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Chapter: 1857

Dusty Mission Long Last Wish 2

It should be the age of the flowering season, but when it just bloomed, it fell to this point.

The insensitive eyes of the women deeply stabbed the originally simple fishing village teenagers. He could not save them, because even if the prison door was opened and they were temporarily free, they did not choose to leave.

Either you have the opportunity to choose by yourself and have yourself for a short period of time, commit suicide without hesitation, and leave this **** on earth.

Either it has already become a puppet without a soul, and it will only move if others play with it, or it is a stagnant puppet, a body that has already sealed everything and does not move.

He left and went to the victory road paved with the bones of countless uncles and brothers like his father and brother in the fishing village, but was stolen by a group of dirty clowns and **** demons. At the grand celebration feast of celebration.


There, the ugliest scene in the world happened.

Countless girls who have been plundered are being humiliated wantonly, and are being humiliated with great fanfare by a group of so-called nobles, so-called fighting heroes, so-called soldiers with outstanding merits, who are so glamorous on the surface.


Among them, there is his sister.

He was furious, blood poured into his pupils, and with a solitary anger, he slaughtered the fat pig nobleman who was pressing on his sister, but after that, unable to return to the sky, he was subdued.

He thought that he was dead at the moment, unable to avenge this **** revenge, but the methods of those demons were completely beyond his comprehension.

They actually opened his eyes, made him shed blood and tears, stared at one man after another, constantly humiliating his sister, roaring him like a wild beast, and treating his sister's desperate screams as desire motive force.

The younger sister was raped to death, and he was also put on death row, suffering endless torture every day, life was better than death, and finally, he was put on the test bench and became the human experiment target of a lich.

Perhaps because of endless resentment, he attracted the attention of the lich and wanted to refine it into the strongest incarnation of resentment, but he was finally killed by the strong will of revenge.

So far.

The undead lich, the abyss demon, the wicked avenger, was born.

Hatred turned the undead lich from a simple and innocent stupid boy into a murderous monster without blinking an eye.

He began to use witchcraft, signed a contract with the **** of underworld, and became the most evil and powerful undead lich in the lich lineage.

Transforming the undead into soldiers, he began to siege the city and took revenge against his original motherland.

The army of the undead under his command, wherever he went, there was no grass, and no one would be left alive. Whether it was a civilian or a noble, whether it was a soldier or a general, all became a new member of the army of the undead.

The mighty power and the threat of destroying the country led to the original second prince of Taling Kingdom, who led the entire army to flee to the place of the dark abyss, where he was assimilated by the darkness, that is, the future master of the magic palace, the great devil Lin Xiao.

At last.

The undead lich really made a lot of trouble, which attracted the powerful human race to come to suppress. After the first battle, the army of tens of millions of undead collapsed, and he himself was seriously injured and fled into hiding.

That's right.

The place where the undead lich hides is the Moon Temple, which is the ultimate place for the hidden mission that Qin Luosheng and Rose will cooperate with.

He captured the Moon Temple, grabbed the sacred stone left by the Moon God, and used the Moon God Stone to develop the form of the Moon God. Even if the serious injury resulted in a great loss of strength, he was far from having the courage and ability to attack a country by one person, but in such a state, Qin Luosheng was still in a hard fight, and he almost overturned even if he was driving.

The undead lich finally fell under the sword of Qin Luosheng, who was like a coercion. However, he had endless grievances and revenge, so how could he be willing to die like this?

Whether it was a curse or a last wish, the task of destroying the Taling Kingdom was forcibly placed on Qin Luosheng's body.

Although Qin Luosheng sympathized with the undead lich, he was also very resentful, and wanted to eliminate all those things that were inferior to the beasts, but he was not an undead lich after all, and he had not personally experienced its pain.

This is normal.

Even the sister of the Rose Club, the temporary teammate, and the vice-chairman, Bloody Rose, who acted together at the time, even sympathized with the experience of the undead lich, but scolded him righteously.


In the eyes of normal people, the undead lich is indeed pitiful, and revenge is no problem. Those who harmed him are heinous and should be killed, but this is not the reason for slaughtering the city and destroying the country. So many people, they are innocent.

Undead Lich is not angry!

Qin Luosheng is also not angry!

It's easy to understand that the undead lich is angry, but what about Qin Luosheng?

That's because Qin Luosheng didn't feel the same way, but he "feeled the same" because of what happened to his motherland in his previous life. The cruel and **** history was soaked with blood and tears, and there were countless photos with irrefutable evidence, and there was no normal Chinese son or daughter. will forget.

At that time.

He is also extreme.

On the spot, he reprimanded the Bloody Rose and mocked her fiercely. At this point, they formed a feud. Until now, the two are the same strangers and have never seen each other again. Even if the Bloody Rose is still in the Rose Club, it is still the Rose Club. The vice president is still the best friend of Scarlet Rose who has become his woman, and is even working for him.


Do not disturb each other.

The most intuitive is.

Originally, the last position of the Qingtian mercenary group should be the most promising of Bloody Rose, but in the end it was given to Du Mingfang. Apart from the fact that the occupation and the compatibility are more in line, the more reason is that the concept is different. Caused by unpleasantness.

"Then, kill it!"

At this moment, Qin Luosheng is no longer the hot-blooded and extreme young man he used to be. He has matured a lot, but also "understood" a lot.

The undead lich's wish to destroy the country, to destroy the Taling country, he was very resistant, hesitant, and because his strength was not good, so he let that mission seal up to this day.

It's different now.

A country, hundreds of millions of people, are all within the thought of it, he can make up his mind without any turbulence, and implement it.

It's not that Qin Luosheng's blood has turned cold. Even though he is no longer the boy he used to be, he will not be so maddened and dehumanized.


Taling country.

It should be destroyed!

At first.

The undead lich attacked the Taling Kingdom, carrying the power to destroy the seventeen cities in a row, all the enemy troops fled looking at the wind, yes, they fled looking at the wind, not surrendering, because the undead lich would not accept surrender, he would only slaughter the city, chickens and dogs would not. The kind that stay.

The one who fled was one of the most elite troops in the Taling Kingdom at that time, and it was also the legion led by the second prince Lin Xiao who competed with the crown prince for the throne.

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