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Chapter: 7

"It's time to wake up, miss." 

Has anyone ever woken me up sweetly in my life? 

It wasn't a wake-up call to get up and go to work. It's not even a morning alarm clock. 

If you try to wake me up with this kind voice, it must be a dream. 

'Maybe because I live as a maid, I dream of becoming a lady.' 

I think it's a big deal. 

It is said that dreams are a latent inner need, but did I have the desire to become a noble? 

'It feels weird to dream like this.' 

Even if it's a dream, should I wake up now? 

'Why did I have such a dream?' 

I barely managed to overcome my sleepiness and opened my eyes. 

Ha, it's time for work. 

To overcome the sleepiness, I stretched and slapped my cheeks with both hands. 

However, as if I had not yet woken up from the dream, the butler's still stood in front of me with a respectful attitude. 

Why did the butler come to wake me up? He also wore a black tailcoat, that's the old butler. 

Wasn't it a..... dream? 

I stared blankly at the butler with half-asleep eyes. 

"You're awake, miss. Your bath is being prepared." 

I turned it over, wondering if I heard it wrong. 


I was so embarrassed that my voice cracked at the question. 

Unlike Riena's clear voice, 

My voice, which was usually a little low, would have surprised the butler, but now it was a light white fish. 

You woke me up to prepare someone's bath! Now I understand. 

What a bummer! 

I wanted to sleep more. I wanted to sleep early and wake up late because I became a child! 

With my eyes wide open, I swallowed my tears as I saw the butler who came to get me to work. 

The butler had an expensive looking towel draped over his arm. 

Even the corners of his mouth were curled down to suppress his laughter. 

Alberto, the butler of Archduke Yekart. 

Turning 50 this year, he was the head butler, overseeing the servants and managing the archduke's residence. 

There were also low-level butlers who took care of tableware and alcohol beverages, but me and the maids had to take charge of the strict inspection of the heavy-duty head butler in front of me. 

Anyway, it was a very strange sight to see Alberto, who was called a tiger butler by our maids, to look at me and hold back his laughter. 

I often saw him when I was a maid, but I couldn't see him often because he was in a fairly high position for a servant. 

When the maids met Alberto, the butler, they often said hello and left. 

That's because if you are rude and flinch in front of him, then the butler will scold you. 

Every time I see a perfectionist butler, He often looked angry or had a poo-chewy look as if he was dissatisfied with something. 

"It's time to wake up." 

The butler waited until I got up. 

He did not reach out, perhaps because he was trying to follow the iron rule of not touching a lady's body. 

But listening to it, something was strange. 

What do you mean 'it's time to wake up?' 

Why do you want to talk to me but I think the butler must have eaten something wrong. 

'Yes, I'm going to work.' 

Even though I'm young, there's no way I'm not working. 

I have to get up and peel the onion and trim the potatoes. Find natural ingredients to replace baking soda... 


It hasn't been long since I woke up, but before I knew it, three maids approached me. 

Among them were my colleagues. 

I was so surprised by the orderly movements of the maids that I almost fell off the bed. 

It was because my colleagues, who looked at me and said I was workaholic, bowed their heads without even making eye contact with me. 

"It's Miss Ciel Visenna from the far north." 

What's going on? 


I was so startled that I took a deep breath and hiccup. 

Oh, my God! I'm not a nobleman, so I don't have a surname. 

Wha, what, Visenna? 

I repeated the name of the familiar family over and over again, wondering if I had heard it wrong. 

"Oh, that Visenna family's..." 

The maid, who spoke, quickly closed her mouth with a face of realization of the mistake. 

"She is…" 

As much as the maids were surprised, I was surprised too. 

"Oh my gosh." 


The maids who were colleagues swallowed their breath in vain. 

In front of them was a child who was still too young to be called a lady. When they first saw me, they were like, 'Aigo, it's cute.'  The eyes of the maids who were looking at me with that expression changed unexpectedly. 

