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Chapter: 912

Crazily Make Trouble

"Come on! Hit me if you have balls!" Qin Yuru looked up and shouted, staring at Di Yan with crazy eyes.

Her irrational eyes scared Di Yan. He couldn’t help taking a step back and getting inside to stay away from her. "I won’t bother myself arguing with you, you insane woman!"

Qin Yuru stepped forward and followed Di Yan inside, wanting to continue the argument against him, but he walked so fast that she couldn’t catch up with him at all.

They entered Old Madam’s courtyard one after the other and then walked into the main room, only to find that not only Old Madam but also Countess Yong was there with a displeased face. Countess Yong’s eyes were a little wet. Obviously, she had just complained to Old Madam with tears.

Di Yan and Qin Yuru bowed to Old Madam, who later waved to Qin Yuru and said, "Yuru, come here!"

"Grandma…" Qin Yuru walked to Old Madam with wet eyes.

"Sit down!" Old Madam took Qin Yuru’s hand, leading the latter to sit next to her. Then Old Madam sighed and patted Qin Yuru’s hand. "Yuru, don’t be angry with your mother-in-law. She has no choice, otherwise, she wouldn’t have done such a thing!"

Qin Yuru felt a chill in her heart. She wiped her tears and stared at Countess Yong with hatred. "What do you mean, Grandma? Was Countess Yong forced by someone to do that? My mother trusted her so much, handing everything over to her! But Countess Yong has even been stealing money from us! For so many years! It has no difference whether we have those dowry shops or not! Why did she bother making such a dowry list at that time?"

Her questions deeply embarrassed Old Madam, who sighed gently and comforted Qin Yuru, "It’s not what you think, Yuru! They were indeed awarded to your mother. So they all belong to your mother. But your mother-in-law got in a financial strait and she needed your mother’s shares!"

"So, Grandma, you have known it early, haven’t you?" Qin Yuru stared at Old Madam and said with hatred.

"No, I didn’t mean…" It was hard for Old Madam to explain within a second.

"Grandma, my mother also trusted you so much! She listened to you in everything! But you… you…" Qin Yuru covered her face with a handkerchief and burst into tears.

Old Madam was irritated. She frowned tightly and then glared at Countess Yong.

Countess Yong hastened to explain, "Yuru, we were indeed trapped in a dilemma! Your father-in-law ran into trouble at that time. He might lose his position if we didn’t pay to avoid it. I had no choice but to embezzle your mother’s money. I intended to make up for it after our mansion got through the difficult position, but I didn’t expect to delay it. Then more and more of your money was spent as time went by."

"So, do you mean that you won’t make up for it now, Countess Yong?" Qin Yuru put down her handkerchief and asked coldly.

"No! We are about to get through everything! Don’t worry, Yuru! I will definitely give all the money back to you and your mother after I settle all our problems!" Countess Yong promised.

"Oh, will you? You would have never intended to make up for it if I didn’t figure out your secret, wouldn’t you? Countess Yong, I have been married into your family for three years, and I have been obedient to you in everything. But you never paid attention to me and always picked on me. You helped Di Yan torture me and raised his concubines above me. I think that I will lose my life here soon!" Qin Yuru said coldly.

Since she had made the trouble, she didn’t intend to end it so easily.

"Yuru, how can you judge your mother-in-law like that? I admit that she is partial, but she will not do what you said!" Old Madam rebuked her.

"Countess Yong herself knows best whether it is true or not! She used to give me doses of herbal medicine when I lost my last baby. Today, I asked a doctor to check them, in which he found a drug that prevents pregnancy! She either wants to kill me or wants me to be infertile. Then I will have to give way to other women, and my dowries, and everything I have, will belong to Di Yan!" Qin Yuru said in a harsh voice.

"Stop talking nonsense, Yuru!" Old Madam banged on the table heavily and shouted in a sharp voice after hearing Qin Yuru’s accusation.

"Someone will know whether I am talking nonsense or not!" Qin Yuru was so angry that she trembled all over. "Grandma knows about it. She is no longer the Grandma who cares about me!"

"Qin Yuru, I will divorce you if you keep talking such nonsense! Don’t think that Grandma will ask me to give way to you again!" Qin Yuru’s aggressive attitude infuriated Di Yan so much that he couldn’t help standing up and scolding her, with his finger pointing at her nose.

"Divorce me? Fine! Let’s make clear the property division before that!" Qin Yuru pounded the table, stood up and said, "In the past 20 years, you have owed my mother and me a large sum of money. It is within reason that you make up for it with the whole Duke Yong’s Mansion, isn’t it?"

"You… what an evil woman!" Di Yan was so angry that he reached out to be about to hit her.

