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Chapter: 1873

Book of People Book of Life and Death

PS: The last chapter is wrong, the book of life and death is a book of people, and it has been changed later!


Rating, maximum limit, SSS!

In this regard, Qin Luosheng is no exception.

The content of the mission is to destroy the Taling Kingdom, but he completely destroyed the Taling Kingdom from top to bottom.

Not only the country name is gone, the country is gone, the king is gone, even all the citizens are gone, the original land of the entire Taling Kingdom, even the buildings are gone, the original natural vegetation, the mountains and rivers have also been harmed. look.

Is this the most complete destruction?

If this can't get the highest SSS evaluation, Qin Luosheng will almost wonder if there is something tricky in it.


This is a direct level +3, which Qin Luosheng never expected.

Too rich, right?

Originally, Qin Luosheng's level was 96, but now he has risen to 99 in an instant. He's just one step away from reaching the full level. Not to mention one step to the sky, at least he has touched the **** of the sky, which is very satisfying.

In addition to this, there is a bonus.

people book.

If Qin Luosheng remembers correctly, this book seems to have an alias called—

Life and death book!

"Fuck, this is to let me have a Death Note?"

Qin Luosheng suddenly became excited!

Tossing from the backpack for a while, I found that simple but indescribable Dao rhyme, which looks like an ordinary wire-bound book.

Renshu (Remnant): ? ? ?

That's it?

You TM sent me with three question marks?

Even if it can't be used, can you give me some introduction and let me know if this thing is the book I imagined, gan!


Asking Xiaoxiao when he is indecisive, this is already Qin Luosheng's daily operation.

"Don't ask me, I don't know either!" The almighty Xiaoxiao also came with a negative answer at this time, "However, this thing is definitely the real thing, it doesn't matter if you don't know the purpose now, it doesn't matter if it is unsealed, there will definitely be opportunities in the future, Don't mess around."

"How could it be!" Qin Luosheng's mouth twitched, "I'm not an idiot, this is a task whose difficulty has been raised to SSS, and a task reward can only be obtained when the degree of completion reaches the highest level. An idiot will not ignore it!"

If it's really a human book, it's no joke.

That treasure, even the gods can't control it, the real owners are all the first great gods born after the opening of the sky, and even the big men who existed before the opening of the sky.

The book of life and death is also known as the book of life and death. It is just an alias, or a confusing statement. The book of life and death is indeed a book of life and death, but it is not necessarily a book of life and death.

In other words.

The book of life and death is just a part of the power of the book of people, or it is a clone of the book of people, the manifestation of a part of the power, located in the Hell Palace in the Netherworld, under the control of the Ten Halls of Hell, which records the billions of thousands of worlds. The lifespan of life is limited, and according to this, the soul can be detained, and the ghost can be captured and sent to the underworld to maintain order in the world.

A real human book, it is not only the ability of this lost!

The Heavenly Book Conferred God List, which records the fate of the gods!

The Book of Mountains and Seas from the Earth, which records the fate of monsters and monsters!

The book of life and death, which records the fate of people!

In other words.

The real book of people, it is the book of fate, even if the object is only human, its power is too great to be boundless.

Humans are the masters of heaven and earth.

"Fortunately, it is not a fake product, but a defective product!"

Qin Luosheng is not greedy.

Just to complete a mere task that he can easily complete, at most, bears endless infamy and mental pressure, but it can be exchanged for Renshu, even if it is only a broken version, it is super worthwhile.

Disabled means incomplete, incomplete.

Fake is something that is fake and fake.

One is a genuine incomplete version, and the other is a copycat product.

Which is better or worse, you can see at a glance.

Maybe the counterfeit thing has some ability, but it must be castrated, weaker and lower-grade, not to mention rubbish, at least the force of the book is there, for a weak chicken like Qin Luosheng, even if it is a copycat product, it can bring The help is also unimaginable.


Relatively speaking, the incomplete version is definitely better. After all, it is genuine. After all, it is a real son. Needless to say, the potential is the same bloodline. It must be repaired in the future, looking for divine power, and inheriting something.

This is a comparison of dragons and snakes.

Even if the dragon is a hybrid dragon born by interbreeding with other creatures, it still contains the blood of a true dragon and belongs to the dragon family.

Even if the snake is a different species, with extremely strong abilities and extremely high combat power, but after all, it does not have the blood of a dragon and cannot be classified as a dragon. Maybe you are strong now, but your potential is really not comparable.

This is the biggest difference between genuine and cottage!

"If Renshu, remember that it seems to be in the hands of Empress Houtu? She is the real Lord of the Nether, a saint of the Underworld."

"Although Empress Houtu doesn't care about chores because of her sanctification, the authority of reincarnation is always in her hands, and the sage's means are immeasurable, but among them, the manifestation of the Dao is the holy treasure of the sage's enlightenment, even if it is not a human book, this The things are definitely very heavy, not the kind of ordinary baby!"

The Heavenly Books Conferred Gods List restricts a group of gods, and is itself an extremely powerful spiritual treasure. It is something that is suppressed by the luck of a big force like the Heavenly Court, and its status and efficacy can be seen.

In the words of the Book of Earthly Books of Mountains and Seas, in the hands of Zhen Yuanzi, the ancestor of the Earth Immortal, this is the great power born from the opening of the sky, and his status can be seen from the title of the ancestor of the Earth Immortal.

Avalokitesvara holds disciples' rituals, and only respects heaven and earth, that is, the way of heaven. It does not even respect saints. He can even argue with saints and recruit Sun Monkeys. His strength is unfathomable.

The Classic of Mountains and Seas records many things of mythical beasts and beasts. It is in charge of the power of the earth veins, and hundreds of millions of miles of rivers can be used for it. The name of the ancestor of the earth immortals is well deserved.

As for the book of life and death, it records the fate of life and death of all things in the world, and its ability to shock the heavens and the earth, similar to the book of fate, belongs to the most mysterious and unpredictable existence among the three books.

"Perhaps, it is precisely because of the horror of Renshu that it can affect the most powerful and unpredictable destiny, and is in charge of the six reincarnations, that the most powerful Daomen, Buddhism and Heaven are all allowed to participate in the Nether Samsara with the permission of the Goddess Houtu. Bar?"

Qin Luosheng sighed endlessly.

Although the Netherworld is respected by Empress Houtu, which is equivalent to the supreme emperor, but if the emperor does not care about anything, then the authority is divided into three parts and given to three ministers, namely: Fengdu Underworld established by Daomen, Yin Cao established by Buddhism Underworld, Taishan Prefecture established by Heaven!

The three forces compete with each other, restrict each other, and supervise each other, forming a three-legged situation.

Empress Houtu seems to be indifferent to matters, but in fact her methods are extremely clever, because the three forces will never be reconciled, and if they are accommodated as one, she will naturally do her best to help her maintain the operation of the Netherworld, which can save a lot of trouble. what.


Even if anyone wants to make trouble, she is an authentic saint in control of the Netherworld, and she, who is a saint in the Netherworld, can be suppressed by turning her hand.

Under the premise of being invincible, why not do it if someone is a dog's leg?

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