread his wings, and numerous golden feathers gathered together and formed a golden blade that slashed down.

"No! The secret treasures of our Thorny Growth Federation are unparalleled in the world!"

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the colonel from Thorny Growth Federation roared and wave of his hand, and a silver ball of light suddenly flew out, expanded, and changed into a silver net sweeping towards Peng Lang.

"This lousy net has no effect on us!"

With a ferocious gleam in his eyes, Peng Lang brandished the golden blade, cut the silver net apart like butter, and then slashed the colonel.

Starting with the forehead, a bloody line extended down along the colonel’s forehead. In the next moment, the colonel was split in two and fell to the ground.

Peng Lang’s eyes flashed with a relaxed shade when he saw this scene: "A colonel of Thorny Growth Federation only amounts to this much!"

Previously, the golden roc race regarded colonels of Thorny Growth Federation as big shots. Back in the day, the golden roc race paid a huge price, sacrificing 300 people, in order to annihilate a colonel from Thorny Growth Federation and his squad.

But now 2,000 soldiers of Thorny Growth Federation were besieged by 1,000 golden roc soldiers, yet they stood no chance.

Seeing soldiers of Thorny Growth Federation surrender one after another, Peng Lang’s eyes shimmered with killing intent, and he ordered coldly: "Leave no one alive! Kill all these rebels!"

The eyes of the golden roc powerhouses flashed with killing intent, and they mercilessly executed the rebel soldiers that surrendered.

Before long, all the rebels in this military base were exterminated.

The former Anman Federation, in a military base.

In the military base, unquenchable Black Phoenix Fire is burning everywhere, burning the bodies of rebels. Standing in the middle of the fire, Zhou Yuning equipped with the Black Phoenix Armor looks like a beautiful goddess of war.

A beautiful black phoenix girl came up to Zhou Yuning and uttered with adoration and excitement, "Commander, the 1,536 rebels were all wiped out. Only 13 people in our army were injured and no one died."

Back in the day, the three empires persecuted the black phoenix race so badly that they could only hide in the mountains and forests like barbarians. After taking refuge with Yang Feng, Zhou Yuning established Black Phoenix Army and recruited black phoenix race people everywhere, to the point that it now has more than 3,000 black phoenix powerhouse.

Zhou Yuning uttered flatly, "We’re going to rest for a day, and then depart to suppress other rebels!"

The beautiful black phoenix girl replied loudly, "Yes! Commander!"

Yang Feng dispatched the two generals Zhou Yuning and Peng Lang to suppress the rebel forces of the three empires. Now that they obtained this opportunity, the two people, who are full of hatred towards the three empires, showed the rebel forces no mercy, leaving no survivors.

Manirt tracked down families and forces that provided assistance to the rebels. Once he discovered that a family was involved in the rebellion, he will wipe it out.

3,000 kilometers west of Light Empire’s capital, the City of Light, in the clouds, there are a dozen plus powerhouses hidden.

A man with blond hair and blue eyes, a tall and burly figure, a handsome face, and strange patterns engraved on half of his face looked into the distance and asked coldly, "Ghosteye, will Manirt really come today?"

The eyes of Ghosteye, one of the top ten powerhouses of Anman Federation, flashed with resentment, and he answered, "That lackey of Firmament Holy will definitely pass through here. For this piece of information, 300 people have died. This damn lackey is really vicious. He ruthlessly executed the families of our brothers."

Anlin, the No. 1 powerhouse of Light Empire, said coldly, "Although Firmament Holy is extremely strong, but the three empires have dominated the continent for countless years and are deeply rooted. As long as we kill that lackey Manirt, Firmament Holy will have to compromise with us if he wants to control the three empires. Those lowly other race people must not appear at the top of our continent."

Wearing an odd mask, Gostface, the No. 2 powerhouse of Thorny Growth Federation, uttered coldly, "They’re here!"

A White Shark Battleship flying towards the City of Light appeared in the distance.

"Let’s go!"

The dozen plus top powerhouses from the three empires hidden in the clouds took action.

Pillars of light emerged from the clouds and barreled towards the White Shark Battleship.

Countless mysterious runes appeared on the White Shark Battleship, forming a powerful defensive barrier.

The pillars of light slammed into the barrier and blasted it apart.

Tentacles covering the armor of a powerhouse ejected and stabbed the White Shark Battleship.

After the tentacles stabbed into it, the White Shark Battleship weirdly stopped struggling, as if it had been rendered completely paralyzed.

"Come out, Manirt!"

A cold voice emanated from the clouds.

The White Shark Battleship’s gate opened, and Manirt walked out slowly, looked at the dozen plus powerhouses in the clouds, and said, a peculiar gleam in his eyes: "Light Empire’s No. 1 expert Anlin and the No. 3 expert Mansent, Thorny Growth Federation’s No. 2 expert Ghostface… Anman Federation’s No. 9 expert Ghosteye! Surprisingly, you dispatched so many people to kill me!"

The more than a dozen powerhouses in the clouds are famous experts in Jing Yuan Continent, and everyone one of them used to be much stronger than Manirt.

"Manirt, since you are working for Firmament Holy, you should have expected that such a day would come! Anyone who betrays the three empires has to die. Attack!"

Anlin ordered firmly, a cold gleam in his eyes.

More than a dozen powerhouses of the three empires cast all kinds of terrible secret methods and hurled attacks at Manirt in an instant.

Manirt showed a smile of pity and crushed a gem: "The biggest mistake you fools have made was to be enemies of the lord!"

A rift opened in the void, and a black hole emerged and swept towards the more than a dozen powerhouses of the three empires.

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