"Bu... Butler." 

Some people called the butler with an anxious face. 

Among the surprised maids, it was me who was more surprised. 

What kind of family is Visenna? Isn't there a family saying that even a crying child will stop crying when he hears it. 

Rumor that the nobles who were fighting by the ends of their heads would quietly hold hands when a member of the Visenna appeared. 

Visenna was the Ducal Family of the Djibril Empire where I was. 

The Djibril Empire has been ruled by the Ricardo family for nearly 200 years, and it was natural for a noble person to dedicate his allegiance to the emperor and Ricardo's family. 

But Visenna did not. They were sarcastic servants who would scoff at what loyalty is. 

They were also great men who asked if we should dare to pay allegiance to the half-and-weak imperial family who sat on the golden chair. 

The royal family was not weak, because they were blessed by God, but they were no match for the monsters of Visenna. 

It was the Visenna who crushed the power that high nobles had built up like a tower just like a can. 

Surprisingly, the Visenna family was founded less than 100 years ago. 

If I have to say, it has only been 20 years since I joined the empire. 

Compared to the 500-year reputation of the Djibril Empire, Visenna had a very short history, but had a particularly high nose. 

Compared to the 500 years of reputation of the Djibril Empire, Visenna had a particularly high nose even though its history was short. 

The reason is that Visenna was a group that came in from outside. 

Visenna was known as a notorious proper name not only for Djibril, but for all continents. 

Originally, it was a group of assassins, but it was incorporated into the aristocracy as a trick. 

Incredibly, Visenna centers on ability, not kinship. 

If ordinary aristocrats despised illegitimate children and valued bloodlines, Visenna brought them into the family right away if a passing beggar had high magical powers 

And by all means made him loyal to the family. 

It is fortunate that it is 20 years of history, but if it had been 200 years, there would have been more than enough left to establish the country. 

'The world's most malicious household.' 

I stuck out my tongue and shook my head. 

"That Visenna's..…" 

Fear surged in the faces of the maids. 

When they heard that I was a member of Visenna, they hesitated and backed away. 

No, Hannah! 

I've never heard of that before! 

Unlike the maids whose blood fades like Munch's , Alberto, the butler, was too casual. 

The reaction of colleagues was not strange. 

If Visenna's aristocrat had visited the Grand Duke House, I would have bowed my head too like a sinner. 

Why? They tried to ignore me just because our eyes met. 

This was, of course, an anecdote I had heard from an acquaintance of the cousin of a friend who worked as a maid in the Visenna family. 

Before the butler could stop me, the maids bowed to me first. 

The butler said to the maids with a sense of purpose, lightly clicking his tongue. 

"Everyone, say hello to Miss Ciel Visenna." 

Then, like a domino, the maids bowed their heads. 

'Why are you doing this?' 

I couldn't raise my head because I was embarrassed. 

I wanted to ask when the hell did I become a young lady, but for now, I decided to match the rhythm. 

There was np opinion here. 

You don't know what kind of aftermath you're going to have if you throw a fight for nothing. 

"Hello everyone?" 

The maids' faces hardened at my fresh greeting. They remained silent, as if in silence. 

Are you offended by a child's half-talk? 

At first, I thought my colleagues were trying to trick me by conspiring with the butler. 

'Are you mad at me for pretending to be a noble girl?' 


"Han, Hannah!" 

But it wasn't. 

Seeing one of the maids, who was a co-worker, fainted with foam in her mouth. 

The others were also pale, and they had tired expressions on their faces. 


Seeing my colleague collapsed, I immediately stood up. 

Perhaps it felt more threatening, the maid who was supporting Hannah stepped down in horror. 

"The miss cursed Hannah!" 

"Maybe she cried her name to put a curse on it!" 

Oh, no, no, no! Don't look at me like that! I didn't even touch it! 

They were looking at me with fearful eyes, as if they were looking at a real monster. 

Except for one person, the butler, who presses his temples as if having a headache.

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