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Chapter: 2530

Searing Saber

Chapter 2530 Searing Saber  Third Boost

I activated the third boost, and at the same time, the blade of my saber had turned searing red. One could feel the searing heat from the blade, but this heat did not seem to affect the surrounding water at all; the temperature of the water around the blade remained the same.

The power of the third boost coursed through me, and I disappeared from my spot. I  moved while avoiding the hundreds of hands coming in my direction and appeared directly in front of the Blue Water Apeman.

"Die, Grimm!" 

I said and swung down my saber with a speed that alarmed it for a moment before that confident gaze returned as the water disk formed in front of it to defend while hundreds of hands came from behind to crush me.


My saber instantly reached the disk and touched it; just as it did, a sizzling sound rang out as the water evaporated, and the blade began to cut through the disk without losing any momentum.

I could see its expression stiffened, seeing that; the water disk is very powerful and could be considered one best defense I had ever seen but is it not without weakness. The classing one is, of course, fire, but I am not using only fire.

There is also the sharpness and weight of enchantment, which I am using first time in this battle. 

The one putting it all together is the power of boost; without a raw power behind it, all the head, sharpness, and weight would be useless in front of it.


It did not take even a second before my saber pierced through the water disk and moved toward its chest, but the Apeman had been ready, and it quickly moved its stone trident to defend against my sword.


Our weapons clashed, and a huge shockwave was created; it was like a tsunami, repelling even hundreds of hands coming at me.

"So, you do know how to use that trident of yours; I thought you only use it as a stick to manipulate the water," I said and took back my saber and attacked again; now that I had got a chance to attack it directly, I will not leave it; as for the hands, they cant be dealt by the shockwaves.

Though, I was a little surprised; earlier, I had thought its water manipulation rivaled that of the commander of the Benton archipelago, but I had given a too high opinion to it.

Its elemental manipulation is good but not that good; it is not as skill as I had throught it to be; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to avoid those hands. 

If I had been fighting against the commander of the beston archipelago, then I would have been busy fighting the thousands of water tentacles right now; she wouldn’t have let me reach so close to her.

Once again, the water disk had appeared in front of me, but my saber once again cut through it like butter and moved to strike against its stone trident.


Its trident clashed against my saber and created a shockwave that repelled the hands coming at me even further. As I fished the attack, I did not wait even for a moment and launched another attack; I wanted to keep pressing the bastard till it revealed its full power.

While it may seem like it is using all of its strength, it is not, there is still quite much it is hiding, and I have to bring it all out.


As I was launching the third strike of my saber, I noticed one thing that surprised me. The first shockwave in which I had reached the boundary of the disk had suddenly disappeared. The huge power of the shockwave shockwaves is instantly absorbed by the last line of the runes covering the disk.

While it had surprised me and even made me happy thinking the resources growing the lake wouldn’t be damaged by it, I did not focus on it.

My real focus is the Apeman in front of me, and it is all that matters.


Attack after attack rained down on it, and the more I fought, the more I saw flaws in underwater fighting style and water manipulation.

It did not have much fighting experience fighting underwater or experience in fighting underwater with enemies that had lots of tricks up in their sleeve. It is also the same with its water manipulation; it is weak compared to the commander of the beston archipelago.

It is the only one able to control water in such a way because of the brimming water elemental energy inside the lake, which is giving it a huge aid.

If it had been a regular lake, it could forget about manipulating water in such away. If the commander of the beston archipelago had been here, she would have been an absolute terror; with her skills, she would have even been able to fight against a High Grandmaster.

As I understood it, I began to change my fighting style according to it, and the result showed almost instantly.

I begin to pressure, its relaxing movements become strained, and it is moving its trident without stopping. Still, despite its glaring weaknesses, the water manipulation is still a huge weapon, and it is also not an idiot not but someone with tremendous battle experience.

It also changed its strategy; it did away with hands and began to focus on more watery disks; it also thickened the water around me, creating more pressure to restrict my movements.

If an initial Grandmaster standing in a place I am right and feeling this pressure, they wouldn’t have taken even a minute crushed into the pulp; even regular peak Grandmaster would feel a considerable pressure, and the only reason I could bear this pressure was because of the strength of my body and the great armor I had designed.


Suddenly, the Apeman struck its trident on the ground, and the thick wall sphere of concentrated water enveloped it.

I was surprised and stopped by my saber from crashing against it; what it did was quite sudden, and even if I continued, it wouldn’t have killed it. So, I decided to stop and see what it is doing; I could not have taken such a relaxed approach a few minutes ago, but now, I afford to do so.

A second after it had enveloped itself into the sphere, I sensed a powerful energies burst out of it, and soon, a huge bloodline phantom of Blue Water Apeman formed above the sphere. It was huge and very clear, and like a rookie, I did not dare to look directly into its eyes.

The phantom stayed for a second before it went back to the Apeman, and I could feel its power strengthening further.


I thought it would burst out of the sphere as its bloodline phantom merged into it, but it did not. Instead, it begins to crazily pour its energy into the sphere, hundreds of times more than it used to manipulate the water.

Seeing that, I became cautious and created a distance between myself and the water sphere.

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