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Chapter: 1889

The Ootheca Hatches

It was a short and plump red man. It had a human-like form, but in the place of its left hand was a strong, sharp claw, while its right hand was a sword.

The people who were observing the situation unfold were stunned when they saw the monster.

It was for no other reason than the fact that the monster looked 50% to 60% similar to the short and plump sword cultivator that the ootheca had killed not long ago.

It felt as if the monster only looked because the ootheca had absorbed the sword cultivator.

Naturally, the one thing that was different from the sword cultivator was that this Abyssal monster’s combat strength’s aura was clearly only at dominator-level rank-1.

When Lin Huang saw the Abyssal creature that was bred, he had some guesses regarding the ootheca’s function.

After the tentacle spat out the short and plump monster, it stood there in a daze for a while.

A moment later, it seemed to have recalled its objective and spread out its Divine Telekinesis. It soon locked onto a dominator-level rank-1 powerhouse who was watching.

It turned around directly and exerted strength into both its feet. It attacked that observer.

Lin Huang raised his eyebrows when he saw that. "It didn’t attack the target closest to it. Instead, after spreading out its Divine Telekinesis, it targeted someone who was farther away, but had the weakest ability…"

The monster looked ferocious. It arrived before the dominator-level rank-1 powerhouse instantly and swung its sword arm like lightning.

The dominator-level rank-1 powerhouse dodged immediately and barely dodged that sword gleam.

Just when the people thought that there would be a battle, the monster did not go after the powerhouse any further. Instead, it suddenly turned around and ran far away from the people.

"It’s running away!"

The Dominator who had been attacked screamed instantly.

However, at the same time, the monster froze.

A dominator-level rank-2 powerhouse who was close to it attacked without hesitation. He blocked the monster’s path with his spear gleams.

He might not have intervened if the two had kept fighting. However, now that the monster was running away, he could not just ignore it.

Watching the spear gleams closing in on it, the monster was fearless as it swung its sword arm over and over again.

In the air, countless sword gleams and spear gleams collided. The sword gleams were not destroyed. Instead, they faded away together with the spear gleams.

The dominator-level rank-2 powerhouse had a slight change of expression when he saw this. He was not surprised, but felt a little humiliated.

After all, he was a dominator-level rank-2 powerhouse. The strength of his Dominator Power was several times more powerful than the monster, but his attack had been successfully defended against by the monster.

However, he also saw through what trick the monster used.

The monster clearly knew that its sword gleams could not defeat his spear gleams. Therefore, each of its sword gleams were superimposed with over ten sword swings.

It was not only the spear cultivator who noticed this, everyone present saw that through it.

At that moment, nobody was making fun of the spear cultivator. They looked rather terrible.

The reason being was that it meant that the Abyssal creature the ootheca bred was not a mere mindless puppet who was at dominator-level rank-1. Instead, it was a monster with powerful combat sense and abilities.

If all of the Abyssal creatures the ootheca bred were like that, it would mean that the opponents they would have to fight would be tough.

After handling the spear cultivator’s attack, the monster glared viciously at him and then charged at him directly.

A ferocious gleam flashed across the dominator-level rank-2 spear cultivator’s eyes. He charged forward without hesitation.

The monster took the lead to attack when it saw that. A sky full of sword gleams appeared, which enveloped the spear cultivator.

A gleam was charged from the tip of the spear cultivator’s spear. The powerful, cold gleam crushed the sky full of sword gleams entirely.

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However, when the sword gleams were destroyed, he did not see the monster.

He spread out his Divine Telekinesis and discovered that the monster had gone around him and ran far away.

"This guy…" The spear cultivator was furious that he had been tricked by the monster twice.

Just when he was about to go after it, he saw that another dominator-level rank-2 powerhouse had blocked the monster.

It was a saber cultivator who attacked this time. He did not stop the monster. Instead, he attacked decisively.

Saber gleams enveloped the monster instantly.

He did not make the mistake the spear cultivator made. The endless saber gleams only faded away after crushing the monster into a pile of mush.

Although the saber cultivator suppressed his opponent without mercy, there was no joy on his face at all.

The rest were the same. They all looked quite solemn.

It was just a dominator-level rank-1 monster, yet it had been so cunning.

Were it not for the fact that there was more than one person guarding this place, it might have really escaped into the infinite universe.

It was a dominator-level powerhouse. As soon as it invaded the infinite universe, nobody knew how many chaotic cosmoses would be in trouble.

Lin Huang watched the entire first battle. He could not help but frown.

"What exactly is this ootheca? The monsters it breeds seem to have higher levels of intelligence compared to regular dominator-level Abyssal creatures…"

Most of the dominator-level Abyssal creatures Lin Huang met had crazy and mindless thoughts.

Most of them were the same even if they were at dominator-level.

As soon as they fought, they would not intentionally pick someone weak as their opponent, nor would they run away. Most of them would only have one battle mode, which was to attack its target maniacally!

Lin Huang was not the only one. There were many powerhouses who were secretly watching the whole battle unfold.

The people all realized that the next battle might be even tougher.

Ever since the ootheca bred the first Abyssal creature, it had fallen into a completely silent state.

However, powerhouses in the infinite universe did not feel at ease because of that.

Almost all of the dominator-level powerhouses were staring intensely at the ootheca.

After observing the first battle, many organizations sent members to guard the million-kilometer radius around the ootheca.

The Sword Alliance sent over two sword servants to guard as well.

However, nobody tried to attack the ootheca again. The reason being was that all of them realized that it would be simply seeking death to do so.

After a day of silence, it was soon midnight, and the next day had arrived.

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Almost at the same time as the day before, a faint black fog began to linger on the surface of the ootheca again. Countless tentacles began to dance and squirm again.

This scene seemed to be an exact replica of the day before.

Lin Huang looked across the sky and saw two lifeforms breeding quickly inside the ootheca. Later on, they were transferred to two different tentacles. During the transfer, the auras of the two lifeforms began to skyrocket.

During the transfer process, from the root of the tentacle to the tip, the auras were stabilized at dominator-level rank-2.

Meanwhile, the rest merely saw the black fog lingering for a while before the ootheca spat out two dominator-level rank-2 Abyssal creatures from its two tentacles…

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