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Chapter: 1871

The Demon s Prophecy the World Collapses in Three Days

"Curse, curse, while you still have this time!"

Facing the overwhelming insults and threats, Qin Luosheng regarded it as nothing, the whining of a group of weak people, and the sternness of the dog with its tail tucked, how ridiculous it seemed.

"Three days later, the revenge operation will officially begin. The targets of revenge include the following war zones: Bald Eagle, Dongying, Xiba, ..." Qin Luosheng read out a declaration that shocked countless people in the live broadcast room in the calmest tone, "The method of revenge: random , I improvised, the order of revenge: No, as I am happy, but the first wave will be decided by drawing lots."

You call me a devil?

OK, then I'll be the devil.

Play the cruelest game with the most entertaining attitude and the most playful way.

Isn't that just what you want?

That's what the devil does!

"Remember, the countdown to your destruction has started from now on!" Qin Luosheng's tone returned to normal, and he became as indifferent as always, "You guys, please take advantage of the time I specially give you to prepare well. You don't do your best, but still The desperation that cannot change the cruel reality, how can you feel what my Chinese compatriots have suffered. - Three days later, we will see you in the live broadcast room. "

Qin Luosheng's live broadcast stopped.

But the terrifying declaration of revenge caused a huge wave that swept the world.

For a time, the whole world began to turmoil.

The countries that originally wanted to deal with China as before, using group pressure and delay tactics, suddenly panicked.

To deal with Huaxia, they can deceive them, because the Huaxia family has a great cause and has too many scruples, and they cannot offend so many countries at one time, especially since these countries are all currently the top in the world, and basically they can represent the global will.


The result of such a delay is that they must pay a part of the benefits to appease them, but since the initiative is in their own side, unless Huaxia is completely crazy to start a nuclear war, otherwise, they can only take compensation and hold their noses obediently. admit.


never expected.

He actually killed such a different kind of Crying Soul.

As the most powerful country on Blue Star, each of them is not easy to deal with. Regardless of the others, the intelligence system alone is very powerful, and it penetrates into every country.


Those high-level executives naturally knew that Huaxia ZF did not control such a big killer at all, and even, they were always looking for it at a loss.


That's not acting, it's real.

Because of this, even if they want to put pressure on the official Huaxia, they can't do it, because they can't do it at all!

Originally, Crying Soul was an absolutely powerful and unstable factor, either recruiting or destroying it, but after so long, has it been successful in recruiting Crying Soul?


The sobbing soul lives in a secluded place, and the dragon sees the beginning but not the end. Even if they fight against the spies hidden in China, sacrifice this precious chess piece to negotiate, and turn it back for their own use, they don't have this chance, everyone sees it. No, Gan.

And what about destruction?

The same is true.

Not to mention that you can't see anyone, even if you do, what can you do?

Who can have such a big devil?

The plan has been stranded and stranded again and again.

But can it be put on hold now?

People are going to hit your country.

The top leaders of each summit organization watched the whole process of the destruction of the Taling Kingdom, and they were completely silent, their faces were ashen, and even the toughest hawks did not dare to speak at this moment.

say what?

What can be said?

call back?

Aren't I **** afraid?

Ha ha!

A person who dares to say this will either be sent to a military court as soon as possible and be punished for treason, because he wants to bring the country against the devil, to destroy his country, or he will be fired immediately and get out of the decision-making power, the reason Is the brain is not good, suspected cerebral palsy.

"Increase the pressure on China!"

Countless think tanks have come up with ideas, and after constant disputes and even quarrels, a consensus has finally been reached.

If you can't help but cry, you can only find the only existence that can help you cry and suppress it.

This is the last and only way.


The arrogant B-pigs naturally won't admit defeat so easily. Even if they want to admit defeat, they know it's impossible for them to accept it.

Then, the only way is to concentrate troops, make overall plans, arrange them, and fight!

No matter whether you can fight against that terrifying man or not, at least you have to give it a try. Otherwise, you will surrender immediately, cede land and pay indemnities, and how to explain to the people. I am afraid that not all members will be washed away and tied to the pillar of shame in history. .

"I just hope that the patron saint of our country can defeat that demon!"

This is the prayer of all war zones to be targeted.

Humans have been unable to stop the Crying Soul Demon King, so only the gods can contend with it.

In the past, some people may have disputed this and disagreed.

But I don't know what level of Taling Kingdom was in that instant, at least it was Gongsun Zhan, who was at the peak of mythology's combat power. A forbidden spell called a thousand-meter-high tsunami, and it was a magical method to destroy a country in one fell swoop. After these are revealed, even if it is The person with the toughest mouth is also convinced.


Qin Luosheng ignored the ups and downs of the outside world.

Three days later, since the revenge action has been decided and said in person, then the king of heaven is here, so don't try to stop him.

These three days were the preparation time he gave those war zones, and it was also the limited time he had to impose despair and fear buffs on those war zones.

How do you feel when you know death is imminent and you know exactly when it will be?

Maybe everyone has the answer in their hearts.

But there is no doubt that fear is the most fundamental.

Qin Luosheng wanted those guys to live in endless fear for the next three days.

What kind of pain is an instant death in the body?

He just wants those arrogant but stupid guys to experience what it's like to be wrapped in fear all the time.


With the battle of revenge three days later, except for the first unlucky one, the remaining guys who were not listed as targets will be retaliated one by one along with their original "partners". Frightened, the fear deepened layer by layer.


Wouldn't it be nice?


Giving three days has another, deeper meaning.

One is to let the Anxie guys scramble to "gift" Huaxia, in order to compensate with compensation in exchange for "peace!"

Even if not all war zones will do this, they must have to bite the bullet and choose to be tough for various reasons, but after all, some will be scared to death and will only beg for mercy, among which the small war zone is the most.


Many of these small war zones were coerced to "get into the car" and did not send troops. They just had to ask experts to help in the battle. Although the fact that the invaders could not be changed, the crime was not deep after all. Completely kill all of them, and it is possible to accept "surrender"!

to this.

Qin Luosheng is also willing to sell the official face.

If he wants revenge, it is not a fool who has to one-on-one to challenge the whole world, forcefully suppress a group, win over a group, and then influence a group. Isn't this the best choice?

As for the second reason, that is that he needs to rest.

Even if he has no burden in his heart, he has destroyed a country after all, and together with its citizens, hundreds of millions of people died tragically in the tsunami. Qin Luosheng needs time to "recuperate" and calm his mind.


He chose the deserted land.

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