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Chapter: 1819

Breakthrough Coming from the Boost of Ability

After checking through all of the information from the clone's memories, Lin Huang had a strong feeling that the threat in the Eastern Eight Zone had yet to be resolved completely as he had gained a rough understanding of the universe's situation throughout this one month.

He did not delay further. He crushed the Virtual Realm Cabin Card and summoned his virtual body. He then stepped into the virtual realm.

He took out the heavenly dao-level monster carcasses as soon as he entered the virtual realm cabin. He began to retrieve their Kingdoms.

As Lin Huang retrieved the Kingdoms of the 3,000 or so monster carcasses, he summoned Eternity Fire to cleanse their Abyssal Kingdoms.

A couple of days passed in the virtual realm as he did this. He spent his time mostly on the cleansing of the Abyssal energy of these Kingdoms.

He took out the bodies of the Black Abyss members' after he handled all of the monster carcasses. He retrieved their Kingdoms within minutes.

Without wasting any time, he entered closed-door cultivation officially to integrate the Kingdoms after he was done handling them.

Judging by the strength of his current Kingdom, it would not take long for him to integrate these heavenly dao-level Kingdoms.

He needed approximately an hour to integrate heavenly dao-level rank-1 Kingdoms, around two hours for heavenly dao-level rank-2 Kingdoms, and four hours for heavenly dao-level rank-3 Kingdoms.

He needed five and a half days to integrate heavenly dao-level rank-8 Kingdoms.

Meanwhile, he needed close to 11 days to completely integrate heavenly dao-level rank-9 Kingdoms.

The one that he spent the most time on among the 3,000 Kingdoms or so was the Black Abyss' half-step Dominator's Kingdom.

He spent some 120 days refining that Kingdom.

As the Kingdoms were being refined, Lin Huang's Kingdom was continuously growing more powerful.

Even a heavenly dao-level rank-1 Kingdom would provide his Kingdom with at least two to three million Dao seals. 

As there were many lord-level and dao-level powerhouses who had contract bonds with the Kingdom in the heavenly dao-level powerhouses' bodies, close to a million Dao seals were unsealed.

For the heavenly dao-level rank-8 and heavenly dao-level rank-9 Kingdoms, they provided his Kingdom with over 20 million Dao seals. Close to ten million Dao seals were unsealed.

Meanwhile, most of the monsters that Lin Huang had hunted in the mystic territory in the Southern 61 Zone were above heavenly dao-level rank-7. The total number of monsters below heavenly dao-level rank-7 was less than 20%. He only killed them conveniently along his travel route.

After refining the Black Abyss' half-step Dominator's Kingdom, Lin Huang opened his eyes and released a long exhale of breath.

He spent the most time integrating this Kingdom, but the gains were also the most plentiful.

Refining just this Kingdom had unsealed 20 million Dao seals.

Lin Huang calculated the time he spent roughly. Over 40 years had passed in the virtual realm during his closed-door cultivation session this time.

He also sank his consciousness into his body to examine the final results of all that refinement.

The refinement of over 3,200 Kingdoms had expanded his Kingdom at least one hundredfold.

There was an increase of over 52 billion Dao seals in his body. The total number had skyrocketed to 55.8 billion. It was close to 18 times more than before.

Meanwhile, the number of Dao seals unsealed in his body had increased by 18.3 billion. It had increased by close to 200 times!

In the past, he thought there would be a limit to the strength of his Kingdom.

However, it now seemed that this limit did not exist.

He did not know how many of the over 18 billion Dao seals he unsealed could be consolidated into new Dao seals, and whether there would be a limit.

Lin Huang did not hesitate at all as the thought only briefly flashed through his head. He crushed an Epiphany Card and began the second round of closed-door cultivation—consolidating Dao seals.

Although he was familiar with the entire process of consolidating Dao seals, the speed at which he did so did not increase by much.

It was a process of analysis, disintegration, reconstruction, and adding more god sequence chains for the reintegration.

Many of the Dao seals that he obtained from integrating these Kingdoms were made of 10,000 to 20,000 god sequence chains. Meanwhile, each of Lin Huang's personal Dao seals were a consolidation of a million god sequence chains. It was a hundredfold more powerful.

It was only natural that the consolidation process was time-consuming.

Each consolidation would require at least some ten days or so.

There were many god sequence chains in some of the unusual Dao seals that Lin Huang had only seen for the first time. It made sense that he only managed to consolidate one of these in over a month.

If Lin Huang was not in the virtual realm, he would need at least a billion years just to consolidate the close to 20 billion Dao seals.

Fortunately, the flow of time in the outside world was almost at a standstill while he was inside the virtual realm.

It was unknown how long he had been seated down for when he finally consolidated ten billion Dao seals in his body. 

However, he did not feel that he had reached a plateau at all.

It seemed that he could consolidate the Dao seals without caring about a thing as long as they were unsealed.

As such, he continued unsealing the remaining Dao seals.

During this closed-door cultivation session, Lin Huang almost lost all sense of time.

He could only feel that he was gradually getting stronger and stronger.

After consolidating the over 18.3 billion Dao seals that were unsealed, he had personally consolidated over 18.4 billion Dao seals, which was over 180 times more than before.

He could clearly feel that his current self could kill his old self by simply raising a finger.

Meanwhile, his old self before the closed-door cultivation session might not be able to hurt the current him at all even if his old self used his trump card.

Nevertheless, he was still quite doubtful. "Can I consider myself to have broken through to dominator-level? Or am I still at heavenly dao-level?"

He could not figure out which level he was currently on at all.

Even without integrating the chaotic cosmos, he felt that his current self should be strong enough to challenge a legitimate dominator-level powerhouse head-on.

"Forget it. I'll just leave first." Since he could not figure it out, he did not bother to think too much.

He felt that he had stayed long enough in the virtual realm. He put the virtual realm cabin away and returned to the material realm directly.

As soon as Lin Huang's virtual body had returned, his Primordium instantly felt the terrifying reflection of what he had obtained from the closed-door cultivation session this time.

Not only was his Kingdom being strengthened a hundredfold, he was personally strengthened countless times over.

He went through three transformations from the consolidation of Dao seals alone. It happened when he successfully consolidated 100 million Dao seals, one billion Dao seals and ten billion Dao seals.

These three transformations resulted in Lin Huang experiencing a qualitative change in the particles all over his body; not only the particles in his physical body, but the particles in his God's soul as well.

Although he did not integrate a chaotic cosmos to become a Dominator, he was very sure that his current physical body and God's soul was no less powerful than a legitimate Dominator-level rank-1 powerhouse. He might be even more powerful.

Just when Lin Huang was familiarizing himself with his increase in strength, he suddenly felt a sense probing him.

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