However, he was stopped by Countess Yong. She winked at him when speaking to Qin Yuru with a smile. "Yuru, don’t get mad at him. He has always been like this since he was a child, but he is good to his family. He took good care of us when you and I were ill, right?"

"Wasn’t he enjoying himself with those sluts in the garden when I was sick?" On remembering this, Qin Yuru couldn’t help gnashing her teeth in anger.

She married into Duke Yong’s Mansion for three years, but Di Yan had never liked her. They quarreled with each other every time they met. When Di Yan was in Duke Yong’s Mansion, most of the time he was fooling around in the courtyards of those concubines. And no one knew where he went when he was out. He came to take care of Qin Yuru when she was ill because Old Madam and Duke Yong forced him to do that.

If Di Yan was not forced, how would he have been willing to show up in front of her?

Di Yan did come to visit her, but he sneered at her and said a lot of sarcastic remarks.

In the beginning, she had ever expected to win Di Yan’s heart. So, even if she was angry, she would try her best to suppress her temper, though she would occasionally complain to Old Madam. But now Qin Yuru was full of hatred for the entire Duke Yong’s Mansion, so how could she wish to get along well with Di Yan?

"Watch your mouth, Qin Yuru! What do you mean by saying ‘sluts’? No matter how low they are, they were completely virginal when they married into the mansion. They are not like some arrogant woman who got married with a dirty body…" Di Yan raised his head and sneered loudly.

But before he finished his words, he was slapped hard in the face, which made him lose his balance and stagger back. He looked at Countess Yong in front of him in astonishment and asked in disbelief, "Mother, why did you slap me?"

"Yuru is in poor health and a bad mood now. How can you say such annoying words to her? Why can’t a couple sit down and talk to each other in peace? Is there a need to make such a scene?" Countess Yong said with her hands trembling. She had to do that. If Di Yan finished his words, it would be more troublesome.

Old Madam was sitting there with a numb face.

Di Yan didn’t hear Countess Yong’s words at all. He shouted with grievances after he staggered back, "Mother, you slapped me for that dirty woman?" Then he turned around and strode away. He didn’t want to get involved in it anymore. Anyway, it was none of his business.

"Yan’er, Yan’er…" Countess Yong stepped forward, trying to grab Di Yan’s clothes, but he ran so fast that she didn’t even catch a corner of his clothes.

"Grandma, I have sent the supervisor of Fanglan Embroidery Shop and the two sets of account books to the government office, as well as the medicine sent to me by Countess Yong!" Qin Yuru couldn’t help sneering when she saw Di Yan leaving. She had no other ideas about Di Yan, but she would never let him go.

"What? You have sent them to the government?" Countess Yong cried, nearly losing her consciousness and falling down to the ground. Fortunately, an old maid next to her quickly helped her up.

"Mother…" Countess Yong turned to Old Madam and said in despair.

If the matter was exposed, her life as the Countess would come to an end soon!

"Yuru, call them back!" Old Madam’s face darkened, and she shouted at Qin Yuru in an anxious voice.

This was the first time she spoke to Qin Yuru in such a way.

Qin Yuru laughed so insanely that she lost control of her tears.

"Yuru, what’s wrong with you? Just call them back!" Old Madam banged on the table heavily and said, "I will explain to you about your mother-in-law’s thing. What will others think of our mansion when the family is in such a mess?"

"Family?" Qin Yuru laughed and said with an insane look, "Are we a family? I am afraid that I will lose my life if I keep being one of your family. Before I came here, I have informed my father that I would go back to the General’s Mansion. I will divorce Di Yan!"

"What are you talking about?" Old Madam stood up in shock. She didn’t expect that Qin Yuru would do such a thing.

"Don’t you understand what I’m talking about, Grandma? If I hadn’t been set up by someone, how could I have had abortions again and again? Don’t tell me that Madam Shi knows nothing about it. Apparently, she wants to kill me! Even if she doesn’t want my life, she wants to suppress me and prevent me from giving birth to a child!" Qin Yuru pointed at Countess Yong and gritted her teeth.

Countess Yong covered her face and burst into tears. "Mother, mother, it’s not the truth. How… how could I do such a thing? Yuru misunderstood me!"

"Go and call them back!" Old Madam raised her eyebrows and shouted at Qin Yuru with a gloomy face.

In the past, when Old Madam faced Qin Yuru, she was full of love. No matter how much trouble Qin Yuru made, Old Madam would help her.

Old Madam’s changed attitude was both surprising and expected for Qin Yuru.

"I won’t. This time, I must expose her crime in the court!" Qin Yuru screamed.

"Come and take the Princess away!" Old Madam said with disappointment with a livid face. Two strong old maids showed up to take Qin Yuru away.

"Old Madam, what did Yuru do to offend you? Why do you treat her like this?" A cold voice suddenly came from the door!

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