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Chapter: 1875

The Story of Creation and the Gift of Lei Lingzhu

"The opportunity has come, it should appear!"

Facing Qin Luosheng's question, Unknown Leilong said a plausible remark.

Without waiting for Qin Luosheng to ask again, the unknown Thunder Dragon directly explained, "I, Kunpeng, Xuanwu, and the two little fellows, the Winged Fire Snake and the Jishui Leopard, belong to Thunder, Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water, which just correspond to heaven and earth. Five Spirits. Do you know what it takes to create the world?"

Qin Luosheng was stunned!


I fuck.

Boss, your topic is a bit high-end!

How can I know the answer to this kind of question as a little human being?

"Earth, wind, water and fire, repeating the world." The unknown Thunder Dragon did not embarrass Qin Luosheng too much, perhaps because he knew that he did not know this kind of secret, so he gave the answer directly, "Pangu created the world and killed three thousand chaos gods. Demon, that kind of great creation, you can't learn it, you have to reach at least half a step in the realm of the Great Dao!"

"But in the great world created by Pangu, there are lessons from the past that can be used for reference, and it is not to open up supreme chaos, and the laws are relatively fragile. At this time, only need to reach the realm of saints to create the world, and evolve a world with the power of earth, wind, water and fire. new world."

"Even, some great powers can create the world. Although it is a little worse, it is the creation of the world after all. Later, the laws are further weakened, and the skills and abilities can be used. Some strong people can also break the barriers, but the creation cannot do it , but it is very simple to open up a small world."

"Earth, wind, water and fire are the foundation of the world and the precondition for building the world. However, just like this, the world is incomplete, and the most important point is that life will not be born. A world without life is just a dead and desolate world, not a mature world."

"Thus, thunder appeared. Divine power is like a prison, and divine grace is like the sea. Lei has been synonymous with gods and powerful since ancient times. Especially Chaos Divine Thunder and Zixiao Divine Thunder can easily kill gods and destroy demons. , to frighten the powerhouses of the heavens."

"However, thunder seems to be violent, but it is not just violent. It brings not only destruction, but also new life and hope. The addition of thunder can cause wind movement, cloud movement, rain movement, spring thunder, spring breeze and rain. , all things recover, and in this way, life will gradually begin to derive."

Qin Luosheng listened with relish.

Maybe he didn't understand, but he was shocked.

This is the "speaking of the scriptures" by the boss himself, no matter whether you can understand it now, but this is definitely a useful word, and it is right to write it down first.

"Lei, completes the missing link of the earth, wind, water and fire, so that the five elements are complete, endless, and the source is endless. The heaven and the earth begin to revolve through this, and the cycle goes back and forth. This is the avenue of heaven and earth."

"I told you so much, what I want to say is that the five elements not only have the ability to create the world, but also the power of miracles to derive life, and thunder is the key."

"In the past, Mother Nuwa relied on the inextinguishable principle of the cycle of the five elements, which gave her infinite vitality, thereby restoring the sky and filling the sky."

"We have been entrusted by the mother of Nuwa, and have been guarding the sacred place that was transformed into the land of repairing the sky in the past, the holy place of belief in the prehistoric world, in addition to helping the latecomers to try, but also to seek people who can inherit this place and inherit the colorful circle. and the people of the Five Spirit Pearls."

When Unknown Thunder Dragon said this, a pair of dragon pupils looked straight at Qin Luosheng, and suddenly, as if he had guessed something, Qin Luosheng's heart beat violently.

"This person is you!"


With the personal admission of the unknown Thunder Dragon, Qin Luosheng finally knew why he appeared suddenly, and stopped himself and said so many words.

"Since you have inherited the five-colored ring, and have been unanimously recognized by the five of us, and have a great relationship with the four holy beasts, the man of destiny must be you!"

The unknown Thunder Dragon continued: "Xuanwu, Kunpeng, Keishuibao and Winged Fire Snake are all clones here, but I am the real body and have been waiting for you!"

Qin Luosheng was shocked and asked unconsciously, "Wait for me?"

"That's right, I'm waiting for you!" Unknown Thunder Dragon gave Qin Luosheng a confident look, "You didn't disappoint me, in a short period of time, you actually got two of the Five Spirit Orbs that have been lost for many years. The peak of the world is only one step away, and it is expected that it is time to entrust everything to you, to you!"


Without waiting for Qin Luosheng to speak, the unknown Thunder Dragon's huge dragon mouth opened, and a purple bead with arcs wrapped around its body was spit out from his mouth and slowly landed downwards. Its position was exactly where Qin Luosheng was standing. .

Lei Lingzhu! ! !

Qin Luosheng, who had already obtained the Shui Lingzhu and the Earth Lingzhu, was naturally very familiar with the shape and aura of the Lingzhu.

Even when I saw Lei Lingzhu for the first time, I recognized it instantly!

turn out to be.

The Lei Lingzhu is actually here in the unknown Thunder Dragon in the Land of Lei Ze.

"This, senior..."

Qin Luosheng stretched out his hand in a daze, and with the help of the Lei Lingzhu that fell into his palm, the exaggerated electric arc not only did not bring him the slightest discomfort or even harm, but it was very warm and felt like a top masseuse. of electrotherapy.

"This is what you deserve, accept it!" The unknown Thunder Dragon lost such a divine artifact as Lei Lingzhu, and the whole dragon's breath was wilted a lot, "You are the owner of it, and the colorful ring is the only one. It's its destination. I don't know what road you will take in the future, and where you will go, but in any case, please remember that in the past, the goddess Nuwa's behavior and spirit of repairing the sky and saving all souls in the wild."

"I will!"

Holding the Lei Lingzhu tightly, Qin Luosheng looked at the unknown Leilong very seriously and promised.

There are many novels in Honghuang, and all kinds of weird backgrounds are endless.


Naturally, there are many maidens who are black.

for example.

The human race is only a tool for the sanctification of the goddess Nuwa, and it is the same reason to establish a human religion with the supreme saint to deprive the human race of luck and sanctification.

even say.

The human race was created by the goddess Nuwa as food and supplements for the demon race, just like livestock.

There are indeed many arguments to support this claim.

The demon race has always used the human race as their ration, and at the last moment of the Lich War, they killed and slaughtered the human race and slaughtered hundreds of millions of people. They used the blood of the human race and the soul of resentment to forge the witch-slaying sword.

This almost led to the extinction of the human race.

It is for this reason that the deadly demon clan owes the human race a great cause and effect, and has forged a deep blood feud that will never be resolved.

The demons and the witches perished together, and both fell off the stage of heaven and earth, and they are no longer the overlords of heaven and earth. Therefore, the settlement of the cause and effect allowed their air transport to be instilled into the human race, so that the human race took advantage of the residual air luck of the Lich and the two tribes. Favored by the Tao of Heaven, he officially ascended the throne and became the new Lord of Heaven and Earth.

But this is not over.

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