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Chapter: 1861

Burning the sky and boiling the sea destroying the city with a flick of a finger

"Participate in... Participate in the Great Summer Dynasty, His Excellency the King of God!"

Qin Luosheng swaggered down to the Taling Kingdom without any cover. How could the officials of the Taling Kingdom, the guards and ordinary people not see it, the city lord of the city came forward tremblingly to see him.

That's right, it's an audience.

The Shenwu King of the Daxia Empire, the king of the emperor who holds real power and is not weak, even the king of the Taling Kingdom has to bow down, not to mention a small city lord.

"I don't know what is the important thing for His Excellency King Shenwu to come to our country? The lower official can tell my king immediately and receive your Excellency!"

The city lord bowed ninety degrees, showing a humble look.

"This time this king is here to destroy your Taling Kingdom!"

Qin Luosheng said indifferently.

A word, suddenly caused an uproar in the entire city.

"This, this... Your Excellency King Shenwu, what did you say, sir, I seem to have misunderstood!"

The city owner was almost scared to pee, with a look of horror on his face.

They all know what they have done, and they also know how terrifying this master is. Even such a powerful Seventeen-Nation Allied Force has been planted, murdering Yingye, a veritable executioner, a demon, and a man in his hands. With more than nine-figure human lives, they are worthy of this number in the whole country!

The power of one person is so cruel.

Now he is the king of Shenwu, who can mobilize tens of thousands of troops in Daxia, and even the four strongest legions can drive him to destroy the small island country of Taling Kingdom. Isn't it easy to live in, is it easy?

They once thought that the Great Xia Empire would take a breather and settle accounts after the fall, but they never imagined that it would come so fast and the revenge would be so ruthless.


To directly destroy their entire country!

"Our country has established diplomatic relations with Shang for thousands of years, and has always..."

The city lord was crying, and he wanted moral kidnapping, so he could fight for it.

"You're talking too much nonsense!" Qin Luosheng interrupted him unceremoniously, "I'm not bad for you, Daxia, right? You were attacked by pirates, and it was Daxia who sent troops to rescue you, drove away the pirates, and protected your country. Jo."

"Your Taling country is a small island country, with very little arable land and backward in all aspects. It is me, Daxia, who assists you, giving you food, iron, cloth, etc., so that you have changed from the barbaric Stone Age to what you are today."

"...There are many more, so I won't talk nonsense. What about you? How did you treat us? The wolf's ambition is to feed the unfamiliar white-eyed wolf. When I am in danger in the summer, I don't ask you to share weal and woe and sacrifice your life in return, at least , don't stab you in the back, right? You still have the face to question me, and the face to establish diplomatic relations for thousands of years?"

The faces of countless citizens of Taling Kingdom were flushed, and they bowed their heads, embarrassed.

"That's just, that's just,..."

The city owner wanted to find an excuse, but after thinking about it, he couldn't find an interface that could speak out. He was immediately speechless and stood there dumbfounded.

"My Majesty the Emperor Daxia has always ruled the world with benevolence, benevolent government, and love the people like a son, but I am different, I will repay you!" Qin Luosheng sneered: "I will do what His Majesty the Emperor will not do; Yes, my crying soul will not have any psychological burden. Today, your Taling Kingdom will be destroyed!"

"Hmph, arrogant child, how dare you say such arrogant words, do you really think that our generals are rubbish?" Knowing that things could not be done well, the general guarding the city looked sharp, and immediately shouted wildly to boost morale, "Sir Langs , raise the guns in your hands, draw the bows in your hands, and aim at the devil, the devil who wants to destroy our country, trample our homes, and kill our loved ones, tell him with our actions, shameful The invaders are doomed to fail!"

"Ignorant fool!"

Qin Luosheng stared blankly at the soldiers who had rekindled their fighting spirit, at the chilling spears of the thousands of soldiers, and at the rain of arrows rushing towards them, without moving.

"Clang clang clang clang..."

The soldiers of the small island nation, even if they are guarding the border portal, are at most level 80. How can such garbage be able to help him? Not to mention the Xuanwu Holy Spirit Armor, even if he didn't have it, he could easily resist it with his own fleshly body.

"Burning the sky and cooking the sea!"

There was a loud phoenix cry.

The Suzaku Holy Wing behind Qin Luosheng, a fiery red light shot up into the sky, turning into a fire Suzaku.

In an instant.

The sky and the earth changed color, the entire sky seemed to be dyed red, and the clouds were endless.

This is Burning Heaven!


Qin Luosheng waved his hand lightly, and immediately, the Vermillion Bird of Fire swooped down, driving the long flame tail, and pounced towards the city below.

Burning Heaven has it.

How can there be a shortage of boiled sea?

In the desperate look of countless people, the Vermillion Bird of Fire burst open, scattered like stars, and countless flames covered the entire city and a small area outside the city, no matter what it was, it all burned under the flames.

The extreme high temperature even caused the sea area below to continue to bubbling, that is, the sea water boiled and was boiled.

Ten seconds later.

Qin Luosheng waved his hand again, but this time it was not an order to attack, but to extinguish the flames that had already turned everything into powder or even nothingness.


With a cold snort, Qin Luosheng continued to wave the Suzaku Holy Spirit Wings and left the gateway city of the Taling Kingdom. He also opened the city gate and let the invaders join forces to attack the gate of sin in China.

"Is this the crying soul?"

"God! He is God!"

Countless people watched millions of people and a big city through the live broadcast. In such a short period of time, they were destroyed without any suspense, completely destroyed, not even the broken walls were left, and not a trace was left. , I was instantly terrified.

Especially the people in the Seventeenth War Zone are even more heartbroken.

Just move a finger, and destroy a city like this, effortlessly, even if this city is the city of Taling Kingdom, a small country, it is far inferior to the main city, but it is a border gate in the end, and its defense strength is not weak. Comparable to second-tier cities.

In a place like this, even a single round of sobbing souls, a single magic can't stand it.

Can the main city, the imperial city, be able to withstand it?


Is there anything that can stop the pace of Weeping Soul's revenge?


At least, they don't.

The only hope is to rely on the patron saint of every war zone, just like the God of Amaterasu who rescued the world when the Weeping Soul invaded the East and was about to be destroyed.


Patronus, can you really beat the sobbing soul?

Do not know why.

Such an idea has arisen in the minds of countless people.

As usual, no one would doubt a true god.

Even the sobbing soul escaped from Amaterasu's hands in an extremely embarrassing manner at the beginning, which is enough to prove that the combat power is not of the same level.

But now!

Weeping Soul is not the original Weeping Soul, not Wuxia Amon.

The power of one person to control one country and one tripod to destroy an army has not yet been digested, and now he will destroy a city in the blink of an eye, constantly refreshing the three views in people's hearts.

The most terrifying thing is.

No one knows the extent to which Crying Soul's strongest strength is.

The means he has shown are enough to make anyone dare, but they are only the tip of the iceberg of his strength.

The unknown is the most terrifying!

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