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Chapter: 1306

Golden Ape Emperor

Chapter 1306: Golden Ape Emperor

"Devour Lord defeated Dawn Lord!"

"From today on, Firmament Holy will truly become Devour Lord!"

"While in the quasi-Empyrean realm, he defeated an Empyrean! Devour Lord is truly fearsome!"


In the world of Warlocks, countless people saw the fight between Yang Feng and Dawn Lord through various spells, and their eyes flashed with shock.

"Worthy of Devour Lord! The future most powerful Warlock Emperor of our human race!"

"Devour Lord can now contend against Empyreans! When he sets foot in the Empyrean domain in the future, he will absolutely become an invincible overlord!"

"Dawn Lord is really formidable! The Ninth Warlock Imperial Court of our human race will be established smoothly!"


On the human magic network, countless human Warlocks cheered for Yang Feng’s victory.

Dawn Lord’s defeat means that the humans have produced a more terrifying powerhouse! The Ninth Warlock Imperial Court will only be more powerful and formidable.

The eyes of the other race powerhouses flashed with dejection, and they fell silent, not daring to speak carelessly.

Once the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court is really established, the whole universe will be the human race’s oyster. The human race will become more prosperous and rake in more resources.

The rising other races will become the key targets of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court in the future.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared on the throne in the Devour Shrine.

The leaders of other races came here with the intention to watch a nice play. They have no reverence for Yang Feng, a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse. But after Yang Feng defeated Dawn Lord, the leaders of other races felt their blood run cold, and their eyes revealed traces of awe.

"Blue Moon… Sea Empress has arrived!"

From outside the gate came a slightly trembling voice.

A vast and boundless aura came from the outside. Enveloped by blue light, a devastatingly beautiful woman with an extraordinary temperament stepped into the palace.

The devastatingly beautiful woman with extraordinary temperament is Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, a top powerhouse in the world.

In terms of appearance alone, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress is slightly inferior to the succubus empress. But thanks to the Empyrean aura lingering around her, she is far more charming than the succubus empress.

Behind Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, there is a female and a male blue moon merfolk quasi-Empyreans, both of whom are extremely good looking.

"Blue Moon Merfolk Empress! She came!"

"That’s only natural! Once Devour Imperial Court is really established, the humans will gain great momentum and dominate the universe.

"The Magic Note Throne alone can allow the humans to gain an Empyrean rank powerhouse. Coupled with Devour Lord and Ling, that’s three Empyreans!"


When the other race powerhouses saw Blue Moon Merfolk Empress appear, their eyes showed the shade of excitement.

Numerous strands of blue water intertwined in the void and formed a blue throne. Blue Moon Merfolk Empress sat on the blue throne and looked at Yang Feng.

In the Devour Shrine, only Blue Moon Merfolk Empress’s position is on the same level as Yang Feng’s.

Before the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court is established, all Empyreans will sit on the same level with Yang Feng, even if they are a head taller than him. But after the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court is established, even Empyreans will have to sit a head lower than Yang Feng in Devour Shrine.

Yang Feng said, "Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, I am honored by your presence. What can I do for you?"

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress’s beautiful eyes flickered with a bright light, and she said lightly: "Devour Lord, I don’t think the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court should be established at this time. After you have promoted to an Empyrean, that will be the best time to establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court."

Yang Feng looked at Blue Moon Merfolk Empress with an enigmatic smile: "What if I insist on establishing the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court now?"

"Then I’ll smash your Ninth Warlock Imperial Court!"

A violent voice exploded above Battle Demon Sect’s branch floating continent, and a huge star with a diameter of 100,000 kilometers fell from the sky and barreled towards the Devour Shrine.

Standing behind Yang Feng, Ling’s figure fluttered, and she appeared in front of the star, unleashed a punch, and slammed her fist into the huge star with a diameter of 100,000 kilometers.


Amid a deafening blare, the huge star with a diameter of 100,000 kilometers was smashed by Ling’s punch, and countless fragments swept towards Golden Ape Emperor radiating golden light like cannon shells.

Golden Ape Emperor narrowed his eyes and unleashed a palm strike, and brilliant golden light shone and sent the star fragments flying away.

"Yang Feng! Do you dare to fight me in the Eternal Duel Arena! If you don’t, then cancel this founding ceremony immediately. A Warlock Imperial Court cannot be established by a quasi-Empyrean."

Golden Ape Emperor shouted lightly, a tyrannical glimmer in his eyes.

Fearsome sound waves reverberated on Battle Demon Sect’s branch floating continent.

