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Chapter: 1858

Dusty Mission Long Last Wish 3

In order not to be cannon fodder, and in order to preserve his living strength, Lin Xiao chose to escape, abandoning the city and fleeing.

He originally wanted to grow outside, but finally waited for his father to die. When his eldest brother ascended the throne, he counterattacked and took the throne, but he was not as good as the sky, and he entered the dark abyss and was eroded by the darkness.

If you can't go back to the Taling Kingdom, it is fortunate that it developed in the dark abyss, thus establishing an extremely evil magic palace.

Because some of his subordinates are more important, they are the direct descendants of many big families in Taling Kingdom, and they control many secrets that are not visible. Therefore, there are people who take care of and cover up the official side of Taling Kingdom, and no one knows where the rebels are. Not to mention the siege.

With such a stable development, the magic palace will inevitably become a magnifying force, and it may not be necessary to sweep the Taling Kingdom in the future and control the Taling Kingdom's regime.


The variable Qin Luosheng appeared, which directly wiped out the magic palace.

that's all.

The life-saving talisman originally controlled by Lin Xiao became Qin Luosheng's trophy, which was used to investigate the information and irrefutable evidence of the upper levels of the Taling Kingdom.

This matter, Qin Luosheng handed over to Luo Li, and the result was that his only objection to the undead lich's actions disappeared completely.

This is one of them.


That is, the Taling Kingdom will die.

Originally a vassal of the Great Xia Empire, he surrendered to the Great Xia Empire and paid tribute every year, thus obtaining blessings.

But what about this time?

When the Allied Forces of the Seventeen Nations attacked the Daxia Empire, the Taling Kingdom not only did not lend a helping hand, but instead surrendered immediately, allowing the allied forces to pass through the country and arrive at the border with the shortest marching route.

Because of getting along very well with the Taling Kingdom, the border with the Taling Kingdom was not heavily guarded, so he was caught off guard.

It can be said.

The country of the Great Xia Empire fell so quickly, and the Taling Kingdom was a major contributor.

This dog thing completely acts as a transit point and shortcut for the alliance, and also provides material assistance. Such a betrayal is indestructible, how can it quell the anger in my heart?

"Taling Kingdom, it will be destroyed. However, since the matter is very big, we have to let the emperor know. Otherwise, this major event of destroying a country will be done directly over the emperor. This stain cannot be left."

Qin Luosheng doesn't care about any stains, but if he can't leave a handle, why bother himself?


He did not believe that the emperor would not settle accounts after the autumn.

Such a betrayal of the Taling Kingdom must at least make it pay a heavy price, completely lost, and become part of the territory of the Great Xia Empire, and it will be returned to the country in an upright manner.

Qin Luosheng was a little extreme. His destruction of the country was not simply to ban the country name of Taling Kingdom, turning this originally independent country into a province of the Daxia Empire, but to eliminate all the people above and physically destroy it. country!

"...Are you sure you want to do this?"

When the emperor learned of Qin Luosheng's thoughts, Rao was the stability of the emperor's mentality, and he was also very frightened.

That is a country, with hundreds of millions of people living in it, and all of them will be wiped out. How much turmoil will this cause?

"It's all up to me!" Qin Luosheng said: "If you don't kill the chickens and show the monkeys well, I really think we are easy to bully. This time, my Daxia Empire almost fell to the country. Such anger, if you take revenge lightly, it will be reserved for others. What impression? That is that we are weak!"

"In this way, if there is a chance in the future, they will do it again. After all, even if we fail, we will not retaliate too much, so we have no scruples."

"We just want to be big, we want to be ruthless, we want to take revenge like a mad dog, and tell the world what the consequences will be if we provoke us with absolutely violent blood."

"As for those rebukes and guilt theories, hehe, the strong are invincible, a group of stupid dogs who can only have fun with their mouths, cowardly trash, I still need to face their views? If it is too much, it will irritate me, and it will be destroyed directly. That is, I see who else dares to chatter and speak out loud!"

The emperor was silent.

"Have you really thought about it? Once you do this, no one will know what kind of turmoil it will cause. At that time, even for your merits, it is inevitable that you will be blamed by the world. Xia Zimin, there must be many people who are afraid of you and regard you as a devil."

"Something, after all, someone has to do it!" Qin Luosheng grinned indifferently, looked into the emperor's eyes, and said seriously: "Although there are thousands of people, I will go!"

"...Okay!" The emperor slapped the table abruptly, "Taling is a small country, deceiving people too much. I don't remember the kindness of my Daxia Empire's blessings from generation to generation. Yiqi Chaotang completely summed up the Taling Kingdom as the territory of our Great Xia Empire."

"It now seems that your thoughts are right! The troubled times need to be re-enacted. At this moment, just as the demons are about to move, and the army is about to attack, the group of scumbags are still fighting in the nest. It is precisely because I have no temper in Daxia, I really want to compromise. to take care of the overall situation? This time, not!"

"It's just such a routine revenge, how can I show the power of the Great Xia Empire? If you want to deter those ambitious people, you have to use ruthless methods. I will do my best to support you and destroy Taling. All over the country, chickens and dogs will not stay. Let the whole world know that those who violate my great summer power will be killed without mercy!"

Qin Luosheng's blood boiled.

It is really lucky to have such an emperor who has a clear mind and is full of courage, and who fully supports and withstands the pressure!

"However, you should also know that the difficulties of my Daxia Empire, if I act like this blatantly, it will inevitably lead to the panic of other affiliated countries." The emperor added: "So, I can't give you any assistance on the bright side. , you can only do this by yourself, I can't give you any help in combat!"


Qin Luosheng nodded. In fact, he didn't plan to call for foreign aid. He originally planned to do this alone.


Qin Luosheng also knew that the Great Xia Empire was the kind of state of etiquette. The heaven was the uppermost country, it served the world with salt, and it was majestic in all directions, allowing all nations to come to the court.

If such an act of annihilation of the country is really done, it is still the kind of physical annihilation of the country.

This is not fear, but it is unnecessary, and the timing is not right, the war against aggression has just been won, and the vitality has not yet recovered, so it is not appropriate to be too extravagant.

"Thank you for your hard work!" The emperor patted Qin Luosheng on the shoulder, hesitated for a moment, and then said, "... I've wronged you!"

"Small question!" Qin Luosheng smiled and didn't care much, "Then I'll go to prepare, and act today!"

Looking at Qin Luosheng who turned away, the emperor opened his mouth, but did not stop him. In addition to being pleased, there was a hint of shame on his face.

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