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Chapter: 584

Abnormal weather.

Chapter 584: Abnormal weather.

The waves above got bigger and bigger and the sky got brighter and brighter when in the sun it was blocked by dark clouds which obscured the sky, and the sky under the dark clouds got extremely dark.


Once descended to a depth of a thousand meters, there was silence on the side of the Lord Duan Battleship as in a dark sky in countryside in midwinter. There was no more light, no rippling waves, only darkness. By this point, the Lord Duan Battleship had reached maximum diving depth, and if it continues to dive, the hull will be damaged.

At the aft cargo warehouse of the Lord Duan Battleship, there were twelve threads slightly thicker than straws that stretched out into the darker seabed. The twelve Squid Deep-sea Searcher detectors lined up in a straight horizontal line and their radars scanned the seabed. They have their own electric propeller propulsion system, and the cables that connected them to the battleship lord can provide them with a continuous source of energy. In the circular equipment compartment in the middle, the equipment used to identify the material composition of the seabed continuously emitted circles of electromagnetic waves invisible to the naked eye.

The warehouse has been temporarily transformed into a control room. Two Electronic Messengers were seated in front of two computers, closely monitoring the data downloaded by the Squid Deep-sea Searchers. The keywords for the alarm are magnesium alloy, nickel base alloy on the fighter plane, and depleted uranium alloy on the nuclear bomb hull.

It is impossible for these alloys to arise in nature without human intervention.

The twelve Squid Deep-sea Searchers covered a search area two kilometers wide and 20 kilometers long with no dead ends. If the length of the released cable was unlimited, the search range could be longer.

"Didi ~"

"Detector N° 6 detected the presence of magnesium alloy just below."

The Electronic Messenger was indifferent to this signaling because the outline of the blurred object induced by the magnetic induction element showed that it was only a small fragment of the alloy. It could be the wreckage of a certain ship or it could be a coin that was thrown by a person. It is only when several conditions are indicated, or when a relatively complete outline of the object appears, that the computer sounds a severe alarm. You need at least 11 conditions. In addition to that, the Electronic Messenger could analyze the blurred outline of the seabed from the data that often makes people feel completely dizzy.

The bottom of the deep sea below was a slide-like slope. The more you move, the deeper the slope. Strangely shaped hills appeared on the seabed, and Squid Deep-sea Searchers occasionally detected a large quantity of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and so on.

It was a small volcano erupting under the sea, and anything could happen in the mysterious seabed.

In the cockpit, Ye Qing activated cruise mode and turned on all the spotlights of the Lord Duan Battleship.

The Americans had not determined the location of the crash, and decades later the location had become more ambiguous, only this sea area was shown in the data. Ye Qing decided to loosen the cables even more and stretch the radius to several hundred kilometers. As long as the nuclear bomb is there, it will not escape his palm.

A huge crimson squid passed the window. Perhaps from the light piercing his eyes, he immediately sprayed thick black ink on the Lord Duan Battleship. Ye Qing was taken aback. That kind of creature that suddenly rushed over almost made him believe he had seen a ghost.


The search lasted three hours, and the deep sea was calm. However, in the sea above there were already turbulent waves and heavy rain.

Weather data downloaded from maritime satellites clearly underestimated the intensity of the storm.

According to real-time data returned by the weather monitoring station located in Tanegashima, the wind in this sea area reached the ninth level at this time, and the huge waves that were triggered were several tens of meters high. If the wind was on land, the ninth-level gale could already knock down large trees with fragile roots. It was panic on public maritime radio.

"This is the Serena. This is the Serena. Dispatch center immediately give me the location of the nearest sheltered port. We have a 100,000-ton load. Please find one harbor for us," Serena’s call was mixed with the sound of the waves hitting the ship’s deck and the roar of the wind.

"I’m the Sunset, damn it, you don’t have a brain at the dispatch center, why is the wind two levels bigger than you expected?"

"Damn, we’re a bulk container ship, and if the container is tilted in the sea what’s going to happen?"

"Sunset? Why are you showing me this route? Hurry up and find me a place to shelter from the wind. Is there no other place to shelter me in this sea area? Our container ship cannot withstand the strong wind."

"This is the Bigelow, the waves hit our warehouse, please help me organize with a port. Immediately."

Heavy rain on the sea pours in, and dozens of ships collide with the big waves in this maritime area.

It is true freighters can withstand big waves of several tens of meters high. But it’s the same as a person who is not going to starve after three days without eating. In this big situation, the structure of the ship and the full load of the cargo will be seriously threatened.

A large cruise ship with a white hull and a beautiful shape, with big waves and strong winds, he was having a hard time heading to the port of Miyanoradake Island, it was the Sapphire Princess ‘, owned by the world’s largest cruise line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The Sapphire had a load of 9,000 tones and was launched in 2015. It has 217 luxury rooms. The ship contains almost everything that is available in the luxury social places of the world. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is headquartered in the United States and the Sapphire ship under its umbrella carries over two hundred distinguished passengers from the United States. All across Alaska, Bristol Bay, the Bering Sea, and finally the Pacific Ocean, they arrived in Asia.

This is the famous Pacific travel route under the Norwegian-American shipping company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., with a total itinerary of 42 days. Along the way, you can enjoy the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Dance with the whales and enjoy the natural scenery of tropical beaches and the world of snow. There are 217 luxury passenger cabins in the ‘Sapphire Princess’, mostly retired executives and women with children.

After all, the young and the rich seldom have time to stay on the ship for forty-two days. At this time, the Sapphire is no longer in the playful and carefree scene of the past. The water in the sun-drenched pool on the upper level swayed and the overflowing waves rolled down the rows of beach chairs.

Most tourists stayed in luxurious rooms comparable to presidential suites. They helped the rails next to the bed, all pale, with painful expressions, and some people with a poor physique had started to get seasick and vomit.

"Damn, the forecast of the local marine environment provided by Japan is way more ridiculous than the lips of politicians," Sapphire Captain Brady angrily jumped into the cockpit. The rotating round glass of the porthole spun abruptly, shaken by the rainwater hitting it. However, before Brady could see anything another huge wave came in, splashing the foredeck, mixed with rain, and misting the window again.

"How far do we need to reach the next port?"

"Sixty-seven nautical miles," the first officer cried anxiously.

"Damn, there’s still a two-hour trip," Captain Brady grabbed the handrails, and a pale expression came: "When the storm passes, we’ll be swamped with moans like the sea that all the benefits will evaporate."

"Damn, for all of Japan, rag forecast results from the wind seven, now wind nine, even more, a day ahead of forecast."

"Captain, I think the situation looks a little bad. From past experience, with nine winds waves only rolled six to seven meters, but the waves now have reached over ten meters for the wind of 7.5 we must beg God."

"I don’t know if the ship’s company lost over a million dollars this time around," Captain Brady replied.

"Boom ~"

Another huge wave has arrived. Captain Brady was about to swear when suddenly the whole cruise ship shook, and an unusual and violent shaking sound came from the bottom of the ship. The noise lasted for over ten seconds, and when the sound disappeared, everyone visibly felt the navigation was slowing down.

"Captain ~ it’s the wheelhouse. It’s not good, our fuel system is broken."

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