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Chapter: 1817

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Lin Huang stood by the cliff and looked at the bottomless Abyss before him.

The Abyss was the blind spot that his Divine Telekinesis failed to probe previously.

The mysterious area that devoured all sorts of probing techniques.

Even though it was just right in front of him, he could not see anything despite maximizing his vision to peer into the depths.

Apart from the stone wall ten meters beneath his feet, the area was shrouded in complete darkness after that.

The darkness blocked everything, including all forms of probing.

Regardless of whether it was Divine Telekinesis, vision or other probing techniques, none of them could probe the depths of the area at all.

"This place is a little unusual," Lin Huang mumbled while holding his chin.

He had tried all types of probing ocular skills earlier, and he had even superimposed them with Odyl, yet his vision was still obscured by the darkness.

Facing this mysterious area, it was only natural that Lin Huang would not jump in rashly and put himself in danger.

However, he was also quite unwilling to leave just like that as well.

He struggled as he stood where he was. Suddenly, he recalled that he had just obtained Bloop's ability, Death Telepathy.

As the master, he could use all of the Monster Skills of his imperial monsters now. Naturally, this included Bloop's Death Telepathy.

As he thought of this, without hesitation, he activated Death Telepathy.

The next second, the image before him changed suddenly. He felt as if he was in a virtual reality game.

He sensed his physical body, God's soul, Odyl, Kingdom, Divine Power, all of the Goldfingers in his body… Everything seemed to be blocked.

He was falling frantically as if he was being pulled down by an intangible force…

It was unknown how long he had been falling for, but the pulling sensation finally weakened and gradually disappeared completely.

However, at the moment, he seemed to have been completely drowned within the darkness beneath the Abyss.

Lin Huang realized that all of his sensing abilities no longer seemed to be working now.

He could not see anything, hear anything, or smell anything. No matter whether it was the ground beneath his feet or anywhere that his fingers could touch, it was all nothingness.

Apart from darkness, there seemed to be really nothing here.

Suddenly, Lin Huang recalled that he had experienced something similar.

It was the first time he entered a mystic territory. His consciousness was being pulled into the same darkness when he stood atop that altar.

However, this seemed to be different.

He could clearly hear someone breathing that time.

It sounded as if it had penetrated layers of dimensions. It was somewhere extremely far away, but it invoked terror within him.

However, there was no sound at all this time.

The entire darkness was dead silent.

Suddenly, a strange feeling of fear crept up from above Lin Huang's head. It felt as if he was being watched by a terrifying entity.

He wanted to use his Dao seals, but he realized that his body seemed to be completely sealed.

It was not only Dao seals, he could not even use his Divine Power at all.

Even his Divine Telekinesis was useless.

He could not even summon his God Weapon flying daggers and battle swords.

Sensing this, the insecurity that Lin Huang was feeling increased by several times.

As he was worried and had no idea what to do, he suddenly saw a red glow light up far away in the darkness…

However, the second the red glow lit up, he instantly felt a strange change taking place within his body. To be exact, it was not only his physical body, even his God's soul was going through a strange transformation.

"Is this… deformation?!"

Although he could not see his physical body, he could observe the God's soul in his body.

He realized that his God's soul had countless tentacles of various thickness and length growing out of it at speed visible to the naked eye.

Before he could even react properly, he realized that his consciousness was turning blurry.

There seemed to be a terrifying entity wiping away his consciousness and replacing it with a strange entity.

Just when his consciousness was about to fade into nothingness, a cracking noise echoed in his ears suddenly.

The next second, his consciousness returned to his body. He realized that he was still standing in front of the same cliff from before.


Xiao Hei and Eternity Fire issued a warning almost simultaneously!

Without hesitation, Lin Huang activated the Gate of All Realms and went inside.

After coming out of the Gate of All Realms, he had left the mystic territory.

He was relieved when he saw the mystic territory floating in front of him in mid-air.

At that moment, he saw that fog was surging throughout the entire mystic territory.

Almost instantly, it covered the entire mystic territory. The fog even attempted to spread to where he was.

Without hesitation, Lin Huang opened the Gate of All Realms again and went inside.

This time, he was teleported back to the Eastern Eight Zone. However, he did not dare to return to Dongxuan City right away.

He was completely relieved when he realized that the fog did not come after him after he returned to the Eastern Eight Zone.

At that moment, Xiao Hei suddenly spoke.

"What did you do? Why was the Substitute Card crushed on its own like that?"

"Substitute Card?!"

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard that. He checked his cards immediately, after which he found out that he had really lost one Substitute Card.

His back was drenched in cold sweat instantly.

If not for the Substitute Card, he would have been dead by now.

"I only used Death Telepathy to look at the Abyss, and that entity intervened in reality through the scene I was sensing?!" Lin Huang was scared now.

He did not even clearly see what that red glow was at all and he had almost lost his life.

Not only that, his actions seemed to have triggered the entire mystic territory.

The mystic territory was covered in fog again, entering its sealed mode completely.

This meant that the group of explorers from the Southern 61 Zone could not return now.

Moreover, judging by the transformation of the mystic territory he triggered, the probability of those explorers surviving was low.

Lin Huang was almost certain that he had encountered Aza.

He seemed to have escaped last time because Aza was still sleeping, which was why he heard the breathing noises.

This time, Aza seemed to have actively attacked him.

Perhaps He did not attack consciously. However, a powerhouse like Aza could kill him with just a thought.

Before Lin Huang had calmed down completely, a notice was sent from Eternity Fire.

"I suddenly sensed an extremely high grade of Abyssal energy deep inside your body just now. Although it only surged for a brief moment, it surpassed the Odyl in your body by at least tenfold."

What Eternity Fire said shocked Lin Huang once more.

He instantly looked into his body and started observing.

However, he did not sense anything unusual after checking three to five times over and over again. He asked, "Are you sure? I don't sense anything unusual."

"I've already absorbed all of the Abyssal energy."

It was then that Eternity Fire explained the situation.

At that moment, Lin Huang felt speechless. He instantly realized that the Substitute Card was not the only reason he survived. A big part of it was because Eternity Fire had absorbed the Abyssal energy.

It was because those two took action together that he managed to survive.

"Curiosity killed the cat! I'll definitely go around such a terrible place if I run into one again!"

Lin Huang could not help but exclaim.

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