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Chapter: 1891

The Cruel Sword 3

After Sword 28 killed the dragon-headed monster, four others killed the remaining four Abyssal monsters.

After that, the day passed by peacefully.

However, almost everyone would remember the powerhouse from the Sword Alliance named Sword 28.

Before the sixth day dawned, more powerhouses from the top organizations surrounded the ootheca.

Almost all of them were famous people in the infinite universe.

Out of nowhere, the entire area seemed to have become a gathering place of famous people.

Some dominator-level rank-1 and rank-2 powerhouses were extremely excited. Although they were also at dominator-level, the people who arrived this round were the real bosses. It was hard to see even one of them usually, but now almost all of them were gathered here.

However, some looked terrible.

These people saw the nature of the matter more clearly—the arrival of these top powerhouses meant that the threat posed by the ootheca was serious.

The powerhouses who had arrived this round clearly had no mood to socialize.

They only greeted each other and returned to their own camps. They fell into silence.

Time flew by, and it was soon midnight.

At the same time as before, the black fog appeared on the surface of the ootheca.

After the black fog lingered for a moment, the ootheca followed the previous rule and spat out six dominator-level rank-6 powerhouses.

As soon as the six monsters appeared, six figures from the infinite universe’s side went over to them directly.

One of them was Sword 3 from the Sword Alliance.

Sword 3 looked like his usual self. He was still muscular, and the scar that looked like a mammoth on his head was very conspicuous.

Though he had stepped into dominator-level, he still did not fix his left eye that was blinded. Only his right eye could see. He did not even regenerate his right arm that had been severed. He was a single-armed man who only possessed a left arm.

Sword 3 caught everyone’s attention as soon as he showed up.

To them, he was a completely unfamiliar face.

On the other hand, his appearance was so unique that everyone would remember him after seeing him once.

"This mammoth-scar man seems to be from the Sword Alliance as well…" The people were discussing among themselves.

At that moment, the jet-black thin sword in Sword 3’s hand was swung.

His opponent was a swollen, fat, gigantic monster.

It was 10,000 meters tall, and its waist was also 10,000 meters wide. A layer of transparent fat secreted out of the fair, fat flesh across its entire body. It was completely enveloped in fat. Its skin even reflected light.

There was no hair on its head at all, and its face was chubby. A huge eye seemed to be mounted right in the middle of its forehead.

There was no neck under its head. It had been replaced by plump-looking flesh that was similar to a frog’s abdomen.

Beneath that was two saggy breasts and a large tummy that made it look like it had been pregnant for a couple of years.

However, what caught everyone’s attention was not its fat appearance, but rather the tail that looked like a larva below its waist.

Everyone knew that this giant was not to be offended.

However, Sword 3 attacked with determination.

He appeared above the gigantic monster’s head in a flash. The black sword was swung directly at its bald head.

One swing!

Two swings

Three swings!

Tens of thousands of sword swings had been completed within a split-second!

The giant monster had only just reacted and lifted its head to look at Sword 3. However, the next second, its body turned into a pile of cloudy mush…

"D*mn, it was sliced into mush directly!"

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"I’m afraid this monster is no different than a piece of meat on the chopping board for him."

"A cruel man who crushed his opponent into minced meat merely due to a disagreement!"

"Are all of them in the Sword Alliance monsters like this?!"

Not only the people present were discussing, even those who were secretly watching were stunned.

One had to say that Sword 3’s technique was cruel indeed.

It was not about his fetish for turning his opponent into mincemeat, but rather his onslaught combat style.

He used the speed and strength approach. He could not really stop himself once he got riled up. He would accidentally crush his opponents into tiny pieces.

Regarding this, Lin Huang had spoken to him several times.

The reason being was that he crushed his targets into tiny pieces. Lin Huang could not sell the carcasses of the monsters he killed at all.

Later on, he tried his best to control that tendency, but he would still get too excited from time to time.

Just like this time. He actually saw that this gigantic monster’s defensive abilities and techniques were powerful.

The truth was indeed so. Not only did the fat on his body provide a powerful layer of defense, it could heal itself continuously. The layer of fat on the surface of its body also had the extremely powerful effect of dispersing damage.

Under usual circumstances, any attacks that landed on it would be dispersed.

Sword 3 sensed that powerful dispersing effect when he swung his sword the first time.

Given the terrifying defensive capability of the layer of fat on its body, it felt like he had cut into a layer of sticky liquid.

Therefore, he continuously adjusted his strength, angle and number of Dao seals used on his second and third swing…

It got easier as it went. In the end, he adjusted it to the point as if he was cutting a piece of tofu.

When he snapped back to his senses, it had turned out like this.

Looking like the carcass that was like a pile of mush, there was a rather strange expression on his face.

He knew that Lin Huang had been watching the battle. It would mean that what had happened just now had been seen by his Swordmaster from the beginning to the end.

"Oh, no. Swordmaster is going to give me an earful…"

The people did not see the strange look on his face, but Sword 28 saw it crystal clear.

He comforted him through voice transmission directly, "Third Brother, Lord Swordmaster won’t blame you."

"This guy is to be blamed because it felt so nice mincing it up," Sword 3 responded through voice transmission.

Not long after Sword 3 returned to Sword 28’s side, the remaining five battles ended one after the other.

The six dominator-level rank-6 Abyssal monsters could be considered to have been killed without suspense.

The few dominator-level rank-7 powerhouses had stunning abilities, but the one who left the strongest impression was still Sword 3 from the Sword Alliance.

It was hard for him to not be noticed due to his cruel act of turning the enemy into mincemeat.

After the battles calmed down, peace soon returned to the area around the ootheca.

Before the dawn of the seventh day, the few top organizations sent over new powerhouses consecutively.

The powerhouses the organizations sent over this time were basically leaders.

Xue Luo from the Snow Domain, the white-bearded palace master from Sword Palace, Dragon Emperor from Dragon Island…

Meanwhile, the Sword Alliance sent over the siblings Lin Xin and Lin Xuan, as well as the little girl who looked like she had yet to hit puberty—Sword 8.

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As the person who had the most talent among the sword servants, her combat strength had been elevated to the limit of dominator-level rank-8. She was only a step away from elevating to rank-9. In terms of comprehensive ability, she might have surpassed Sword 1, who was also at dominator-level rank-8. She had become the most powerful one among the Sword Servants.

Meanwhile, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan had just elevated to dominator-level rank-9 not long ago.

Lin Xin had only broken through less than a month ago.

Meanwhile, Lin Xuan just did so yesterday.

The two of them came this time to use the opportunity to train their combat abilities in a real battle.

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