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Chapter: 1888

Testing and Watching

Seeing the ootheca’s attack, Lin Huang was even more certain regarding Bloody’s speculation about the Abyss testing the threat levels posed by the infinite universe.

The reason being was that only powerhouses with abilities at least on par with the three Outer Gods could destroy this ootheca.

If anyone could do it, it would mean that this person would be a threat to the Outer Gods.

‘Perhaps we can destroy it if many Dominators form a battle formation.’

Just when Lin Huang had that thought, the people around the ootheca began a new attempt.

"If a dominator-level rank-2 powerhouse can’t break past its defense, perhaps only powerhouses at dominator-level rank-4 or dominator-level rank-5 can destroy it!"

The Dominators who had lacking abilities did not realize how terrifying the ootheca’s attack was earlier. They thought if a dominator-level rank-2 could not break past its defense, dominator-level rank-4 or dominator-level rank-5 powerhouses would be able to do it.

"Let me try!"

A saber cultivator walked out of the crowd.

He looked like he was in his early 30s. He had a ponytail, and his aura was clearly at dominator-level rank-4. The saber in his hand was clearly a chaotic supreme treasure.

After seeing the dominator-level rank-2 being killed earlier, this man with a ponytail did not dare to approach the ootheca again.

He held the saber and attacked from hundreds of kilometers away.

A purple saber gleam shot out like lightning. It landed directly on the surface of the ootheca.

A moment later, there was still no mark left on the ootheca after the saber gleam faded.

The crowd that was watching underwent a slight change of expression.

At that moment, a tentacle suddenly moved. A thorny whip appeared from the top.

When the man saw that, he retreated frantically without hesitation. He retreated tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Just when he thought he was safe at that distance and slowed down his speed, turning around to look at the situation, the thorny whip disappeared.

However, Lin Huang saw that it did not really disappear. It was just that its speed was too fast; so fast that it exceeded the speed that everyone could capture with their naked eyes.

Almost the same instant when the thorny whip disappeared, the man with a ponytail sensed a fatal threat to his life.

He swung his saber directly without hesitation, but he was still too slow.

Before he managed to swing his saber, a hole that was the thickness of a thumb appeared on his forehead.

The thorny whip pierced between his eyebrows accurately and began to suck all of the nutrients out of him.

The man’s corpse began to dry up quickly at speed that was visible to the naked eye. It was the same as what the plump man had experienced from the beginning to the end, whereby he turned into dust and vanished.

Not only did a dominator-level rank-4 saber cultivator fail to break past its defense, he was killed instantly.

It was undoubtedly shocking to everyone present.

Although they were pretty sure that the ootheca would not initiate attacks, the people who were surrounding it retreated hundreds of thousands of kilometers away on their own. A small number of them even retreated millions of kilometers away.

"This thing’s defense is invincible," someone spoke through voice transmission, "A dominator-level rank-4 saber cultivator’s full-force attack didn’t even leave a mark. It proves that it’s basically impossible for even a dominator-level rank-5 powerhouse to destroy it."

The man with a ponytail’s attempt finally made the people realize that the ootheca could not be destroyed by people of their level.

"Although all of the major organizations only have dominator-level rank-5 powerhouses on the surface, many people should know that some of the top organizations have dominator-level rank-6, and even rank-7 powerhouses, among them. If they’re willing to fight, they should be able to destroy this ootheca." It was a white-haired old man who spoke this time. He had still underestimated the ootheca’s strength.

"So what do we do now? Inform the few top organizations about the situation?" Someone asked.

"No need. They must be watching now. I’m sure that all of our actions are being watched," someone spoke the truth.

"So what do they mean by not sending anyone here? They’re trying to hide their abilities? Or do they also think that they can’t destroy this thing, so they aren’t showing themselves?" Someone questioned.

Lin Huang heard those people’s discussion, but he did not plan to participate.

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Fortunately, the people were only discussing it. After finding out how powerful the ootheca was, nobody dared to try attacking it as they wished.

About half an hour later, Heaven’s Secret finally sent someone.

It was Eleventh Liege.

He had shoulder-length hair and, although he was a man, he was so pretty that he looked somewhat androgynous.

He spoke to everyone through voice transmission as soon as he arrived.

"This ootheca is scarier than you guys imagine. Please stop observing it. Even though it’s only fighting back when it’s attacked now, we cannot rule out the possibility of it initiating attacks completely."

"Where are Heaven’s Secret’s First Liege and Second Liege? Can’t they come over to kill this thing directly?" Someone asked directly.

Eleventh Liege turned his head to look at the person who spoke and explained, "We’re still exploring solutions to handle this ootheca. Before that, we hope that everyone can cooperate to kill the Abyssal creatures that it breeds."

"Have you guys spoken to the other top organizations? Star Palace, Sword Palace, Dragon Island and Snow Domain… Can none of them handle this ootheca?!" Someone asked further.

Everyone looked at Eleventh Liege as soon as that was said.

"I can only tell you guys that Heaven’s Secret has shared the preliminary analysis of this ootheca to all of the top organizations."

"So what you’re saying is that nobody is fighting now because all of the major organizations have no confidence in killing this thing?" Someone questioned instantly.

"We don’t know what’s the current situation with the other organizations," Eleventh Liege could only give an official answer.

However, such an answer undoubtedly caused dissatisfaction to many.

The people asked more questions one after the other, and some even said harsh words toward Heaven’s Secret.

Eleventh Liege remained gentle from the beginning, but his answers remained very official.

Lin Huang did not know what to say when he saw that.

He understood how difficult it was for Eleventh Liege and Heaven’s Secret, but he also understood the people’s rage and unease.

After all, the ootheca was like a guillotine that was dangling above everyone’s head.

What Eleventh Liege said now was akin to telling everyone that there was no way of removing this guillotine for now. They could only allow it to continue dangling above their heads.

However, that was the only thing Eleventh Liege could say. The reason being was that he and Heaven’s Secret knew that everyone was being watched by Nyarlathotep.

He could not reveal news that someone could destroy this ootheca. That would make Nyarlathotep and the others make preparations in advance. He also could not let the powerhouses in the infinite universe fall into despair by lying that nobody could handle this thing.

After Eleventh Liege explained and reminded them, he closed his eyes and mouth while hovering a million kilometers from the ootheca.

The rest could only shut their mouths while feeling a little helpless when they saw that.

After all, they knew that they were not Eleventh Liege’s match in terms of ability. Although he only gave official answers, he remained gentle all the way. Even though some of them were being harsh, and even mean to him, he never fought back.

A small number of them could tell that Eleventh Liege definitely knew something, but he could not say it for some unknown reason. They speculated that it must be tough for him too.

After the chaos ended, most of the crowd who were observing left.

Apat from Eleventh Liege, only five people stayed where they were in the end.

At midnight, a black fog suddenly lingered around the surface of the ootheca. The countless tentacles began dancing.

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Everyone stared at the ootheca’s changes without blinking.

Naturally, Lin Huang was no exception. He scanned the ootheca over and over again with his Divine Telekinesis, observing all of the changes it was undergoing in detail.

"So this is it?"

Lin Huang saw life breeding inside of ootheca quickly. After that, the thing that had just been formed was transferred into one of the tentacles directly. During the transfer, its aura began to skyrocket. By the time it had been transferred from the root of the tentacle to the tip of the tentacle, its aura had been stabilized at dominator-level rank-1.

However, the rest could not see the process behind it. They only saw that, at the tip of one of the tentacles, a dominator-level rank-1 powerhouse was suddenly "spat" out…

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