On Battle Demon Sect’s branch floating continent, countless Warlock towers glittered and opened powerful barriers to resist the sound waves released by Golden Ape Emperor

If it were not for the protection of these barriers, all beings below the Starry Sky Warlock realm on Battle Demon Sect’s branch floating continent would have succumbed to Golden Ape Emperor’s roar and died.

Yang Feng asked in a cold tone, "If I don’t agree to your demands, then what?"

Golden Ape Emperor’s eyes flashed with intense killing intent, and he uttered in a cold voice, "If you don’t agree! Then I will destroy one star inhabited by humans a day until you either agree or all the humans in the universe are exterminated!"

When they heard Golden Ape Emperor’s cruel words, the human powerhouses felt a chill go down their spine.

If an Empyrean puts aside their dignity, they can destroy a star occupied by humans in one day. Any plane below grade 4 won’t be able to withstand a full-strength strike from an Empyrean.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with frigid killing intent, and he uttered icily, "Fine! I’ll oblige you and kill you in the Eternal Duel Arena!"

With a slight flash of light, Yang Feng disappeared from the Devour Shrine.

When Eternal Ancient Road fused back with the world of Warlocks, Eternal Ancient Road’s relic sites appeared in the world of Warlocks.

The Eternal Duel Arena is the most famous one among those eternal relic site. In the Eternal Duel Arena, fights to the death take place. Even if it’s 2 Empyrean rank powerhouses, if they enter the arena, only one of them will be able to survive in the end.

With a slight flash of blue light, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress disappeared from this place and flew towards the direction of the Eternal Duel Arena

"Devour Lord is going to fight Golden Ape Emperor to the death in the Eternal Duel Arena!"

"The Eternal Duel Arena! In the end, only one of the two powerhouses will be able to survive."

"The one who will be able to survive must be Devour Lord! After all, he defeated Dawn Lord!"

"Dawn Lord was reborn in this era through a reincarnation secret method. He hasn’t restored his full strength yet and thus was defeated by Devour Lord. Golden Ape Emperor, on the other hand, has fully recovered! He’s incredibly strong, far stronger than ordinary Empyreans. I’m afraid things don’t bode well for Devour Lord."

"Unfortunately, Silver Autarch occupied the only Empyrean slot in this era. Otherwise, Devour Lord would be able to advance to an Empyrean and become invincible in the world!"


Human Warlocks commented on the magic network one after another, their words filled with uneasiness and unwillingness.

If Silver Autarch had not shown up and occupied the sole Empyrean slot in this era, Yang Feng would definitely be able to advance to an Empyrean. With the resources he accumulated, once he advanced to an Empyrean, Yang Feng would become an unequaled overlord alike the seven Warlock Emperors.

An unequaled overlord-level Empyrean can quell any Empyrean that resuscitate at this time and forcibly establish a Warlock Imperial Court.

The Eternal Duel Arena is surrounded by starlight and emits a mysterious and grand aura. Since the Eternal Duel Arena is a relic site refined by an Eternal Sovereign, if an Empyrean wants to destroy it, they will have to attack with all their might for 1,000 years.

After entering the Eternal Duel Arena, even an Empyrean won’t be able to escape its shackles.

Two terrifying figures appeared in front of the Eternal Duel Arena. They are Yang Feng and Golden Ape Emperor

They looked at each other, and their eyes flashed with frigid killing intent. Without saying anything, the two turned into two streams of light and entered the Eternal Duel Arena.

"Yang Feng, you are doomed to die here today! Do you think that you can hide the trick you pulled off with Dawn Lord from the rest of the world? For a mere quasi-Empyrean to be able to defeat an Empyrean like Dawn Lord, that’s quite a stretch! Go to hell and become a stepping stone on my path of evolution!"

Golden Ape Emperor’s eyes flickered fiercely. Countless rays of golden light shone, and 100-meter-long Eternal thighbone sparkling like jade ejected and shot towards Yang Feng.

Countless runes shone, and the Eternal thighbone containing the the essence of power diffused sacred sounds and smashed towards Yang Feng.

Although the 100-meter-long Eternal thighbone is not an Empyrean grade secret treasure, but its incredibly powerful and does not lose out to many Empyrean grade secret treasures. Only unequaled Empyrean grade secret treasures may be able to surpass it.

"A trick? What a fool! You’re the one who’s going to die!"

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and 1,000 suns appeared, combined into one, and slammed into the sparkling Eternal thighbone.


Along with an earth-shaking blare, Golden Ape Emperor was blasted 10,000 kilometers away.

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