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Chapter: 1815


Although Nangong Tian's corpse and Kingdom were gone, Lin Huang said nothing.

It was him who authorized Zhao Xuan to attack Nangong Tian.

He had no qualms about what Zhao Xuan did with Nangong Tian.

"I'll leave these two with you. See if you can get anything out of them."

Lin Huang picked up child-face and swollen-face using Divine Telekinesis threads and tossed them in front of Zhao Xuan.

At that moment, their aura had already fallen to heavenly dao-level rank-1.

Given that they had lost the support of their Kingdoms, they would be able to last even one round in a fight against Zhao Xuan.

Lin Huang did not even bother to remove the mask on their faces. After all, Zhao Xuan would inform him if he managed to get any information out of them.

"Sure." Zhao Xuan bowed to Lin Huang.

He was completely convinced by the white-robed man before him. 

This man was a supreme powerhouse who could even capture a half-step Dominator alive.

"I've killed a half-step Dominator from the Black Abyss' headquarters. I suppose they won't just let this go. Their mission this time was targeted at Royal, and their headquarters are definitely aware of it. There's a high chance that the Black Abyss might take revenge later. Given that my identity is unknown to them, they can only take revenge on Royal." Lin Huang paused slightly before continuing to say to Zhao Xuan, "My personal suggestion is that you should seize this opportunity to dissolve Royal. If you can't bear to lose some old friends, build another organization when the chaos blows over. You can gather your old friends back together then."

"Of course, it depends on whether you want to do that. I'm just giving you a suggestion to prevent you guys from suffering a calamity for nothing."

"Senior, I have a different opinion regarding the Black Abyss' response." Zhao Xuan fell silent momentarily before speaking again, "I think the possibility of them taking revenge for the loss of a half-step Dominator is low, at least for the time being."

"Oh? Why do you say that?" Lin Huang raised his brows slightly.

"Looking at the information Nangong Tian provided, the Black Abyss only has three half-step Dominators on the surface. Even if the real number exceeds that, there won't be too many of them. Judging from the Black Abyss members' temperaments, no matter how many half-step Dominators there are, I don't think they're that close with each other. They even betrayed their own brothers, so it's impossible that they'd avenge their friends."

"Secondly, the Black Abyss' main mission is to set up outposts. They likely picked out a couple of zones, which means that the Eastern Eight Zone isn't the only one. Theoretically, it's not a 100% must-have territory. Moreover, since a half-step Dominator died in the Eastern Eight Zone, it proves that there's at least one other half-step Dominator guarding it. To the remaining half-step Dominators in the Black Abyss, compared to other outposts, the Eastern Eight Zone has become much more dangerous. If I was the decision maker, instead of wasting time to chew on this tough bone, I'd rather give up on the Eastern Eight Zone and focus all of my forces on the other outposts."

"Thirdly, even if the Eastern Eight Zone is a territory that they must occupy, and they cannot lose this outpost, the people from the Black Abyss won't waste their time here within this short period of time. If I was the decision maker, I'd bypass the Eastern Eight Zone for now and attack all the other outposts first before focusing all of my forces on the most difficult Eastern Eight Zone. I wouldn't plan to give up on the plans for the other outposts midway just to attack the Eastern Eight Zone."

"Fourthly, the Black Abyss has stayed dormant for so many years and was only exposed when things developed to this point. This proves that their higher-ups are extremely cautious. Moreover, your identity is completely unknown to them. They definitely won't attack the Eastern Eight Zone rashly before confirming your level of ability."

"Fifthly, through this mission, Royal is definitely being watched by the Black Abyss' headquarters. Me dissolving Royal now would make them think that we're worried that their headquarters would send people over. On the other hand, if I maintain Royal's operations as usual, it would make them think that I really have the ability to fight them, and that I'm not afraid of their remaining half-step Dominators coming to fight me."

"The way things are, it's better if I don't dissolve Royal." Zhao Xuan made a rather thorough analysis on the situation.

Even Lin Huang thought it made a lot of sense when he heard his explanation. He could not help but nod lightly.

"Your analysis is great, but there are always "what ifs" in everything. What if silver-face has a good friend who is a half-step Dominator who wants to avenge him? What if the Eastern Eight Zone is the most important outpost that they have to conquer first? What if the Black Abyss has Space-time element cultivators who can restore the scene of the entire battle between me and silver face? What if they have people who have even more powerful abilities than I do?"

"If that really happens, then we can only blame our bad luck." Zhao Xuan's eyes remained determined despite hearing that. "However, I still trust my judgment."

Lin Huang nodded lightly. "I trust your judgment too."

"Don't send out the name list of the Black Abyss' reserve members Nangong Tian provided yet to prevent alerting the enemy. You should send it out only after we locate their branch in the Eastern Eight Zone and settle the remaining two official members. We'll work with the other organizations to capture the reserve members. We must capture all of them!"

Over the next few days, the chaos in the Eastern Eight Zone completely stopped.

On that day itself, Lin Huang located the Black Abyss' branch in the Eastern Eight Zone. After all, to him, the Ancient Abyss Star Zone was considered small. He found it easily after scanning the area with his Divine Telekinesis.

Not only that, the two official members happened to be waiting for news inside the branch. Lin Huang conveniently captured both of them alive.

After he retrieved their Kingdoms, he got Zhao Xuan to take care of them.

Later on, Lin Huang followed the information Nangong Tian had provided and headed straight to the Raiders' headquarters.

Just like what Nangong Tian had said, the Raiders' headquarters and their branch in the Eastern Eight Zone had been dissolved. He went to the two coordinates Nangong Tian had provided, but it was to no avail. 

After that, he secretly returned to the Feister Star Zone.

Meanwhile, Zhao Xuan had been busy with maintaining order in Royal, as well as with interrogating the Black Abyss' members.

After he submitted the Black Abyss' name list of reserve members, the remaining organizations began to surround and suppress the reserve members.

Within a few days, the Black Abyss' remaining forces in the Eastern Eight Zone were eradicated by the few organizations working together.

Just like that, half a month passed by quickly.

Just as Zhao Xuan had thought, the Black Abyss' headquarters did not send any half-step Dominators to take revenge on Royal.

The Black Abyss seemed to have even given up on the entire Eastern Eight Zone.

The Black Abyss was only left with six official members in the Eastern Eight Zone. Under Zhao Xuan's interrogation, they basically did not provide any information that was useful.

Everything that they said had been revealed by Nangong Tian a few days ago.

Lin Huang killed the six of them directly and put away their corpses in his storage space.

Just when the Eastern Eight Zone was calming down, Lin Huang and the rest obtained some news of insurrections and infighting happening in a few other zones.

Some grade-SSS organizations were attacked consecutively, while many heavenly dao-level powerhouses died.

Clearly, the Black Abyss had been focusing on plotting against other outposts and had completely ignored the Eastern Eight Zone.

At that moment, Lin Huang's Primordium was busy hunting in the mystic territory.. He was unaware of the changes that were happening in the outside world.

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